Scoby Analytics


A cutting-edge, GDPR-compliant analytics plugin for WordPress, offering in-depth insights without compromising visitor privacy.


Scoby Analytics leads the evolution in web analytics with its server-side tracking technology. Offering a consent-free methodology, developed in close collaboration with Germany’s leading data protection experts, it simplifies GDPR and ePrivacy compliance while delivering in-depth insights, respecting visitor privacy to the utmost degree.

From local bloggers to global enterprises, Scoby Analytics equips site owners to effortlessly manage the intricacies of web analytics with a seamless, privacy-first approach that has been our cornerstone from the start.


Transform your approach to web data collection with Scoby Analytics. Utilizing server-side tracking, we capture every essential interaction—marketing clicks, page views, conversions — accurately, navigating around ad blockers and removing the need for consent queries. This ensures you have access to complete, actionable data for informed decision-making.


Acknowledging the critical role of website performance, Scoby Analytics is designed to safeguard your site’s SEO rankings and Core Web Vitals. Implement our solution and maintain a swift, search-engine-optimized site offering a premium user experience without any adverse impacts. Its low memory footprint and unmeasurable impact on rendering speed make it a superior choice for your data collection.


With Scoby Analytics, delve into unparalleled depths of your website’s analytics. Our advanced metrics analyze up to 100% more traffic, shedding light on visitor behaviors, engagement levels, and interactions with content. These insights are pivotal for site owners and marketers aiming to fine-tune content strategies and support strategic business decisions, fostering growth and boosting user engagement.


Is the task of analyzing your website’s performance cloaked in a haze of privacy concerns and data compliance issues? Do you find yourself wrestling with the balance between gaining insights and respecting visitor privacy? Are you looking for a tool that provides comprehensive data without the complications of consent pop-ups?

These challenges often put website owners in a tough spot, having to choose between analytics depth and user privacy.

Scoby Analytics emerges as the solution to these modern dilemmas, offering a suite of benefits that set it apart:

  • You get the full Picture: With Scoby Analytics, witness the full breadth of your website’s data—every paid click, every page view, every conversion. Our technology ensures complete data collection, immune to ad blockers and free from consent pop-ups, delivering the entirety of your traffic and user interactions without compromise.

  • Privacy-First Analytics: Navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that Scoby Analytics is built from the ground up to respect your visitors’ digital privacy. Our approach was developed in close collaboration with leading data protection experts, making consent banners a thing of the past.

  • Actionable Insights: Beyond mere pageviews and visitor counts, delve into metrics that matter with Scoby Analytics. Understand the granular behavior of your audience through advanced metrics like the percentual distribution of time spent and detailed percentile reports.

  • Zero Impact on Performance, SEO and Core Web Vitals: Implement Scoby Analytics without any adverse effects on your SEO efforts or website performance. Our technology is fine-tuned to run seamlessly, safeguarding your site’s ranking potential and user experience metrics.

Choose Scoby Analytics to propel your website forward with data-driven decisions, secure in the knowledge that you’re fully respecting your visitors’ privacy and still getting the full picture of your site’s performance.

Leverage Scoby Analytics for ethical, detailed, and streamlined website analysis.


Scoby Analytics helps you analyze your WordPress traffic in many ways. Let’s take a look!


In the landscape of digital analytics, full visibility into your website’s traffic and conversions is critical, especially when it pertains to paid sources where every click counts. Scoby Analytics excels in this area, capturing 100% of your WordPress site’s paid traffic sources, traffic, and conversions, ensuring that you have a complete overview of your investment’s performance.

Traditional analytics tools often require user consent to track this data, which can significantly reduce visibility, sometimes to as low as 40% of actual traffic. This consent-based blind spot can leave you with an incomplete picture of how well your paid campaigns are performing. Scoby Analytics bypasses the need for consent, maintaining full insight into your traffic and enabling you to measure the true effectiveness of your paid sources without any data being concealed by consent barriers. With Scoby Analytics, empower your strategy with the full spectrum of data and optimize your campaigns with confidence.


