With the upcoming release of Timber 2.0, we will not release a 2.0 version and beyond as a plugin, but only as a Composer package. We advise everyone to switch to the Composer based install as soon as possible.
You will find an extensive list with guides and the reasons why we are not going to release Timber 2.0 as a plugin anymore.

Switching to the Composer based version

Timber helps you create fully-customized WordPress themes faster with more sustainable code. With Timber, you write your HTML using the Twig Template Engine separate from your PHP files. This cleans up your theme code so, for example, your PHP file can focus on being the data/logic, while your Twig file can focus 100% on the HTML and display.

Once Timber is installed and activated in your plugin directory, it gives any WordPress theme the ability to take advantage of the power of Twig and other Timber features.

Want to learn more?

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Pomoc techniczna

Please post on StackOverflow under the „Timber” tag. Please use GitHub issues only for specific bugs, feature requests and other types of issues.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • This what a normal WordPress PHP file looks like
  • With Timber, you write Twig files that are super-clear and HTML-centric.


  1. Aktywuj wtyczkę w WordPressie w menu 'Wtyczki”
  2. For an example, try modifying your home.php or index.php with something like this:

    $context = array();
    $context[’message’] = 'Hello Timber!’;
    Timber::render( 'welcome.twig’, $context );

Then create a subdirectory called views in your theme folder. Then create a file views/welcome.twig with these contents:

<div class="welcome">
    <h3>{{ message }}</h3>

When you visit this page, you’ll see both the data from PHP come through as you’ve marked it up. For more, continue with the official Getting Started Guide

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Can it be used in an existing theme?

You bet! Watch these Video Tutorials to see how.

Is it used in production?

Tens of thousands of sites now use Timber. You can check some of them out in the Showcase.

Doesn’t this all make WordPress harder since there’s more to learn?

Does jQuery make JavaScript harder? Yes, it’s an extra piece to learn — but it super-charges your ability to write unencumbered JavaScript (and prevents you from having to learn lots of the messy internals). If your answer is „jQuery sucks and everyone should learn how to write vanilla JavaScript or they’re rotten stupid people,” this tool isn’t for you.

Oh, Timber is simple code so it’s for making simple themes

Whatever. It simplifies the silly stuff so that you can focus on building more complicated sites and apps. jQuery simplifies Javascript, but you can still use the full range of JavaScript’s abilities.

Will you support it?

At Upstatement we’re using it in dozens of sites (and many more planned) — thousands of other developers are using it too. This isn’t going anywhere. Twig is the chosen language for other PHP platforms like Symfony, Drupal 8 and Craft.


I’m used to working with Twig, but not so much with Wordpress. Documentation is pretty limited and most tutorials are from around 2015. No active community around it. I managed to build a page with it, but ran into several limitations once it got a bit more complex. Then you need to write extra code in functions.php to address these (Woocommerce issues, global ACF fields). It also adds an extra layer of complexity with breaking changes, php compatibility issues. And I got pretty confused on where to address certain pages as templates in the Timber starter theme when normally you have the php files. My conclusion is to first learn the basics of building your own theme with php and maybe then use twig/timber if you still think you need it to clean up your templates. As with many frameworks you need to understand the underlying technology to use it effectively.
I love wordpress but hate making themes by combining php and html together. Timber solves this issue but separating php logic and html templates. This plugin leverages wordpress development to a modern level. I can say for sure, that this is the most important plugin for me. Big thanks to Jared Novack + Upstatement team!
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Rejestr zmian


  • Fix a security vulnerability where a file processed through Timber image operations could possibly execute arbitrary code in certain circumstances. This vulnerability only exists for websites running on PHP 7.4 or lower.


  • Improve GitHub pull request template by @gchtr in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2641
  • Update bug report template and CODEOWNERS by @gchtr in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2711
  • Add Erik to Contributors List by @jarednova in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2735
  • Fix PHPDoc typo by @LogicEveryWhere in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2709
  • Add sponsorship information to Readme by @gchtr in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2777
  • doc: Add drop support notice to issue template by @nlemoine in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2810
  • Add documentation and plugin notice about the end of the plugin version by @Levdbas in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2800
  • Workflow: fix path to guide by @Levdbas in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2823
  • @LogicEveryWhere made their first contribution in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2709

Full Changelog: https://github.com/timber/timber/compare/1.22.1…1.23.0


  • Fixed a bug when Twig version 3 was accidentally installed when installing Timber through Composer, by @rmens in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2679.


