Wtyczka nie została przetestowana z trzema ostatnimi głównymi wydaniami WordPressa. Może nie być już utrzymywana lub obsługiwana, co może skutkować problemem ze zgodnością z nowszymi wersjami WordPressa.

Simple Pull Quote


Simple Pull Quote WordPress Plugin provides an easy way for you to insert pull quotes into your posts and pages. It adds an easy-to-use „Pullquote” button to both the HTML and TinyMCE editors.

IMPORTANT: To use in the new WordPress (Gutenberg) editor, use the „Classic” block.

See the plugin in action as well as how to use it:


  1. Select the text that you want to use as your pull quote.
  2. Click on the „Pullquote” button in either the Visual or HTML editor.

    For more help on usage, visit the Simple Pull Quote Homepage for a visual guide.

How do I update the look of the pull quotes?

To change the look of your pull quotes, open your theme’s „style.css” file and create a CSS class called „simplePullQuotes”. Edit this class according to your tastes. IMPORTANT: Make sure your theme’s „wp_head()” function comes before your theme’s stylesheet or else this won’t work.

How do I use more than one pull quote in a single post or page?

Simply select the text that you want to use as a pull quote and click the „Pullquote” button in either the visual or html editor.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Simple Pull Quote plugin in action!
  • Add pullquotes via the Wordpress TinyMCE editor.
  • Add pullquotes via the Wordpress HTML editor.


  1. Either use the built-in WordPress plugin installer to grab the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository, or upload the entire contents of the simple-pull-quote.zip folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Włącz wtyczkę z menu „Wtyczki” w WordPressie.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Q: How do I make the quote appear on the left side?
A: After you create your pull quote, add “class=“left” to it like this: [pullquote class=”left”]TEXT HERE[/pullquote]

Q: What if I am using a visual editor besides TinyMCE?
A: You will need to manually add the shortcode [pullquote]YOUR TEXT HERE[/pullquote]

Q: Is there a maximum number of pull quotes I can have on a single blog post or page?
A: No. You can have as many pull quotes as you would like.

Q: How do I change the colors and background image on the pullquotes?
A: Override the default „simplePullQuote” class in your theme’s CSS file. Here is a “How To” video about this: http://youtu.be/qvg2BFnN0pQ

Q: Where is the „Pullquote” button in the HTML editor?
A: I don’t know. It disappeared with the most recent version of WordPress, and I am working on fixing it.

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I was able to install but got an error. „Failed to load plugin url: http etc.”
I tweaked the CSS a little bit on my Cpannel an it looks great!
I’ve been using for a couple of years and it does exactly what is says it will do with no conflicts on a variety of systems and in conjunction with an assortment of other plugins. Kudos to the author!
Doesn’t do anything. No visual button, shortcode doesn’t have any effect.
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Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

„Simple Pull Quote” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian


Maintenance: Added icons for new plugin search ui


  • Cleaned up readme.txt’s changelog
  • Added “quicktags” dependency to javascript load per https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp_enqueue_script-missing-dependency?replies=2#post-3451836 (Thanks Aaron Campbell)
  • Enqueue the simple-pull-quote.js on specific pages rather than on every admin page per https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp_enqueue_script-missing-dependency?replies=2#post-3451836 (Thanks Aaron Campbell)
  • Removed white space at the bottom of simple-pull-quote.php and simple-pull-quote-tinymce.php



  • Fixed the file path reference to the stylesheet to use „plugins_url” rather than „wpurl”
  • Thanks to John LeBlanc for this fix: https://wordpress.org/support/profile/johnleblanc


  • Removed inadvertent line breaks caused by wptexturize()
  • Thanks to http://sww.co.nz/solution-to-wordpress-adding-br-and-p-tags-around-shortcodes/ for this fix


  • No need for custom fields! (However legacy support for custom fields still exists.)
  • Added „Pullquote” buttons to both the html and visual editors.
  • Updated CSS Code
  • Many thanks to Darrell Schulte for his help in making version 1.0 a reality!


  • Fixed WordPress Plugin Repository file downloading issue.


  • Switched the quote .gif file with a .png that will support any color background.


  • Added shortcode for multiple quotes: [quote1], [quote2]


  • Removed text-based quotes by default. Now users must add their own quotes if they want them. This gives users more flexibility.


  • Initial public release