Master Addons for Elementor


Master Addons is a collection of Stunning and cutting edged designed Elementor Addons Pack. Have you been looking for the perfect addons for Elementor that can help you make a creative looking website? Well, you don’t have to look too far. With master-addons for elementor, you get a wide range of elements that make your ordinary-looking website into something interactable, visually appealing and a lot more reader-friendly.

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Master Addons comes with some necessary widget, which helps your webpage to bring life. It’s easy to enable and disable any widget from the plugin add-ons section. If you enable your necessary widget, then it will load the exact script of each widget. It will make your website faster. Make sure you have installed Elementor Page builder plugin. Otherwise, it will not work. We are working on its Development every day and trying to cover the essential widgets.

Every Addons has Extensive Customization Options.

To use Master Addons you will have to activate Elementor plugin in your WordPress first.

Here is the Download link for Elementor WordPress Plugin.

Unique Features

  1. Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder
  2. Mega Menu Builder
  3. Custom CSS
  4. MA Duplicator – Duplicate all kind of Posts/Pages/Custom Posts
  5. Positioning
  6. Transforms
  7. Container Extra
  8. Domain Checker
  9. Restrict Content (Age Gate, Match Captcha, User Role & Password)
  10. Rich Template Library ( 1000+ Pre-built Designed Landing Pages/Sections/Header/Footers )

Quick Overview:

Currently we have 30+ elements that can help you build a prettier website.

Free Elements

  1. Animated Headlines
  2. Dual Heading
  3. Advanced Accordion
  4. Tabs
  5. Progressbar
  6. Progressbars
  7. Tooltips
  8. Flip Box
  9. Info Box
  10. Team Members
  11. Team Members Slider
  12. WP Forms
  13. Call to Action
  14. Creative Buttons
  15. Changelog
  16. Creative Links
  17. Image Hover Effects
  18. Blog
  19. News Ticker
  20. Business Hours
  21. Table of Contents
  22. Image Hotspots
  23. Image Gallery
  24. Pricing Table
  25. Timeline
  26. Image Comparison
  27. Current Time
  28. Responsive Table
  29. Nav Menu
  30. Search Element
  31. Blockquote
  32. Counter Up
  33. Countdown Timer

Form Elements

  1. Contact Forms 7
  2. Ninja Forms
  3. WP Forms
  4. Caldera Forms
  5. weForms

Extensions Elements

  1. Particles Background
  2. Animated Gradient Background
  3. Background Slider
  4. Reveal
  5. Transforms
  6. Custom CSS
  7. Rellax
  8. Positioning

Master Addons PRO Elements

Master Addons All Widgets

This plugin gives you access to the following widgets or elements

  1. MA Animated Headlines: Our heading widget can help you create beautiful headings that attract people’s attention. The heading of your website or blog for an online page is the most important aspect of the message you want to convey. Headlines are the first thing that catches a person’s eyes.If it’s bland the reader will lose interest on the heading itself. We provide you with a great variety of stylishanimated headings that are eye-catching and add extra value to your website. This add-on gives you the freedom to customize your own headline style.

  2. MA Dual Heading: Dual heading is advanced headline widget in addition to the animated headlines. Simply having a headline with a nice font is sometimes not enough. What if you could customize it to look even better? This addon gives you options to choose interesting backgrounds with a dual-colored box that enhance your heading. You can use Dual fonts in a single heading to highlight certain words. Dual colors for words can be used as well it enhances a particular word. If you want a background image behind the heading, give it artistic look you can do so with this addon. You can also highlight a particular word with different thickness than the one used for the whole heading. Experiment with all the different styles available and see what works best for your website.

  3. MA Advanced Accordion: Accordion helps you to present your content in a
    user-friendly way. It is easier for the reader to simply see what the content is about before clicks to read the whole page.
    Advanced Accordion helps the reader to give a quick glance to the content that is under each Accordion bar. Accordion
    addon gives you the freedom to make your own style of accordion for easy sorting. You can customize the collapse
    animation, column color, size and position of the accordion. You can choose what will activate the drop-down, whether it would be a click or a Mouse hover. Choose from our wide range of colors and styles.

  4. MA Tabs: For a user-friendly website, having creative and informative tabs is very important. With the tabs addon, you can customize the visuals of the tabs on your website. You can choose from the wide range of theme colors, Positioning ( vertical or horizontal), font-size, icon image, etc.
    You can make as many tabs as you like and include them on your homepage. It can include about us page, services page or
    any other page that you like. Tabs makes it easier for The Reader to navigate in your website. It also makes your
    website look more organized.

  5. MA Progressbar: A progress bar is an intelligent touch to your website. It allows you to add a stylish and animated progress bar to enrich your pages. You can use the progress bar to highlight expertise in a certain subject matter. You can also use it to showcase the different services you offer. MA Progressbar comes in different styles- Line style, bubble style as well as Circle style.

  6. MA Tooltips: Tooltip is a cool addon which makes your website is far more
    user-friendly than bland websites with too much information in it. The widget tooltips give the reader the option to
    hover their Mouseover a certain image, text or icons and know additional information about it without clicking on it.
    Tooltips make your content far more interactive than simply putting interruptive information in between your content. If you want to give information about certain words or images without filling up your website with text that is not very relevant to the message you want to convey, it can distract your readers from your content. An easy way to give added informative without being boring is by using tooltips. With this addon, you can customize your tooltips in the Elementor plugin.