  • Fixed included Twig version. In the plugin version 1.21.0 of Timber, Twig version 2.15.3 was accidentally included instead of Twig version 1.44.7.
  • Removed official support for PHP 8.1 in the plugin version. If you need to support PHP 8.1 in the future, please install Timber through Composer instead of installing Timber as a plugin. This will the only supported way of installing Timber when Timber version 2 will be released.
  • Updated minimum required WordPress version to 5.3.


  • Updated minimum required PHP version to 7.2 to make the included Twig version support PHP 8.0 and 8.1, by @gchtr in #2640.
  • Updated minimum Twig version to 1.44.0 to support PHP 8.0 and 8.1, by @gchtr in #2640.
  • Fixed support for PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1, by @nlemoine and @gchtr in #2638, #2640.


  • Use newest version of Upstatement/routes for WordPress 6.0 by @jarednova in #2595


Fixes and improvements

  • Handle for duplicate term names in difft taxes by @jarednova in #2390
  • Fix typo in resize error message. by @Web-Assembler in #2523
  • Add webp support to letterbox filter by @ThomasBerends in #2528
  • Update composer/installers from v1 to v2 by @adamtomat in #2543
  • Improve composer version ranges by @gchtr in #2550

  • @Web-Assembler made their first contribution in #2523

  • @ThomasBerends made their first contribution in #2528
  • Full Changelog: https://github.com/timber/timber/compare/1.19.1…1.19.2


Fixes and improvements

  • Fix bug when using switch_to_blog() in combination with Timber images by @gchtr in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2478
  • Fix the thumbnail() method return type by @titouanmathis in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2463
  • Merge in 2.x GH Actions changes by @jarednova in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2484
  • Adds @nlemoine to the contribs list! by @jarednova in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2488
  • Bump version of Upstatement/Routes to 0.8.1 by @jarednova in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2512

  • @titouanmathis made their first contribution in https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/2463

Full Changelog: https://github.com/timber/timber/compare/1.19.0…1.19.1


Changes for Theme Developers

  • You can now get dimensions of SVG images #2421 #2432 (thanks @vyskoczilova)
  • You can pass additional variables to the timber/loader/loader filter #2324 (thanks @neojp)

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix for double quotes that might appear in a „Read More” in Gutenberg #2337 #2343 (thanks @Keysaw)
  • Fix implementation of WP’s get_the_date and get_the_time filters #2350 (thanks @shvlv)
  • Fix for how the wp:more tag works with noteaser #2348 #2351 (thanks @jhhazelaar)
  • Fix for two cases of where home_url() should be used instead of site_url() #2356 #2357 (thanks @Levdbas)
  • Fix for where Timber::get_sites returned the same locale for all sites #1908 #2369 (thanks @highbelt)
  • Use the latest release of Upstatement/Routes (0.5 => 0.8) #2373 (thanks @jverneaut)
  • Fix for sidebar retrieval in PHP 8 #2385 (thanks @marciojc)
  • Fix for proper ignoring of the Cache directory on case-insensitive file systems #342 #2416 (thanks @toonvandeputte)

  • Fixed a bug when using switch_to_blog() in combination with Timber images #1312 #2478 (thanks @gchtr)


Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes an issue where images loaded from another domain/site weren’t properly deleted from the tmp directory #2216 (thanks @oxyc)


Fixes and improvements

  • Corrects an issue where #2305 tested for arrays but not other Iterables (like Timber\PostCollections) #2314 (thanks @nlemoine)


Changes for Theme Developers

  • Improves control over pagination stops #2302 (thanks @IJMacD)

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes an error with array_filter and later versions of Twig #2305


Changes for Theme Developers

  • Adds new filter: timber/allow_fs_write to ensure compatibility with WordPress VIP and other hosts with filewrite restrictions. #2250 (thanks @mjangda)

Fixes and improvements

  • Add a catch so that {{ dump() }} when WP_DEBUG = FALSE doesn’t cause a fatal error #2217, #2282
  • Performance improvement for the deletion of transients #2281 (thanks @opengeekv2)
  • Fix for „More” block issue with Gutenberg #2256


Changes for Theme Developers
* Allows for translation of time_ago Twig filter #2214 #2215 (thanks @gchtr)

Fixes and improvements
* Fixed an issue where an excessive amount of DELETEs could hit the DB #1834 #2243 (thanks @chads2000 @dennisjac)
* Fix an issue with blank user names #2232 (thanks @flip111)


Fixes and improvements
* Fix error with S3 URLs and resize filters #2213 (thanks @hoangnd25)


Fixes and improvements
* Fixed an issue where null results from PostGetter::get_posts could trigger a fatal error #2199 (thanks @jhhazelaar)
* Removed a useless and confusing error_log message when a post_type isn’t found in a class map #2202 (thanks @gchtr)
* Fixed a documentation issue that gave phpStorm a bad time with query_post #2205 (thanks @mweimerskirch)


Fixes and improvements
– Fixed an issue where a custom field named „content” could conflict with {{ post.content }}
– Fixed an issue where Timber/User::$id was returned as a string instead of an integer (thanks @rubas)

Changes for Theme Developers
– Timber’s data to Apache/Nginx error logs (via error_log()) is now prefixed with [ Timber ]


Fixes and improvements
– {{ post.date }} and {{ post.time }} now use date_i18n under the hood instead of mysql2date #2104 #2126 (thanks @palmiak)
– WordPress 4.9.8 is the new min supported version.

