PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry


No. 1 Podcasting plugin for WordPress, with simple & advanced modes, players, subscribe tools, and more!

Developed by podcasters for podcasters; features include Simple and Advanced modes, multiple audio/video player options, subscribe to podcast page embeds and sidebar widgets, podcasting SEO features, and more! Fully supports Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and Blubrry Podcasting directories, as well as all podcast applications and clients. PowerPress users who use Blubrry Podcast Hosting may also submit their shows to Spotify.

Simple Mode

If you are just getting started or feel overwelmed with all the settings and options, switch to Simple mode! PowerPress’s Simple Mode will walk you through getting started in 3 easy steps.

  1. Setup your Podcast quickly with only the essential settings
  2. Create your first Episode
  3. Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes Podcasts)

When you’re ready you can switch to Advanced mode to tap into all the options professionals would want.

PowerPress Key Features

  • Full Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes Podcasts) & Google Podcasts support: Adds Apple Podcast compliant podcast feeds to your WordPress site.
  • Integrated HTML5 Media Players: Audio/video Web players with embed support from sites such as YouTube.
  • NEW: Skip to Position in Player shortcode
  • Subscribe tools: Create subscribe page with our exclusive subscribe shortcode embed and subscribe sidebar widget optimized for responsive websites, high-resolution screens and Apple Retina displays.
  • Podcasting SEO: Improve discovery of your podcast on search engines such as Google, and with the Apple Podcasts directory.
  • Podcast Importing: Import your podcast from SoundCloud, LibSyn, PodBean, Squarespace, or other podcast RSS feed.
  • Migration tools: Quickly migrate from PodPress, TGS Podcasting, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Blogger, or Movable Type without losing episodes.
  • Multi-podcast support: Create separate podcasts by category (Category Podcasting) or by media format (Podcast Channels).
  • Post type and taxonomy podcasting: Create podcasts from custom post types and taxonomies.
  • *Media Statistics: Get FREE Blubrry Media Statistics from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Multi-languages, locales and emoji support: See PowerPress in your language and Enable Emoji in podcast feeds for details.

Includes Full Apple Podcasts Support!

Blubrry PowerPress fully supports Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes podcasts), which is required for podcasting. PowerPress comes with the following Apple Podcasts specific features:

  • Apple Podcasts compliant podcast feeds: The appropriate tags are added to your feeds so your Apple Podcasts listing looks great.
  • Optimized Apple Podcasts summary: Converts your blog-post content to a format suited for viewing in Apple Podcasts (learn more).
  • Tunes artwork: Upload and manage your Apple Podcasts artwork directly from within PowerPress settings.
  • Apple Podcasts: Fully supported, including the latest Apple Podcasts specifications.
  • Feed Episode Maximizer: Increase the number of episodes viewed on Apple Podcasts while decreasing the byte size of your feeds.

Includes Full Google Podcasts Support!

Blubrry PowerPress fully supports the newly launched Google Podcasts directory built into Google search, Google Home smart speakers and Google Podcasts Android app.

Integrated Media Players

Blubrry PowerPress includes extensive Web player options to display your podcast audio and video in your Web pages.

  • Audio players: Pick from Blubrry’s Media Player, MediaElement.js, or the native HTML5 audio player.
  • Video players: Pick from MediaElement.js, VideoJS, or the native HTML5 video player.
  • Positioning: Position player above or below your content.
  • Player shortcode: Place the player exactly where you want by adding the [powerpress] shortcode directly into your post content.
  • Playlist player shortcode: Include a playlist of your latest podcast episodes utilizing the [powerpress_playlist] shortcode in any page or post.
  • Embeds: Add embeds from sites such as YouTube.
  • Links: Provide download, play in new window and embed links.
  • Audio formats supported: mp3, m4a, oga (ogg audio), opus.
  • Video formats supported: m4v, mp4, webm, ogv (ogg video).

Integrated Subscribe Tools

A Blubrry PowerPress exclusive, podcast subscribe tools help you convert Web visitors into podcast subscribers. Subscribe options include:

  • Subscribe page: Instantly create a subscribe page with simplified instructions on how to subscribe to your podcast using the PowerPress subscribe page shortcode.
  • Subscribe page shortcode: Add the [powerpress_subscribe] shortcode to include a mobile-device optimized subscribe embed in any post or page that includes buttons to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Subscribe on Android, Subscribe by Email, Stitcher, tuneIn, Spotify, Google Podcasts, via RSS, and an special textbox to easily copy and paste your podcast feed into any podcast application.
  • Subscribe sidebar widget: Mobile device optimized sidebar buttons to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Subscribe on Android, Stitcher, tuneIn, Spotify, Google Podcasts, subscribe by RSS, and a „more subscribe options” button linked to your podcast’s subscribe page.
  • Subscribe links: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Subscribe on Android, Subscribe by Email, subscribe by RSS and a link to your custom subscribe page below every player.
  • Retina enabled: Subscribe button images optimized for high resolution displays including Apple Retina displays.
  • Responsive: Subscribe tools are designed for any screen and optimized for touch screens by providing custom buttons that are indrustry standard 48 pixels in height optimized for touch screen use.

Integrates with Blubrry’s Services

Make your life easier by adding our FREE or paid media hosting and statistics services to streamline your podcast productivity.

  • Quickly access your Blubrry media download statistics from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Publish Blubrry hosted media directly from your blog.
  • View Blubrry hosting usage quota from your blog.
  • Configure how Blubrry writes media (ID3) tags within PowerPress settings.
  • Post your podcast to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Migrate all of your media at no additional cost to your Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting account with just a couple clicks.