Delve into metrics that matter with Scoby Analytics and unlock a deeper understanding of your audience’s engagement. With Scoby Analytics, you gain access not only to the essential vanity metrics that provide a snapshot of your website’s performance—visits, visitors, page views, and average time spent on site—but also to advanced analytics that offer deeper insights. Our platform goes beyond the basics to deliver a granular view of user engagement through the distribution of time spent. This innovative metric breaks down precisely what percentage of visitors spend various lengths of time on your site, providing a nuanced understanding of user behavior.

Moreover, Scoby Analytics brings you percentile-based reporting, a sophisticated analysis that outlines the time spent by visitors in a more detailed manner. By examining these percentiles, you can identify behavioral patterns, such as whether a majority of users engage with your content for a longer or shorter duration. This data is crucial for optimizing user experience and content strategy, as it reveals the depth of engagement and highlights areas for improvement. With Scoby Analytics, stay informed and make data-driven decisions to enhance your website’s performance and user satisfaction.


Navigate the ad-blocking wave with Scoby Analytics—your assurance of uninterrupted data collection. Ad blockers can significantly skew analytics by preventing tracking codes from capturing crucial user interaction data. However, Scoby Analytics offers a robust solution that is impervious to ad blockers. This ensures that your data quality remains pristine, and you retain complete visibility over your website’s analytics.

With the rise of ad-blocking technology, traditional analytics tools often report a fraction of actual site activity, leading to incomplete insights and potentially misguided business decisions. Scoby Analytics, leveraging server-side tracking, circumvents these blockers with ease, guaranteeing that your analytics reflect 100% of site traffic, including all user behaviors and conversion pathways.

Invest in Scoby Analytics to ensure that your data isn’t just a subset of reality but a comprehensive reflection of every visitor interaction, unaffected by browser-based ad blockers. With this level of accuracy and reliability, you can fine-tune your marketing efforts and website experience based on complete and unaltered data.


Scoby Analytics isn’t just a standalone solution; it’s built to work harmoniously with your existing toolkit. With robust integration capabilities, it effortlessly connects with a wide array of platforms, including Looker Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau, enabling you to extend and enhance your data analysis. Whether you’re looking to import your analytics into comprehensive reports, dashboards, or blend them with other data sources for richer insights, Scoby Analytics ensures that your website’s performance metrics feed seamlessly into your workflow. This interoperability not only saves time but also enriches the decision-making process, ensuring that your analytical insights are always within reach, no matter where you need them.


Launching Scoby Analytics on your WordPress site is a straightforward, user-friendly process that doesn’t require any technical expertise. Our guided setup experience walks you through every step with clarity and simplicity, ensuring that you’re ready to capture analytics swiftly.

During the initial setup, you’ll be guided to configure the basics of Scoby Analytics for your site. The beauty of Scoby Analytics lies in its ability to run in tandem with any other analytics tools you might be using. This parallel operation ensures there is no negative impact on your site’s SEO and Web Vitals, making the transition to Scoby Analytics smooth and worry-free.

Whether you’re looking to adopt Scoby Analytics as your primary analytics tool or to supplement your current suite, you can do so confidently, knowing that it will not interfere with your site’s performance or existing data insights.

Third Party Services

In its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and integrity, Scoby Analytics selectively employs the use of its own external servers for the specific purpose of data analytics. Below is a detailed outline of how Scoby Analytics utilizes these third-party services to enhance your website’s analytical capabilities while ensuring user privacy.

Service Utilization Overview

Service Used: Scoby Analytics Servers

Primary Purpose: These dedicated servers are employed exclusively to capture, process, and store website usage data in an anonymized format. The core objective is to furnish website owners with valuable insights into page views, traffic sources, and user engagement metrics without compromising visitor privacy.

Data Handling and Privacy

  • Anonymization Prior to Transmission: In adherence to privacy regulations and best practices, all page views and associated data are fully anonymized before being transmitted to Scoby Analytics servers. This preemptive measure ensures that the identity of your website visitors is protected and that their online activities cannot be personally traced back to them.

  • Aggregation of Data: The data captured and stored on our servers is strictly aggregated and devoid of any personal identifiers. Scoby Analytics focuses on collective website usage metrics rather than tracking individual user behavior, thereby safeguarding personal privacy while still providing comprehensive analytics.