Changes for Theme Developers
– We’re now using minimum versions of Twig 1.41 and 2.10
– Twig introduced a filter filter (you read that right, a filter named filter — like {{ sizes | filter(v => v > 38) }}. This wrecked havoc on our own pre-existing Timber filter filter {{ posts | filter({post_title:"Cheese", post_content:"Yum!"}, "AND") }}. In #2124 we gave Twig’s filter the preferred treatment. However, if the arguments look like you intend to use the old filter (which is a wrapper for WordPress’s WP_List_Util class) we use what’s there. Want to keep using the class Timber filter filter? Switch it to wp_list_filter as in {{ posts | wp_list_filter({post_title:"Cheese", post_content:"Yum!"}, "AND") }} (thanks @palmiak @gchtr @nlemoine @aj-adl @rubas @xdevelx and others)


Fixes and improvements
– Fix issue with debug on/off in certain installs #2084 (thanks @kmonahan)
– Fix link to admin pages #2112 (thanks @Beee4life)


Fixes and improvements
– Fix resizing for images with UTF-8 characters in their filename #2072
– Added tests to cover RTL languages and special characters in image file names #2072
– Fixed MenuItem menu recursion #2071 #2083

Changes for Theme Developers
– Added new found_posts property for Timber\PostQuery. Now you can check how many posts were found in a query.


General Note
– If you use WPML with Timber, please upgrade to WPML 4.2.8. The WPML team has removed their included Twig version which means no more conflicts!

Fixes and improvements
– Fix to menu items getting incorrect classes in WPML and others #1974
– Fixed issue with Timber not respecting comment order #1731 #2015

Changes for Theme Developers
– Theme methods (theme.get and theme.display) for headers are now exposed by Timber\Theme #2051 (thanks @dtvn)


Fixes and improvements
– Allows for a MenuItem’s Menu to be unknown #2024 #2025


Important Note
If you use WPML, please do not upgrade to 1.10.* yet. Because WPML also uses Twig, there is a conflict with loading Twig versions. They will release an update soon to keep things in sync. Until then, please use version 1.9.2

Fixes and improvements
– You can now skip the eager loading of meta vars through a filter #2014 (thanks @aj-adl @gchtr)
– Use Twig 1.38 to prevent compatibility issues with WPML and other plug-ins
– This restores the prior behavior before #1813 / 1.9.3 when using Timber::get_posts. This is now controllable by devs via a filter #1989 (thanks @palmiak)
– Add support for non-cookied comment awaiting moderation message #1954 (thanks @codeclarified)
– Avoids a potential WSOD when incorrectly specifying template filenames #1984 (thanks @aj-adl)
– Fixes a bug introduced in #1813 that was watching for the query param of supress_filters (instead of the correct spelling: suppress_filters)
– Fixes a bug where the last menu item received incorrect CSS classes #2009 #1974 (thanks @strategio)

Changes for Theme Developers
– You can use WordPress’s behavior of get_posts (versus WP_Query) via a filter. By default, Timber uses the behaviors of WP_Query in Timber’s queries #1989 (thanks @palmiak)
– If you run into problems with unknown Twig_SimpleFilter or unknown Twig_Filter classes, you can use Timber\Twig_Filter instead.
– Fixed Timber::get_posts so that its default query parameters mirror WordPress’s get_posts #1812 (thanks @bartvanraaij)
– You can now more easily work with menu locations and filters #1959 #2018 (thanks @gchtr)


  • This release was pulled due to compatibility issues with other plug-ins


  • This release was pulled due to compatibility issues with other plug-ins


  • This release was pulled due to compatibility issues with other plug-ins


Changes for Theme Developers
– You can use Timber::context() as an alias for Timber::get_context(). It’s prettier, it also will prep you for Timber 2.0 where Timber::get_context() is deprecated #1938

Fixes and improvements
– Integration of newest version of Upstatement/Routes which uses (newest) version 1.2.0 of AltoRouter #1946 (thanks @seanstickle)


Changes for Theme Developers
– You can now pass params to {{ user.avatar }} such as {{ user.avatar({size: 128}) }} #1730 (thanks @palmiak)

Fixes and improvements
– Fix for PHP 7.3 compatibility #1915 (thanks @palmiak)
– Fix for URLHelper::is_external for URLs without protocol #1924 (thanks @hacknug)


Timber now requires PHP 5.6 or greater. While Timber may work on PHP 5.5 and older versions; support will no longer be maintained in future versions.