The Blubrry basic statistics service is FREE. Our Premium Statistics Service, which includes Blubrry Certified Statistics, U.S. downloads, trending and exporting, is available for $5 month. Blubrry Media Hosting packages start at $12.

Advanced Features for those who need more

Want more? We’ve got more! With a simple click you can enable advanced features and options. Check out some of the advanced features:

  • Podcasting SEO settings: Utilize the Apple and Google feed and HTML tags to improve the discovery of your podcasts and include the necessary meta data in your blog pages for search engines to discover.
  • Embeds: Provide embeds your audience can take with them (just like YouTube embeds)
  • Media size and duration detection: Enter your media URL and let the PowerPress do the rest.
  • Category Casting: Add podcast support to your WordPress category feeds.
  • Custom Podcast Channels: Distribute multiple formats (audio/video) and versions (short/full length).
  • Taxonomy Podcasting: Create podcasts for your custom taxonomy tag names including WordPress Tags. (feature sponsored by AfterBuzzTV.com)
  • Post Type Podcasting: Create podcasts for your custom post types.
  • Premium Podcasting (Requires a membership plugin and/or roles and capabilities plugin to manage)
  • User Role Management: Control which users in your blog can podcast. (Requires a roles and capabilities plugin to manage)
  • Diagnostics: Check to see if your server is configured to support all of the available features in PowerPress.
  • WordPress MultiSite: Blubrry PowerPress is compatible with WordPress MultiSite and can be extended using the Blubrry PowerPress MultiSite add-on plugin.
  • *Supported syndication formats: mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, webm, ogg, oga, ogv, wma, ra, mp4a, m4v, mp4v, mpg, asf, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mov, divx, 3gp, midi, wav, aa, pdf, torrent, m4b, m4r, epub.

*Apple Podcasts only supports mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, pdf and epub.

Migrating from PodPress or other podcasting plugin?

Switching to from PodPress to PowerPress is seamless. Simply enable PowerPress then disable PodPress and you’re done! PowerPress will continue where plugin your old plugin left off by including your previously created episodes in your feeds and Web pages.

Please see detailed instructions for migrating from PodPress, TGS Podcasting Plugin and Seriously Simple Podcasting.

Note: Advanced settings such as settings for podcast categories will need to be recreated in PowerPress.

Migrating from another service such as LibSyn, PodBeam, SoundCloud, or Squarespace?

Importing your podcast feed into PowerPress is super easy! Simply paste in your RSS feed URL into the PowerPress feed import tool and click import. RSS feed import works with any podcast service and includes additional options for importing from LibSyn, PodBeam, SoundCloud, and Squarespace. You can optionally migrate your media to your Blubrry Podcast Hosting account with only a couple simple clicks.

PowerPress in your Language

PowerPress is available in a number of languages. Starting with PowerPress 7.0, translations will be managed through translate.wordpress.org making translations easier to setup and update.

PowerPress is looking for translators!

Anyone can help translate PowerPress! If you are intersted in translating PowerPress, please contact us.

Translators will receive the following from us as a thank you for contributing:

Interested translators please contact us, include your WordPress.org account name, blubrry account login (if you have one), your name, desired URL, and the language locale(s) you would like to translate.

Need Help?

. . . or have some ideas that could improve the plugin?

Need More Help?

We now offer one-on-one consulting via GoToMeeting, Skype or phone.
Learn more about Blubrry Consulting Services

PowerPress is developed and maintained by Blubrry, a podcasting company and community owned and operated by podcasters providing tools and resources for podcasters to measure, monetize, publish and host podcasts. Although we’d like you to become a member of Blubrry, no membership is required to use this free open source podcasting plugin.


Angelo Mandato, CIO Blubrry – Plugin founder, architect and lead developer

Pat McSweeny, PHP Developer – Developed initial version (v0.1.0) of plugin

Jerry Stephens, Way of the Geek – Contributed initial code fix for excerpt bug resolved in v0.6.1, wrote initial code for the 4 new flash players.

Darcy Fiander, Rooty Radio – Fixed bug with category links to FeedValidator.org and category title warning when validating category feeds.

Joel Haasnoot, Personal Blog – Developed PodPress archive statistics.

Nicolas Bouliane, Personal Blog – Contributed code for get_the_powerpress_all_players() function.

Isiah Lloyd – Developed features in PowerPress 7.5, 7.6 and part of 8.0


  • Danish translation for v1.0.11+ by Team Blogos – Latest translation available here
  • French translation for v1.0.11+ by Aur�lien Denis – Aur�lien is looking for assistance maintaining the French translation, email wpchannel [at] gmail.com if interested.
  • Simplified Chinese for v1.0.12+ by webmote – From webmote: Welcome to use the plugin. Very good! and then hope you to access my site.
  • Italian translation for v2.0.4+ by Umberto Sartori
  • Romanian translation for v2.0.4+ by Alexander Ovsov (Web Geek Sciense: http://webhostinggeeks.com/science/)
  • Russian translation for v4.0.5+ by Igor Mercury
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation for v6.0+ by Leo Lopes from Radiofobia

Tips and Tutorials

Please contact blubrry with the link to your tips or tutorial for PowerPress and we’ll add them to the list above.





