WP Data Access


WP Data Access helps you to manage your WordPress data and database (WordPress dashboard) and publish table data on your website using shortcodes (uses jQuery DataTables).


  • Design tables and indexes
  • Create tables and indexes from design
  • Rename tables and views
  • Copy tables
  • Truncate tables
  • Drop tables, views and indexes
  • Explore tables and views
  • View table, view and index structures
  • Export tables and table data selections
  • Import tables and table data selections
  • Data entry forms generated from tables
  • Delete table data selections
  • Publish table data on your website
  • Add list tables and data entry forms to dashboard menu

WordPress Dashboard

Perform database administration tasks like create, drop, rename, copy, truncate, insert, update, delete, export and import directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Generate list tables based on the WP_List_Table class to support standard WordPress list table layout and interaction. Or write your own code from WP Data Access classes.
Menus for generated list tables can be added to your WordPress dashboard, plugin or theme with or without coding.

Website HTML tables

Add shortcode or wizard based HTML tables to your website. Tables are dynamically build using jQuery DataTables. Multiple layouts supported. Allows styling with CSS. Provides pagination, searching and sorting functionality.

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