Changes for Theme Developers
– Adds support for roles on the user object. Example: {{ post.author.roles }} which returns an array of roles #1898 (thanks @palmiak)
– Adds support for capabilities on the user object. Example: {{post.author.can("moderate_comments")}} which returns true or false #1898 (thanks @palmiak)

Fixes and improvements
* Fix an error with handling args for nav menus #1865 (thanks @palmiak)
* Allowed tags won’t be stripped when automatically generating an excerpt #1886 (thanks @davefx)
* Fix for JPG/WEBP conversion for some older PHP installs #1854


Fixes and improvements
* Resolve potential pagination issue #1642 (thanks @gchtr)


Fixes and improvements
* Hotfix for PHP versions 5.5 and 5.4


Changes for Theme Developers
– You can now change the query parameters that are used when getting a post’s terms through $post->terms(). #1802
– New attributes for responsive images post.thumbnail.srcset and post.thumbnail.sizes #1819 (thanks @maxxwv)

Fixes and improvements
– Using WordPress’s wp_check_filetype_and_ext for the mime_type mess #1843 (thanks @gchtr)
– Fixed how some previewed data (when looking at an unsaved post from the admin) is handled so that parenting relationships match what happens when published #1752
– Timber\Menu now respects modifications sent through WP’s wp_nav_menu_objects filter #1814 (thanks @pascalknecht)


Fixes and improvements
– Fixed how mime_type was figured out in some PHP installs #1798


Changes for Theme Developers
– Webp is now supported as a conversion format ( {{ post.thumbnail.src | towebp }} ) @mhz-tamb @pascalknecht #1638 #1777 #1780
– Timber now recognizes that SVGs shouldn’t be resized as if they are rasters (for retina, etc.) @palmiak #1726 #1736

Fixes and improvements
– Clean-up on i18n function calls @drzraf #1753
– Fixed some odd port handling @pascalknecht #1760
– Fixed how terms are retrived through a post @shvlv #1729


Fixes and improvements
– Fixes issues previewing custom fields with ACF #1712
– Fixes some edge cases with Menu Item classes #1709
– Improved efficiency of Post class instantiation #1660


Fixes and improvements
– Fixed some issues with animated gif resizing when Imagick isn’t available #1653
– Fixed incorrect reporting of depth level in some comments #1648
– Fixed issues with preview permissions #1607
– Fixed issue with image resize in some WPML setups #1625
– Fixes compatibility issues with Twig 2.4 (and later) #1641


Changes for Theme Developers
– You can now easily access all of a MenuItem’s master object properties through {{ item.master_object }} What’s a master object? It’s when a Menu Item has been created directly from a Post or Term in the WP Admin #1577 #1572
– Enabled methods for getting media from posts, you can now do {{ post.video }}, {{ post.audio }} and {{ post.gallery }} to retrieve media include in the body of a post #1583 (thanks @marciojc)
– You can now get ACF’s field object data: {{ post.field_object('my_field').key }} #1597 #1599 (thanks @palmiak)
– You can use the |filter filter on arrays to return items like so:
{% for post in posts|filter('my-slug') %}
{{ post.title }}
{% endfor %}

by default it looks for slugs, but you can also get into particular fields:
{% for post in posts|filter({post_title: "Cheese", post_content:"Method Man"}) %}
{{ post.title }}
{% endfor %}

… this will return posts that match both parameters. #1594 thanks @pablo-sg-pacheco


Fixes and improvements
– Fixed a bug where multi-level menus weren’t receiving proper data


Fixes and improvements
– Transparent PNGs now work with letterboxing #1554 (thanks @nlemoine)

Changes for Theme Developers
– You can now interact with Terms in Twig the same as PHP (ex: {% set term = Term(34, "arts") %}). The second arg will default to a subclass of Timber\Term if it exists #1159 (@jarednova)
– You can now get {{ theme.version }} to get the theme version! #1555 (thanks @herrschuessler)


Fixes and improvements
home_url value is now cached, performance win for polylang! #1507 (thanks @oxyc)
– Post::$css_class is only fetched if requested #1522 (thanks @ruscon)
– Improved flexibility of PostCollection to be filterable #1544 (thanks @gchtr)
– More test coverage