Blubrry Social


Zrzuty ekranów

  • PowerPress's Simple Mode will walk you through setting up your podcast in 3 easy steps.
  • Just like blogging, podcasting utilizes blog posting features with the addition of a podcast episode box. Yes, podcasting is that simple!
  • PowerPress integrates seamlessly with Blubrry Podcast Hosting's exclusive player.
  • PowerPress comes with a built-in subscribe sidebar widget to help your audience subscribe to your podcast.
  • PowerPress comes with an editable subscribe page builder with a subscribe embed tool to help your web visitors subscribe.
  • PowerPress's Advanced Mode settings let you dig in as deep as you want to with every possible setting for podcasting at your fingertips.
  • PowerPress incorporates the built-in WordPress media players into your blog posts and pages.


Point and Click Installation

  1. Sign into your blog, go to the plugins section and click ‚Add New’.
  2. In the search box enter „PowerPress”, then click ‚Search’.
  3. Click the ‚Install Now’ link and proceed to install the plugin.
  4. Once installed, click ‚Activate’.
  5. Configure your Blubrry PowerPress by going to the Settings > Blubrry PowerPress page.

Manual Installation

To install Blubrry PowerPress manually, follow these steps:

  1. Download PowerPress from WordPress.org.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a temporary folder.
  3. Copy the entire powerpress folder from the downloaded zip file into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  4. Activate the „Blubrry PowerPress” plugin in your blog’s Plugin Management page.
  5. Configure your Blubrry PowerPress by going to the Settings > Blubrry PowerPress page.


Compatible Themes and Plugins

Most themes and plugins are compatible with PowerPress. PowerPress is developed and tested using the default themes packaged with WordPress including twentyten, twentytwelve, twentythirteen, twentyfourteen, twentyfifteen, and all future versions. These themes use WordPress best practices and adhere to theme rules set by WordPress.org. Any child theme based on these themes should also work without issue.

If you are having a problem, try Diagnosing Feed and/or Player Issues.

If you are having a problem specifically with the player and links, try the „Having issues?” option under PowerPress Settings > Appearance tab. Visit Resolving Plugin or Theme Conflicts for details.

Premium podcasting themes compatible with PowerPress

Appendipity Podcast Pro theme is is designed specifically to take advantage of built-in features, settings and podcast episode meta data in PowerPress. The Blubrry team works with the Appendipity team during beta testing and major WordPress releases to make sure the Podcast Pro theme and PowerPress work together seamlessly.

Related Plugins

The following plugins may be used in conjunction with PowerPress.

  • Message Flow – generates a CoverFlow-like interface for your blog posts with podcast episodes. For podcasts, use shortocde [message-flow podcasts_only="true"].
  • Eli’s PowerPress Addon Widget – Adds a sidebar widget that lists your podcast episodes linked to the play in a new window PowerPress player.
  • PowerPress Posts From MySQL – Creates blog posts with PowerPress podcast episode information from a MySQL table.
  • Featured Podcast Widget, Home Page – A widget that enables you to display your latest podcast from a category or featured podcast utilising the PowerPress plugin’s default player.
  • Skip to Timestamp – Skip to Timestamp allows for generating links in your posts that automatically skip to a given time in an audio, video or youtube embed.

Why doesn’t Blubrry PowerPress support multiple enclosures in one feed item/post?

Blubrry PowerPress does not allow you to include multiple media files for one feed item (blog post). This is because each podcatcher handles multiple enclosures in feeds differently. Apple Podcasts will download the first enclosure that it sees in the feed ignoring the rest. Other podcatchers and podcasting directories either pick up the first enclosure or the last in each post item. This inconsistency combined with the fact that Dave Winer does not recommend multiple enclosures and the FeedValidator.org recommendation against it is why the Blubrry PowerPress does not support them.

As a alternative, PowerPress allows you to create additional Custom Podcast Feeds to associate any magnitude of media format and/or length in a blog post to specific custom feeds. For example, you can create one blog post associated to separate video and audio podcast feeds saving you time from entering your show notes twice.

Why doesn’t Blubrry PowerPress include media statistics built-in?

Blubrry PowerPress does not include media statistics built-in. This is not because Blubrry has its own statistics service, although that’s a good reason by itself. Maintaining and calculating statistics is a resource and server intensive task that would add bloat to an otherwise efficient WordPress podcasting plugin. We recommend using your media hosting’s web statistics to give you basic download numbers and, if you are seeking more grandular measurements such as client and geographical information for each episode, you’re more than welcome to use the Blubrry Statistics service as well.

You may however access your Blubrry Statistics from within your WordPress dashboard.

How do you insert the player within a blog post?

You can insert the media player within your blog posts by using the WordPress shortcode feature. The shortcode for PowerPress is [powerpress] (all lowercase)

You may use the shortcode to add a player to other media files (non episode files) by specifying the media url in the shortcode: [powerpress url=”http://example.com/path/to/media.mp3″]

For advanced users with multiple podcast feeds, you may insert the player for a specific feed by specifying the feed slug in the shortcode: [powerpress feed=”podcast”]

If you want to specify a cover image, add an image attribute which points to the specific image url: [powerpress image=”http://example.com/path/to/cover_image.jpg”] Experimental

Why can’t you upload large media files?

File uploads are tricky to handle because there are so many web hosting variations with different upload size limits. We recommend using an FTP application to upload large media files. FTP is much more efficient than web based uploads and is typically provided by nearly all web hosting providers.

The Media Player does not appear on my site?

. . . or the RSS feed is invalid?

This can happen when there is a theme or plugin conflict. Please visit our Diagnosing Feed and/or Player Issues for instructions how to resolve such issues.