  • No Storage of Personal Information: In line with our privacy-first ethos, our servers are designed to exclude any form of individual user data or personally identifiable information (PII) from being captured or stored. This ensures that your website complies with global data protection regulations by default.

Transparency and User Access

For full transparency and to provide our users with easy access to more information about our data handling practices and the principles guiding our service, the following links are available:

  • Service Information and Updates: – Visit our main website for an overview of Scoby Analytics, including features, benefits, and latest updates.

  • Terms of Use: – Our Terms of Use outline the legal agreements between Scoby Analytics and our users, detailing the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

  • Privacy Policy: – Our Privacy Policy provides detailed information on how we collect, use, and protect data, emphasizing our commitment to user privacy.

By choosing Scoby Analytics, you entrust us with delivering comprehensive website analytics that respect both your need for in-depth insights and your visitors’ right to privacy. Our use of external servers for data processing is a testament to our dedication to offering a robust, privacy-conscious analytics tool for website owners worldwide.

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  • Dashboard Overview: Get a snapshot of your website’s performance.
  • Visitor Insights: Dive into detailed statistics about your visitors.
  • Real-Time Data: Monitor your website activity as it happens.
  • Custom Reports: Create tailored reports to track the metrics that matter most to you.


Our Setup Assistant streamlines your installation process, guiding you through the initial configuration with ease and ensuring your analytics are up and running in no time.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to ‘Plugins’ in your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘Scoby Analytics’, and click ‘Install Now’ next to the plugin.
  3. Once installed, activate the plugin.
  4. Navigate to 'Scoby Analytics’ in your WordPress admin menu to complete the setup.
  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the setup.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to privacy-focused analytics and valuable insights to help grow your website.

If anything is unclear or harder as expected, we’d love to hear your feedback at

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

What happens to my traffic data?

Scoby Analytics prioritizes your visitors’ privacy. Only minimal and anonymized data is transferred to our servers, ensuring that your website’s analytics do not compromise visitor privacy. Our sophisticated anonymization process guarantees that individual user data remains private and secure.

Can Scoby Analytics be operated without a consent banner?

Yes, Scoby Analytics can be fully operated without the need for a consent banner. Our privacy-centric approach to analytics allows us to collect essential website usage data in a way that respects visitor privacy and complies with the strictest GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. This eliminates the requirement for consent banners, offering a smoother experience for both website owners and visitors.

How does Scoby Analytics work without tracking individual users?

We use server-side data collection to gather aggregated data. This method provides rich insights while respecting user privacy, as it doesn’t involve tracking or storing personal information.

Can I integrate Scoby Analytics data with other tools?

Yes. Scoby Analytics supports data exports in .xlsx format and integrates seamlessly with Looker Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau, enhancing your data analysis capabilities.

What insights can I expect from Scoby Analytics?

Scoby Analytics provides comprehensive insights, including page views, visitor counts, session durations, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions about your site.

How often is Scoby Analytics updated?

Scoby Analytics is committed to continuous improvement and frequently releases updates every few weeks. These updates ensure that our users benefit from the latest features, enhancements, and security updates, providing a seamless and efficient analytics experience.

How do I get support?

For detailed guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips, please refer to our extensive documentation at Our documentation is designed to assist you in leveraging Scoby Analytics to its fullest potential.

I have a different question than listed here

If your question hasn’t been answered or you need further assistance, feel free to email us at Our support team is dedicated to helping you resolve any issues or inquiries you might have.


I’ve been using Scoby on my website for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that so far it has been a great experience and one of the better analytics plugins I have tried. The plugin is very lightweight with no measurable impact on site performance, and the dashboard is really extensive with a lot of useful information.
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„Scoby Analytics” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


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Release date: 2024-04-04

Version 3.2.1 includes fixes and improvements for a better user experience.


  • Adds time zone detection for more accurate data reporting.


  • Sets the WordPress tested up to version to 6.5


Release date: 2024-03-17

Scoby Analytics 3.1.0 brings a simplified setup experience. User can now setup a Workspace without leaving their WordPress Admin UI.


  • Adds Setup Assistant


  • Removes tracking of pages that return 404 Not Found errors

Earlier versions

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to our official website.