Changes for Theme Developers
– None! But the above fixes have significant changes in the code which necessitated the „.x” version jump


Fixes and improvements
– Fix for WPML URLs in some situations #1513 (thanks @ChrisManganaro)
– Fix for PHP 5.5 issue with some URLs #1518 (thanks @danFWD)


Fixes and Improvements
– Improve GIF resize performance #1495 (thanks @ahallais)
– Fix for get_host which could generate an unnecessary warning #1490 (thanks @ahallais)

Changes for Theme Developers
– Improve loader performance and logic #1476 #1489 #1491 (thanks @heino). This introduces potential changes if you were loading templates in a non-standard way and with multiple sources (ex: from a theme and plugin directory). Non-existing templates are no longer passed all the way to Twig’s render(), which currently generates an exception.


  • Fix for Twig 2.0 compatibility issue #1464 (thanks @luism-s)


  • Fix for HTTPs issues with images


  • Fix for image bug with WPML and Roots/Bedrock active #1445 (thanks @njbarrett)
  • Fix for some HTTPs issues #1448 (thanks @baldursson)
  • Improved docs! #1441 (thanks @gchtr)
  • Allow ACF to convert single WP_Post objects to Timber Posts #1439 (thanks @luism-s)


  • Fix for Timber::get_widgets with Twig 2.0 #1422 (thanks @gchtr)
  • Fix for WPML Menus #1414 (thanks @mikeyb31)
  • Fix for WPCLI integration #1429 #1430 (thanks @vyarmolenko)
  • Fix for image format processing #1421 (thanks @mgussekloo)


  • Default $context object now returns a PostQuery for $context[’posts’] this is cool because you can use {{ posts.pagination }} in your Twig templates without any further PHP work (thanks @lggorman)
  • Timber\Images with PDFs and other content types now return the file instead of null # (thanks @hoandang)
  • Timber\Comments now support different comment types #1364 (thanks @yantei)
  • Timber\Comments {{ comment.content }} now returns processed comment with <p> tags
  • Fix for HTTP error when uploading media files in Windows #1346 (thanks Matias Griese)
  • Fix for image resizing on alternative WP setups (thanks @gillesgoetsch)
  • Exposing a function to global Twig scope through Timber\FunctionWrapper is deprecated, the preferred method to do this is through a Twig template like {{ function('my_cool_function', 'my_argument') }} (thanks @gchtr)
  • Fixed issues with use of Twig 2.0 (#1370)
  • Fixed up some things with Timber/Archives and getting post_count #1376
  • Don’t let Timber fail when converting TIFFs or other weird file types, instead return the passed value w/o modifying #1383
  • Updated FunctionWrapper with appropriate warnings and Twig 2.0 compatibility (thank you thank you @gchtr)
    Misc fixes to documentation


  • Fixed regression from S3 handling #1330 (@gchtr)


  • Fixed a potential XSS security issue
  • Fixed handling of images stored on S3


  • A bunch of fixes to how images in themes are handled #1317 #1293 (@jarednova)
  • Fixed filter for avatar images in comments #1310 (@xavivars)
  • Upgrades to PHPUnit and testing suite (@jarednova)


  • Cleaned-up theme handling #1281 (thanks @xavivars)
  • Refactor of Pagination #1284 (thanks again @xavivars)
  • Fixed an error in Admin #1285 (thanks @alexanderanberg)
  • Fixed an issue with User->id #1283 (thanks @drumba)


  • Fixed issues with WordPress 4.7
  • Introduced Timber\CommentThread object


  • Fixed Twig issue with deprecation #1265 (thanks @codesman)!
  • Cleaned-up the warnings for WP.org users and disabled easy updates for major/milestone versions 331314d9aaf90a52ff1c5a213656b8c02a27c60e


  • Improved flexibility for public query_vars #1250 (thanks @xavivars)
  • Children should inehrit publish state #1255 (thanks @motia)
  • Pages are sorted by their menu order instead of publish order #1251 (thanks @forgandenny)
  • Fixes to object caching #1259


  • Added support for Co-Authors Plus Guest Authors #1239 (thanks @motia)
  • Fix for Yoast SEO with multisite #1244 (thanks @alexandernanberg)
  • Fixes issues with basedir restrictions that arose in Timber 1.1.9 #1245


  • Timber now retrieves native term meta info #824
  • Added site icon support in Theme #1210
  • Fixes to menu getting by slug #1237 (thanks @motia)
  • Fix to off-site image URLs! #1234 (thanks @njbarrett)
  • Fix inconsistency with Post::get_terms #1222 (thanks @haroldangenent)


  • Fixed image generation when images are updated/deleted by WordPress (thanks @dudewithamood)