6 października 2020
When you start your podcast, you will want to add episode lists and descriptions and a bunch of feed subscription links (itunes, spotify, etc.) to your site. This is actually much harder than you think-it's not at all like a blog! The PowerPress plugin makes all that easy. PowerPress is published for free by Blubrry, a podcast hosting service. PowerPress will work with any podcast host, but since you have to pay for hosting anyway, I chose Blubrry to make life easy. WordPress is complicated enough, this one was easy. Great tech support. Happy user.
24 lipca 2020
I can't say enough good things about this plugin: it is absolutely fantastic for publishing podcasts on WordPress sites. I've been able to quickly and successfully publish quite a few podcasts for business and my clients' businesses using this plugin. It's fairly user-intuitive and even has some more advanced options that have made it possible for me to create podcast feeds with custom post types, categories, and even premium, password-protected podcasts. I actually have one website set up using this plugin to have 8 unique podcast feeds. It's a fantastic tool in my podcasting belt for sure. I would highly recommend it for your next podcast project.
22 lipca 2020
It's just a sales tool for Bubrry. Adds regular posts rather than a new post type that can be handled separately. So you just have podcast sprinkled in with your regular posts. NOt sure what they were thinking since they did put some work into it.
15 czerwca 2020
I am new, self-taught, and kind of an old geezer. This plug-in is easy to get a handle on. But even when I run into problems, the guys at SUPPORT are fast to respond, walk you through the fix, then check up with you later to make sure you're up and running. I've had to connect with them a couple of times now and I'm guessing it won't be the last.
11 czerwca 2020
I love it, I love it this plugin... Did I say that I love it? well I love it!!! Sincerely, PowerPress Podcasting plugin is more than I expected... Thanks for your help.
Przeczytaj 219 recenzji

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Log zmian

Next Major Release Announcements

  • We are looking for beta testers! If you would like to beta test future versions of PowerPress, please contact us with your name and email.

  • PowerPress 8.3 beta 1 will be available in May, 2020! Please visit the [PowerPress Beta]https://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress/powerpress-beta/) page for more information.

Fan of PowerPress and want to show your support?

If you are a fan of PowerPress, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment and leave us a review on WordPress.org. Your support is greatly appreciated!


  • Released 10/08/2020
  • Fixed a security vulnerability concerning image uploads
  • Small bugfix so that welcome tab of settings page shows the correct feed info


  • Released 08/31/2020
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying subscribe links that had not been set
  • Fixed a couple bugs that were throwing PHP errors


  • Released 08/24/2020
  • Fixed a bug in the player settings tab that was messing with episode artwork setting
  • Re-added ‚Disable Blubrry Stats in Dasboard’ option, into Advanced Settings
  • Fixed a jQuery bug


  • Released 08/11/2020
  • Small bugfix
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5 beta


  • Released 07/01/2020
  • Added Farsi language
  • Small CSS fixes
  • Stopped showing general ‚feeds’ settings for custom feeds
  • Fixed a bug where the Subscription Links Under Player setting wasn’t saving


  • Released 06/03/2020
  • Styled news items in WP Dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where artwork settings weren’t saving properly
  • Fxied bug where player link options would not save correctly


  • Released 06/02/2020
  • Added a check in the welcome page so that if there are >1000 posts, powerpress won’t query all of them
  • Added the Save button back to Audio Player, Video Player, and MP3 Tags Settings pages which it had been removed from
  • Started using WordPress functions to link JS code, as tags were causing an issue


  • Released 06/01/2020
  • Bug fix to artwork upload in Settings


  • Released 06/01/2020
  • Fresh new appearance for PowerPress settings tabs
  • Now, helpful info about your show and its progress appear at the top of the Welcome tab
  • Destinations-related settings consolidated to the Destinations tab
  • Podcast SEO and Advanced Settings are now within the Settings tabs


  • Released 04/29/2020
  • Entry Box Settings are back–this time, find them by clicking the gear in the upper right of the entry box
  • The Permalinks setting has been moved from the Website tab in Settings to the new Entry Box Settings
  • Fixed a bug from 8.2.10 where media couldn’t be removed from a post
  • Fixed a bug where „Verify” error messages were not showing up in the right spot


  • Released 04/23/2020
  • Update design for episode box–media URL section and Remove Episode moved
  • Artwork previews now will use default images rather than broken ones
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with older php versions


  • Released 04/03/2020
  • Corrected a typo in Non-Profit Apple category
  • Fixed bug with PodPress data clobbering an already imported episode in certain circumstances.
  • Added logic to handle importing with all supported Blubrry media URLs.


  • Released 3/30/2020
  • Tested with new WordPress 5.4 beta
  • Subscribe on Email is now toggled by the checkbox in the Settings tab
  • Fixed a bug where Apple category tags with no subcategory were not generated correctly


  • Released 3/20/2020
  • Stopped filling a default season number
  • Started displaying all of PowerPress to new installs so that the Settings link isn’t broken on the Plugins page
  • Fixed a bug where GUIDs were not preserved on import for some feeds with newer versions of WordPress
  • Added the dark theme again which was mistakenly removed from the minified CSS file
  • Deleted notification about Apple’s category changes
  • Fixed a number of small CSS problems


  • Released 3/4/2020
  • Fixed a bug that was messing with some users’ season numbers
  • Added an option in Settings to display the whole episode box (as opposed to verifying the media link before allowing any metadata to be entered)
  • Fixed a bug that was being caused by translated characters
  • Corrected the powerpress player shortcode [powerpress] in the episode box
  • Fixed some smaller bugs dealing with the functionality of the tabs and the artwork preview for multiple categories


  • Released 2/20/2020
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the explicit setting from saving


  • Released 2/18/2020
  • Minified CSS files for faster loading times
  • Consolidated CSS classes and gave them more unique names so as to avoid conflict with other plugins
  • Added the ability for PowerPress to remember the season of the last episode published and put this as a default value in this field for new posts
  • Made poster image setting visible to all


  • Released 2/13/2020
  • Added Remove Episode option back into episode box
  • Fixed a bug where title input wasn’t showing up (for users who had selected to specify an episode title)
  • Season value is now allowed to be empty
  • Added a label for the explicit setting
  • Fixed a bug where the settings for the player size weren’t showing up for video media


  • Released 2/12/2020
  • Tweaked id3 library so as to prevent php compatibility errors
  • Fixed a bug that was throwing an error in the subscribe widget
  • Slight CSS tweaks


  • Released 2/11/2020
  • Fixed editor detection–now styling/responsiveness will accommodate for classic editor
  • Fixed a bug where the .js file wasn’t getting loaded for everyone
  • Fixed a bug that would reload the page when a „View More”-type link was clicked


  • Released 2/10/2020
  • Eliminated Episode tab–whole episode box appears
  • New interface with multiple tabs and cleaner, clearer settings
  • Media link is now verified automatically
  • Updated id3 library to be compatible with PHP 7.4


  • Released 1/17/2020
  • Now, if users define(‚POWERPRESS_NO_REMOVE_WP_HEAD’), links will not be removed from webpage head
  • Updated readme to reflect that PowerPress is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress


  • Added images that were missing in the Getting Started section


  • Eliminated Simple Mode
  • Replaced Simple Mode with a Getting Started section which shows up the first time someone opens PowerPress
  • Getting Started includes feed info settings, feed import, and media migration
  • Getting Started can also be revisited at any time
  • Added trim call for ajax returns in case website is sending extra new lines due to a theme or plugin
  • Now using the latest media detection library (getid3) in WordPress


  • Released on 11/15/2019
  • Added titles to iframes so as to be compliant with ADA
  • Made a styling tweak in the subscribe shortcode
  • Now, all three Apple categories will show up regardless of whether they are set
  • Users can no longer hide certain ios11 settings in their Tools tab


  • Released on 10/24/2019
  • Brought back the ability to render black subscribe buttons using [powerpress_subscribe style=”dark”] (Thanks @vennstone for bringing to our attention!)
  • Improved custom CSS setting so that !important tags could be stripped from subscribe sidebar widgets (Thanks Bree @lifesgood for pointing out the problem)
  • Feed Landing Page URL setting can now be set for the default podcast feed (Thanks Daniel for the suggestion)
  • Next week, we will release an update to Blubrry’s Media uploader to work better within PowerPress so that it is more accessible with text reading software such as JAWS and ZoomText (Thanks Gary for helping us!)
  • Added support for the WPML plugin (Thanks David and Bobby from WPML!)
  • Configured Websub publish API call timeout to 3 seconds.


  • Released on 10/09/2019
  • Fixed submit links for iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Pandora
  • Deleted Google Play Image settings


  • Released on 10/7/2019
  • New Subscribe Destinations added:
    ** Deezer – Anyone can now submit their podcast to Deezer with just a blubrry.com account. Learn more
    ** Pandora – Submit your podcast to Pandora
    ** iHeart – Submit your podcast to iHeart radio.
  • New Subscribe button styling options!!!
    ** Buttons now use an SVG sprite, providing a small footprint while being optimized for retina displays. Subscribe buttons have never been so crisp!
    ** There is a new „Modern” color scheme, with the traditional square or new rounded corners.
    ** Subscribe Widget can now be configured horizontally for use in horizontal widget areas.
  • Added an option to remove !important and text-align left styling to subscribe buttons.
  • Switched the plugin_action_links filter to use array_push function call to avoid notice messages when another plugin or theme converts the links array to a string.
  • Fixed bug since recent update to WordPress where the default feed had the word feed in the URL twice. (Thanks Daniel for pointing out the issue!)


  • Released on 8/30/2019
  • Apple category „After Shows” updated.
  • Now using the https version for (castfeedvalidator.com)[https://castfeedlivadator.com] when clicking validate for feeds.
  • CastFeedValidator diagnoses problems with your feed that could be preventing your episodes from reaching listeners. There are four phases of testing, performing more than 100 checks on your feed�s various components.
  • Added class .blubrryplayer to the iframe for the Blubrry Player, for styling purposes.


  • Released on 7/31/2019
  • Fixed bug for older versions of PHP with WebSub, service to notify Google Podcasts of new episodes.


  • Released on 7/25/2019
  • Fixed logic bug introduced in 7.5 for sites using versions of PHP 5.4 or older.
  • Added code changes to Blubrry Hosting’s Post to Social from PowerPress feature. (Last beta release of this feature!)


  • Released on 7/23/2019
  • Added library for PubSubHubbub. Missed it when merging latest git release into wordpress.org svn. Sorry about that!


  • Released on 7/23/2019
  • Added new Apple categories announced in July. The new Apple Categories will be made available on Apple Podcasts mid August, 2019.
  • Added Multi-program Blubrry Podcast Hosting, perfect for Category podcasting.
  • Added Update Google PubSubHubbub, lets Google Podcasts and other podcast directory services when your podcast publishes new episodes.
  • Added support for various languages to podcast as including „Thai” and „Vietnamese”.