  • Quick fix for backwards compatibility in some situations


  • A new PostQuery object that comes with pagination (thanks @lggorman).
  • You can pass an array of post types to post.children() (thanks @njbarrett)


  • Kill those transients! Timber now wipes expired ones away 9a5851bf36110dcb399e277d51230f1addb0c53c
  • Fixed a warning that was annoying and nobody liked and didn’t have any friends c53b4c832cfced01157f8196688468ad3318d3fb


  • Removed change for custom loaders due to incompatability with Gantry


  • Native support for Co-Authors Plus! just use {{ post.authors }} 939331e282fd54bf3e210645964504304f2b071b
  • New filter to enable PW propmpt for PW protected posts (timber/post/content/show_password_form_for_protected) 0f9b20ec90b34059634c25bc27671875c18f8fcb
  • New filter for custom loaders (timber/loader/custom) (thanks @tnottu!) 9097984a7c3df23068056d7835465e0690338567
  • Fixed some updating bugs with 4.6 (thanks @daronspence) 16b8bd71571be71b298e6306abe2cd4b95d8c9e8
  • You can now count Query results (thanks Evan Mattson) 141624a0ac18d9dcce62a2a681134009a2b79814


  • New escapers! (thanks @matgargano) c7e8ed34da6fcd13bdc9005c04045f3a6b33595b
  • Fix to how categories work in Timber::get_posts 49f6007db3f829097f82ed41d389dd39053fb84a
  • Fix to usage of class maps in Timber::get_posts (thanks @vilpersson) b1387e443850aa021a0a70203bc20d238d4b21cb
  • Added Post::password_required method (thanks @marclarr) 2e685ce3d05c50e879817e51256202e032e77122
  • You can filter the link markup for Post::get_preview (thanks @LiljebergXYZ) b8100d7f2601b4da40bcc0a873c071b6ecf267f1


  • Fix to how post IDs are retrieved (thanks @lggorman) 798acd90ee603de2d009828127bdeaab503beb10
  • Fixes to pagination in search (@jarednova) 1d1ab67f124b02d8c60646f7b133abdf68cedc38
  • Fixes to hooks for Timber Debug Bar (@jarednova) 82a914ec0be5be1011a15c1584c2c8e2999f1c1c


  • Fixed 301 redirects for pagination (thanks @xavivars)
  • Added new escaping filter options for |e('wp_kses_post') and |e('esc_url')(thanks @matgargano)
  • Fixed pagination warning (thanks @nikola3244)
  • More test coverage
  • Fixed issue with archive limits (@jarednova)


  • Fixed how Timber loads with Composer (thanks @connorjburton and @mrgrain)
  • Updated docs! (thanks @lggorman and @kateboudreau)
  • Fixed ImageHelper paths (thanks @TuureKaunisto)
  • Added new filters for render (thanks @johnbillion)
  • Fixed issue with timestamp conversion (thanks @thedamon)
  • Fixed localization bugs (thanks @FlyingDR)


  • Restored prior {{ post.type }} behavior for existing custom fields (@jarednova) 6c9574912e526b8589eb134b79820c7e239a1dda
  • Fixed errors in PHP 7 (@FlyingDR) 48ba0fc125c2d19eeb0de0a895a83a9d3bb5a398
  • Misc bug fixes and upkeep (@connorjburton + @jarednova)


  • New method for {{ post.type }} this makes it easy to access things like {{post.type.labels.name}} right in Twig https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/1003
  • New method for {{ post.preview }} which makes it easy to customize like {{post.preview.length(50).read_more("Keep Reading").end('........')}} https://github.com/timber/timber/pull/1015
  • Added Timber::get_term (thanks @connorjburton!) 58fe671757b30a8eb9de2589bbb817448662e121
  • Fix for revision issue (thanks @dknoben!) 70de6640c68a1321394aaa95202dea70e0755664
  • Fix for issue with uppercase file extensions (thanks @connorjburton) 5632359329894d1b95cd643470950d319628f4c6
  • Better handling for gifs (thanks @connorjburton) 91c40b852c056e0f096345d976767f2e5e993ce9
  • Fix on some old class names in there (thanks @mrgrain) 63fe60ba18c6fce5d545983334af3f752c7c2755
  • Pagination with post counts (thanks @lggorman) 2bcacbe50c90c7936da61d29238e3b52910a3ff9
  • Remove Timber::get_pids (@jarednova) 4278d11d25aaca0d60cbde32c32783dc0effac6b
  • Fixed deprecation in Twig (thanks @simonmilz) 6c80f1d5fd48b8fcbd335f6c8e9c6fed1b008e26
  • Handle ACF image arrays (thanks @connorjburton) 039be5d880fa7f9c9763f4ebd6c40863f4820e0a