  • Releasd on 6/21/2019
  • Fixed bug introduced in last update that calculated the total number of episodes when viewing podcasts in channels and post types in PowerPress admin. (Thanks @edzila60610 for bringing to our attention!)
  • Removed all mentions of Google+. (Thanks @k_abel for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed notice message getting cut off for the „Clear Plugins Update Cache” option under „Tools”. (Thanks @k_abel for bringing to our attention!)
  • Added option archive=”true” for the powerpress_subscribe shortcode to allow for the shortcode to be added to archive/category pages.


  • Released on 6/12/2019
  • Updated labels for Subscribe buttons and links in admin.
  • Note: Apple has announced the end of life for iTunes desktop (except for Windows). PowerPress will be removing iTunes desktop specific features where they conflict with the Apple Podcasts iOS app.
  • Enhanced iTunes summary updated, optimized for latest iOS podcasts app. It is now designed for Apple Podcasts iOS app rather than for iTunes desktop. (Thanks Robin for your assistance!)
  • Force feed discovery on homepage only to use default podcast feed for Google Search.
  • Fixed bug with deleting media files hosted on Blubrry Podcast hosting.
  • Fixed bug with posts with revisions being part of the total number of episodes when viewing podcast feeds in PowerPress settings.
  • Fixed bug with skipto position time not getting included in feed show notes. (Thanks @tszt for bringing to our attention!)


  • Released on 4/26/2019
  • Fixed T_FUNCTION bug for PHP 5.2 (not an issue if you have PHP 5.3 or newer)


  • Released on 4/10/2019
  • Added logic to authentication email addresses differently for premium password protected podcasts.
  • Added support for YoastSEO and Google Podcasts (Thanks @sunkast for bringing to our attention!)
  • Removed use of create_function to fix damaged serialized data created by the old PodPress plugin. (Thanks @oilmanmag and Dimitris for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed esc_attr()bug with podpress import.
  • Added Tamil (ta) as a podcast feed language option. Thanks KT for requesting! If you do not see your language pelase contact us we will add it!
  • Changed feed join query to solve conflict with the Affiliate Disclosure Pro plugin. (Thanks @ndnakashima for bringing to our attention!)
  • New functionality for Taxonomy podcasting and the powerpress_subscribe shortcode (Thanks @tristanmason for testing!)
  • Fixed taxonomy bugs with the playlist player shortcodes (Thanks @tristanmason for the code and helping us test!)
  • PowerPress playlist player can now be ordered in ascending order with attribute order=”asc” (Thanks @tristanmason for the code and helping us test!)
  • Fixed bug with skipto shortcode leaving a blank value in feeds. (Thanks @tszt for bringing to our attention!)
  • Skipto timestamp now uses the timestamp exactly as you entered it as the label as long as it has at least one colon to separate minutes from seconds.
  • Fixed bug for post type podcasting in the situation where there can be multiple post types for blog posts or pages. (Thanks @shawnogordo for the bug fix!)


  • Released on 10/03/2018
  • NEW: Skip to Position in Player shortcode, quickly skip to a position in your audio episodes from your show notes. e.g. [skipto time="2:34"] Learn more
  • MEW: Emoji in show notes! You can now enter Emoji characters into the show notes to appear in podcast apps. Enable option in Feed settings tab. Previously WordPress converst Emoji to images which are not displayed in podcast apps. Learn more
  • Added option to override the Google Podcasts subscribe URL.
  • Enhanced VideoObject, a feature in Podcasting SEO.
  • Improved base64 encoding Google Podcasts Subscribe URLs. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for the heads up!)
  • Removed option Append show title to episode titles per request from Apple.


  • Released on 07/10/2018
  • Spotify and Google Podcasts subscribe links added to Destinations.
  • PowerPress users using Blubrry Podcast Hosting may now submit shows to Spotify!
  • Added PodcastMirror setting, a modern alternative to FeedBurner. Learn more about PodcastMirror at podcastmirror.com
  • Converted loop logic from each() to foreach() for PHP 7.3+ / 8.0+ compatibility.
  • Improved logic for playlist player to appear better when certain settings are not set.
  • Moved the enqueue script (‚jquery-ui-tabs’) logic so it only loads in the powerpress admin pages. (Thanks @keenanpayne for the code change!)
  • Added define option POWERPRESS_POSTTYPE_MIXING, when set to true podcast channels for the default podcast feed will mix all post types of type post with the default podcast feed. (Thanks @eos-rose for bringing to our attention)
  • Fixed bug with translation and javascript alert messages. (Thanks Enrico for reporting the bug!)


  • Released on 12/13/2017
  • Added code to allow customization of Blubrry player style and colors.
  • Added code to set no-cache headers in AJAX calls.
  • Updated code to fixed bug where new iTunes episode title field may not save with some web hosting platforms using mod security with PHP 5.x. (Thanks @glark, Karren, and others for helping us fix the issue!)
  • Changed the menu slug name for editing PowerPress settings.
  • Removed safe mode logic for older versions of PHP. (Thanks @BrentO for reporting)
  • Added logic to support feeds with bbpress. (Thanks @mubashiriqbal for bringing to our attention!)
  • Added missing argument for get_post_type_object() in powerpress-subscribe (Thanks John for bring to our attention)
  • Added disable iOS 11 field options under tools to help diagnose issue with some websites that show a 404 page when editing settings since the iOS11 fields were introduced.
  • Changed the names of the new iOS11 fields that were getting caught by Mod Security for some users.
  • Fixed bug with Taxonomy podcasting statistics redirects not being compatible with versions of WordPress older than 4.5 (Thanks @fmnowling for bringing to our attention!)
  • iTunes Maximizer option 11+ older episodes now includes the iTunes summary by default to reflect changes with iOS11. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for the suggestion!)
  • Fixed link to powerpress translation page which was returning 404
  • Added CastFeedValidator.com links for validating podcast feeds.
  • Added Hindi and Punjabi to list of Podcast feed langauges (Thanks @blueblast for requesting the languages to be added)


  • Released on 08/24/2017
  • NOTE: There is no urgency to update to this version unless you can benefit from bug fixes listed.
  • BETA COMING SOON: PowerPress 7.2 Beta will be available within 24-72 hours. Please visit https://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress/powerpress-beta/ for more details.
  • Added logic to prevent the W3 Total Cache plugin from minifying podcast feeds. (Thanks @allimaple for bringing to our attention)
  • Fixed warning messages in the getid3 library so they comply with PHP 7.1+. (Thanks @mahe for letting us know about the problem)
  • Fixed error verifying URLs for file formats not supported by iTunes.
  • Feed import now compatible with Spreaker podcast feeds.
  • Added code when including the subscribe CSS file to make sure it’s always included with various WordPress updates (Thanks Tim for the code fix!)
  • Added checkbox in Blubrry Player configuration for making iTunes Episode image use optional with player. Unchecked by default.


  • Released on 7/11/2017
  • Added support for iOS 11!
  • iTunes type added, specify episodic or serial for your podcast program (for iOS 11).
  • iTunes episode title, number, season and type added for your episodes (for iOS 11).
  • Subscribe on iTunes changed to Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, links have been enhanced to highlight episodes.
  • Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting and HTTPS: Media URLs are now automatically converted to HTTPS.
  • Added compatibility for the SG CachePress plugin. PowerPress will clear the cache if there was an error. (Thanks @grudesky for getting us in touch with developers!)
  • Fixed error with creating the subscribe page in some languages (Thanks @edithmayerhofer for bringing to our attention).
  • Better error reporting when importing podcast feed images.
  • Verify media option improvements, mp3 duration is now detected even faster in most cases!
  • Added logic to prevent notice messages with the subscribe_shortcode and newest versions of PHP. (Thanks @mahe for bringing to our attention)
  • Added „Hide player / links: Read more tagged posts” option, hides the player and links on pages with the read more link. (Thanks @calebsg0 for the suggestion!)
  • Google play schema URL updated.
  • Added „redirect_rule” list of post types not used for podcasting. For compatibility with the „Safe Redirect Manager” plugin.
  • Blubrry Player now uses the episode itunes image if set. The URLs to the images must be https:// in order to appear on social networking sites.
  • Windows Media Player in browser support has been removed. Microsoft Edge browser does not support Windows Media Player in the browser.
  • New logic added for dealing with Internet Explorer / Edge browser preloading media when using the MediaElement.js player.
  • Fixed PHP warning message if media size in bytes is zero when displaying file size with player links.
  • No longer using self closing XML for iTunes Categories.
  • iTunes subscribe itpc:// links are no longer supported.
  • Editing default podcast channel now imports global settings by default if blank. (Thanks Robin for bringing to our attention!)
  • RSS Podcast feed Import error message added when the PHP XML library is not available. (Thanks @hgetrost for bringing to our attention!)


  • Released on 2/18/2017
  • NOTE: There is no urgency to update to this version unless you can benefit from the new import options, top level iTunes category options, or bug fixes listed.
  • Playlist player bug fix: When ids=”” are specified, episodes are now listed in the order entered rather than by date. (Thanks Zach Herbert for bringing to our attention!)
  • Updated the powerpress_subscribe shortcode to include the latest iTunes button in svg format and added the iTunes small badge. Use attribute itunes_badge=”true” to display iTunes badge.
  • Changed import feed code to use the current author ID rather than hard coded to 1. (Thanks @tund3r for the bug fix!)
  • Import feed for libsyn updated. (Thanks @tund3r for the code fix!)
  • Import feed advanced option „Remove query strings from media URLs” added. (Thanks @tund3r!)
  • Fixed rare PHP Notice unserialize() on line 3094 error that may happen if the podcast episode serialized data is not present. (Thanks @hmseb for pointing out the notice to us!)
  • Added colon „:” to list of characters that can be in a valid media URL. (Thanks AfterBuzzTV.com! for the heads up!)
  • Fixed notice message that can appear when using the media objects with the powerpress shortcode. (Thanks @srumery for reporting the problem!)
  • Fixed issue with dashboard failing to load in some cases due to news feed being blocked by web server. (Thanks Jacob K. for helping us debug the problem!)
  • iTunes categories with subcategories are no longer strictly enforced. If you want to select „Art” without selecting a sub category you now can. Selecting a category with a sub category is still optimal.
  • Added ability to import a podcast feed to a post type podcast feed or to a podcast channel.
  • Added ability to set the post status when importing a podcast feed. (Thanks @hgetrost for the feature suggestion!)
  • Added compatibility with the Custom Post Widget plugin. (Thanks @aparentdesign for letting us know about the problem)
  • Fixed bug where ogg audio was not using the correct audio player. (Thanks @joeress for letting us know about the bug)
  • Fixed bug with import not matching episode media URLs correctly. (Thanks @hgetrost for bringing to our attention)