  • Hot fix for PHP 5.3 error


  • Fixed possible infinite loop with Timber::get_context (thanks @connorjburton) 376928d59dd5f2dd2f389c61217530ba54e40b24
  • Removed bug in Term (thanks @Jmayhak) a5e3c30b9eb12acea06bc914cd6b3673ead06012
  • {{ user.avatar }} now returns an Image object (thanks @connorjburton) 51dd7329aee6212490daee5742280286e221f2e8
  • Attention Comment Form fans! {{ post.comment_form }} now gives you a friggin’ comment form 9009ac12536a0199a1bb071ac41b2e91152bef4d
  • Helper\comment_form also gives you a comment form. 9009ac12536a0199a1bb071ac41b2e91152bef4d


  • {{ user.avatar }} property is now available (thanks @connorjburton) d21eb85
  • #947: Fix to pagination base (thanks @matsrietdijk) 270d7c2
  • Fix to some namespacing issues (thanks @connorjburton) 0a8346a
  • #958: Call the_post action to help other plugins (thanks @felthy) 4442703
  • #976: Fixed problem with static declaration (@jarednova) c888606
  • #978: Bug with arrays for post types (thanks @connorjburton) 571f6f8


  • Added {{ user }} object to context
  • Exposed translation functions
  • Added better error reporting/warnings
  • Fixed some things with function wrapper
  • Timber is now namespaced, big big thanks to @connorjburton
  • Cleanup of spacing
  • Removed deprecated functions, added warning for key functions
  • Updated version numbers and build script (@jarednova) 81a281e
  • Corrected Routes -> /Routes which threw a fatal error (@jarednova) 26b6585


  • New {{request}} object for post/get variables (thanks @connorjburton) #856
  • New crop positions (thanks @salaros) #861
  • Bug Fixes

  • Fix to „next” in pagination (thanks @connorjburton) #900

  • Fix to issue with tojpg filter’s images not being deleted (thanks @connorjburton) #897
  • {{post.parent.children}} used to return unpublished posts due to underlying behavior in WordPress, it now only returns published posts (thanks @connorjburton) #883


  • Fixed errors in tests (thanks @lggorman)
  • Fixed error in comments_link (thanks @tehlivi)


  • Fixed bug in get_calling_script file (thanks @gwagroves)
  • Added tons of new tests and docs (thanks @lggorman and @jarednova)


  • Fix to comment threadding (thanks @josephbergdoll)
  • Fixed-up conditional for when comments are being moderated (thanks @lggorman)
  • Fixed hooks for when attachments are deleted (thanks @lgaechter)
  • Added a new filter for list (thanks @lggorman)


  • New .time method for TimberPost and TimberComment (thanks @lggorman)
  • Added support for WordPress’s quality filter when resizing (thanks @t-wright)
  • Added support for animated gifs


  • Added better support for post.get_terms (thanks @aaemnnosttv)
  • Fix for issue with ACF date field (thanks @rpkoller)
  • Fix for resizing jpEgs (thanks @eaton)


  • Added fetch method to Timber (thanks @xavivars and @erik-landvall)
  • Added a total to the pagination data array (thanks @lggorman)
  • Threaded comments get some love! (thanks @josephbergdoll)
  • A fix to date parsing when handling numeric timestamps (thanks @xavivars)


  • Removed deprecated twitterify function
  • Much more docs (and deprecation docs)
  • Fixed issues with using constants (thanks @xavivars)


  • Much much much more inline docs
  • Fix to TimberComment::approved()
  • HHVM support confirmed (it always worked, but now the tests prove it)
  • Fixes to multisite handling of themes
  • Fix to comments pagination (thanks @newkind)


  • Fixes to things in docs
  • Added ID to timber/image/src filter (thanks @aaronhippie)
  • Fixed edgecase with HTTP_HOST vs SERVER_NAME (thanks @maketimetodesign)


  • Fix for Image src in some situtations


  • Fix for TimberMenu visiblility
  • Fix for TimberComment visibility


  • Patch for method property visibility in TimberPost


  • Fixed issue with multisite variables
  • Fixed issue with string conversion on function output


  • Fixed issues with static post pages
  • Fixed issues with front pages with static pages


  • Fixed GIF handling (thanks @josephbergdoll and @jarednova)
  • Improved handling of diff’t image sizes
  • Timber Archives are now tested and much improved (thanks @KLVTZ)
  • Image fixing (thanks @marciojcoelho)
  • More tests and improving coverage to 77%


  • Fixed capitalization problem for WP.org version


  • Routes is now its own independent repo
  • Timber Starter Theme is now its own independent repo
  • Improved loading of files (thanks @mgmartel)
  • Fixed some errors with TimberImages (thanks @imranismail)


  • Resolved lingering composer issues (thanks @austinpray, @lucasmichot)
  • You can now access {{comment.status}} when working with comments (thanks @simonmilz)
  • Better support for alternate setups with uploads directory (thanks @xavierpriour)
  • Major clean-up of image-handling classes (thanks @xavierpriour)
  • Starter theme now follows WP coding standards (thanks @kuus)
  • A slew of other bugs and clean-up (thanks @JeyKeu, @quinn and @jaredNova)


  • Twig goes from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3 (thanks @fabpot)
  • Some clean-up items on Menus (thanks @oskarrough)
  • Simplified composer installation (thanks @lucasmichot)


  • Fixed some Twig deprecation (thanks @alexlrobertson)
  • Support for {{img.src|retina}} filter (@jarednova)


  • Cleaned-up logic for {{post.next}} and {{post.prev}} (thanks @alexlrobertson)
  • Simplifiying internals of TimberCore, TimberPost (thanks @alexlrobertson)
  • Initialization of variables from stolen WP functions (thanks @alexlrobertson)
  • Fixed Twitter API call (thanks @asecondwill)
  • Matched TimberMenu fallback behavior to grab pages_men (@jaredNova)
  • Fixed a bug with the_title filter (thanks @kuus)
  • Fixed weird conflicts when ACF names match methods (@jaredNova)
  • Added a filter for timber_output (thanks @aristath)
  • Fix for galleries showing only 5 images (thanks @IJMacD)


  • Fixed some resulting bugs from numberposts vs. posts_per_page change as relates to galleries (thanks @IJMacD)
  • Fixed issue with author.php in starter theme (thanks @dmtroyer)
  • Added some sanity checks when menus are missing (thanks @jaredNova)
  • New tests, yay!


  • Fixed issue with sticky posts being included when just feeding an array of ids
  • Fix for pagination links with search terms (thanks @matthewsoares)


  • Fixed issue with Timber::get_posts and Timber::query_posts using numberposts in args


  • Fixed some issues with linking to menu items with a hash


  • Change default response code on load_view to be 200
  • Fixed error with relpath and subdomains (thanks @jnweaver)
  • Various bug fixes (thanks @andyford, @discern)


  • Hotfix to ensure non-exitent properties don’t throw exception (thanks @kylehotchkiss)


  • Iterators! You can now get data using query_posts which hooks into WP loop. Methods like get_the_title() now work (big thanks to @mgmartel)
  • Fixed img_to_jpg issue with alternate WP setups (@thetmkay)
  • Fixed issue with links in TimberMenuItem
  • post.date now supports a DateTime object (@aduth)
  • removal of long-since deprecated functions
  • Massive code clean-up and bug fixes (@jaredNova, @mgmartel)


  • Fixed issue with {{post.author.name}}
  • Bug fixes and code organization (@hsz, @jaredNova)


  • Removed .git folder hiding in php-router
  • Added support for WooCommerce and other plugins in starter theme (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)
  • Starter theme now based on OO-style TimberSite convention
  • You can not get the modified_author (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)
  • …oh and the modified date (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)
  • Code clean-up like mad (thanks @hsz)
  • Fixed bug when calling Timber::get_posts in loop (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)


  • Reorganized dependencies into /vendor directories based on composer (thanks @mgmartel, @rarst, @bryanaka)
  • Fixed issues with image library deletion (thanks @thetmkay)
  • Fixed issues with sidebar output


  • Dates now use date_i18n filter (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)
  • The twig |date filter now defaults to your WP Admin settings (thanks @jamesagreenleaf)
  • You can send Timber::$dirname an array to specify multiple locations of twig files within a theme
  • Load views from anywhere on the server (thanks @th3fallen)
  • Load twig files from anywhere on the server using an absolute path
  • Use another version of Twig if you have it loaded (thanks @ButlerPCnet)
  • more tests!


  • BREAKING CHANGE ALERT wp_title no longer appends bloginfo(’name’) to end of string (thanks @aduth)
  • BREAKING CHANGE ALERT get_preview now respects tag (thanks @jnweaver)
  • TimberHelper::transient is more reliable (thanks @mgmartel)
  • Secure urls in TimberImage if current page is served over SSL (thanks @mgmartel)
  • Re-wrote most of letterboxing functionality
  • Re-organized Helper functions


  • TimberPost::children() now sorts by menu_order, title as WordPress core does (thanks @aduth)
  • Fixed an occaisonal warning (thanks …