  • Released 9/13/2016
  • Fixed issue when editing channel/category/post type podcast settings double escaping & character. (Thanks Robin Brinkler for bringing to our attention!)
  • Added checks for OpenSSL and cURL SSL support to the Diagnostics page.
  • PowerPress „Verify” option now works with MemberPress. (Thanks MemberPress for the code!)
  • Added new debugging define POWERPRESS_DEBUG_QUERIES, displays SQL queries at the bottom of the feed for diagnostic purposes.
  • Feed option to not allow other plugins from modyfing podcast feeds now bypasses the the_content and the_excerpt filters.
  • Added 2 new define options for podcast feeds and HTTPS. For example, it is possible to host your website via HTTPS but serve the feed via HTTP. (Thanks @Fastmover for the patch that inspired this option)
    • define('POWERPRESS_FEEDS_FORCE_HTTPS', true); when added to wp-config.php forces all media links and iTunes images to use HTTPS.
    • define('POWERPRESS_FEEDS_FORCE_HTTP', true); when added to wp-config.php forces all media links and iTunes images to use HTTP.


  • Released on 7/22/2016
  • Fixed bug with new Blubrry Player not displaying show notes button.
  • Added TuneIn subscribe URL option. (Thanks @kgagne for bringing to our attention!)
  • Removed the PHP 5.2 or older error message in the getid3 library. (Thanks davidpmariano for the heads up!)
  • Fixed bug where podcast channels with a blank feed title do not apply specific channel settings like the website link. (Thanks Robin Brinkler for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed bug where category episodes were not using the category settings like they used to if only one category is selected. (Thanks Jason Bryant for explaining the situation for us to reproduce the problem!)
  • Added additional logic to better handle category podcasting when strict category podcasting is not enabled.
  • Removed itunes:summary when Feed Maximizer on (this was the behavior before 7.0). iTunes summary is a duplicate of the RSS description. To include itunes summary in maximizer mode, please add define('POWERPRESS_MAXIMIZER_INCLUDE_ITUNES_SUMMARY', true); in your wp-config.php.


  • Released on 6/20/2016
  • Fixed bug where verify media could fail with „unable to determine file format” caused by getid3 library update. (Thanks @budgetnerd for bringing to our attention!)
  • Re-added the itpc links for subscribe on iTunes when no iTunes subscribe URL provided. For those who wanted this, please notice itpc does not work on iOS devices.
  • Statistics redirects that do not end with a / will now work. We add a slash if no slash is present.
  • Removed February 2016 iTunes notice message.
  • Subscribe by Email, on Google Play and Stitcher options removed for premium podcast feeds.
  • Subscribe links will no longer appear when episode no links option checked. (Thanks @360woodworking for bringing to our attention)


  • Released on 6/6/2016
  • Added Google Play Music to subscribe page shortcode embed and sidebar widget.
  • Added Stitcher to subscribe page shortcode embed and sidebar widget.
  • New: Strict Category Podcasting. Select a specific category to each episode for statistics tracking and subscription links.
  • New: Podcast only category feeds. You can now mix blog posts with podcast episodes in your podast categories.
  • New: Blubrry Audio Player. Modern podcast audio player complete with subscribe and share tools. For Blubrry Hosting customers only.
  • Updated the getid3 library to latest version.
  • Embed link enhanced to use provided embed. If an embed is placed into an episode, the embed link below the player will use that embed as well.
  • Fixed bug where post type podcast feed with slug ‚podcast’ will also get the default podcast feed settings (Thanks steveportigal for bringing to our attention).
  • Fixed bug with WP 4.5 dropping the rss-http content type „text/xml”.
  • Added shortcode attribute ids="" so you can specify post IDs for the playlist player to display exclusively. (Thanks John Haspel for the feature suggestion!)
  • RSS import now sets the blog post content from the iTunes summary if no description or content:encoded was found in the feed. (Thanks @synthtony for letting us know about the situation)
  • RSS import function calls to mb_stripos() will fallback to stripos() if the PHP mb (Multibyte String) library not available. (Thanks Glen Donohu for bringing to our attention!)
  • Import to podcast category option added.
  • Added audio ac3 and dts to media detection getid3 library (these are not podcast safe formats though we can detect their meta information).
  • Improved logic for setting the iTunes subtitle and iTunes summary from blog post excerpts and blog post content if no custom iTunes summary and/or subtitle is set.
  • Improved feed logic to minimize SQL queries
  • Feed Maximizer option now applies to category podcast only feeds.
  • Renamed „Appearance” settings to „Website” settings
  • Added „Destination” settings for podcast directories and apps
  • You can now select from pages when setting your Subscribe Page.
  • Changed labels for Podcasting SEO guidance to include word „Podcasting” so not to confuse with „Web SEO”.
  • Updated Podcasting SEO guidance to reflect how search works in Google Play Music (Thanks Daniel Lewis for confirming what is indexed!)
  • Changed wording for Podcasting SEO guidance with Author field, replaced „slogans” with „nicknames” so it is more clear that we mean slogans for talent on the show.
  • Removed logic to fallback to the HTML5 player for mobile devices. This was only needed when Flash based players were used.
  • Quicktime Embed option for m4a audio removed due to security concerns with Quicktime.
  • SWF embed support dropped.
  • Embed link now toggles embed box when clicked multiple times.

Additional PowerPress Version History

Please visit the PowerPress Version History page for history prior to version 6.0.