  7. MA Flip Box: If you’re looking for a cool way to showcase your services or add a call to action section which differentiates from the rest of the page, then you should consider adding Flip Box.
    MA Flip Box comes with a 3D effect and in a variety of options. The Variations are Flip box Horizontal, Flip vertical, Flipping Cubes, Fade, Cube, Diagonal and Rollover options.

  8. MA Info Box: If you’re looking to highlight some important information on your website in a vibrant and lively style, you would love MA Infobox. Your viewers don’t have much time to read everything on your website, and they would appreciate if you can include important information in the colorful Infobox. They can easily skim through the information in the Infobox. MA Infobox widget is shipped in a pack with dozen of different styles you can choose from.

  9. Team Members : A website with a not complete without a beautifully customized team member page. Your audience should be able to see the team members that work for your business. It makes your website more authentic and gives your reader a sense of trust. They can know who are the people that are working behind the scenes. It also gives exposure to your team members which is an added benefit. With our MA Team Member addon, you can easily create the Team Members page of your choice. There are many Team member options to choose from various templates we have in our library. Add the names, pictures, designation and social media information for each of your members and you’re done.

  10. Team Members Slider: Team members sliders addon help you to easily create a display page for your team members on your site with beautifully customizable slider view. With the above-mentioned block team member view, all your team members will be shown at once on the page. However, with slider addon, the reader can click on the arrow at the side and navigate through each of the team members profile, with our „team members slider add-on”. You can customize the speed of the slide, background color and other details to make it look perfect.

  11. Contact Form 7: The perfect kinds of websites are those websites which
    give the reader the option to contact you personally. Add-on contact form 7 asks the reader to fill up a brief form which may contain their name, email id and the message they want to send you. With our contact form 7 addon, it is easy to set up the form questions that are available in our existing template, you don’t need to write any HTML codes. You can change the color of background, field and do many other customizations.

  12. Ninja Forms: If you’re a ninja form user and looking for Elementor Addons
    that can help you customize it, don’t worry. With our Ninja Form addon you can customize the design and more.

  13. WP Forms: This addon will help you add elements specific to WP Forms.
    So, if you have designed a form using WP Forms and is trying to display them in a page built using Elementor, you can do that using this widget.

  14. MA Call to Action: Call to action it is a powerful tool to make
    convert readers into two customers. No matter what kind of business you are “call to action” click button is the most important aspect of marketing. With our MA CTA widgets, you can customize the animation, write your own text in the “call to action” box that you think would be good, use text images or icons as the call to action button.

  15. MA Creative Buttons: There can be several clickable items on your website. Let it be tabs, call to action button or any other button. Creative button add-on gives you various animations on the buttons when the readers hover their mouse over the clickable area. The add-on animates the button creatively. You can choose from our templates and make your website more aesthetically pleasing.

  16. Particles Background: Particles background is an animated background that has particles moving inside it. You can choose different shapes, sizes, and colors of these particles. You can use them as backgrounds of rows and columns to make them interactive. With our MA Particle Background, you can also add the effect of color gradients to add more wow factor.

  17. Animated Gradient Background: You can also create a section or
    row background with Gradient only using our Gradient Background addon. There are unlimited possibilities of customization using our custom color palette.

  18. Background Slider: This is a very simple background Elementor
    Addon that can generate a beautiful image and video sliders. You can easily customize the height, width, and padding.
    You can also background color overlay to make it look attractive. You can also change the alignment of the image within the slider as per your choice.

  19. Ma Image Hover Effects: Don’t you think sometimes it’s necessary to put a title and description of your image? I think you have thought about this. The Image Hover effects will solve your issue. There is total 20+ amazing Hover effects available within this element. That doesn’t mean you are stuck within our predefine style. There is a rich options panel for customizing your hover effects. You are free to select Typo, Border, Background color, text color from the panel.

  20. MA Blog: Blog should be arranged attractively. Blog posts always help you to drive more traffic on your website. Many bloggers face problems while arranging blog layout. We have developed this element which will help you to create your dreamy blog without any hassle. Select Grid, List, Masonry style and define column. Change typo for your headline, meta, and excerpt too.

  21. MA News Ticker: Showcase your blog post or news using this ticker. You can sort posts in numerous ways, for example, date of publishing, author, type, id, Last modified, random. We haven’t set any predefined style here because it’s fully customizable. Customize each part and create something unique yourself or You can import different variations from our content importer.

  22. MA Business Hours: Business hour’s come’s with 5 design preset and custom business table. That means you are free to arrange any type of content within the business hours element. If you have a booking system then just enable button and set your Booking URL.

  23. MA Table of Contents: Table of contents works like navigation in a single blog post. It’s helpful for the reader to navigate anywhere within your post. Within this element, you are free to place the Table Of content anywhere in your post and able to customize everything from typo to color.

And many more that are listed at the top list.

Upgrade to Master Addons Pro

Common Problems with Solutions:

Elementor not loading problem
– There are various reasons for Elementor not loading issue. For more details please check the Tutorial below.
Increasing PHP Memory limit from wp-config.php or php.ini file is simplest solutions. But there are others too –
View Tutorial

Why Use Master Addons For Elementor?

Easy To Implement

At Master Addons, we believe that building interactive pages should be easy for Elementor users. So, we have made adding any elements just a matter of a click. You just need to toggle the element you want to add, and you’re all set for adding it wherever you want in your page.

Built For Speed

We have created Master Addons with performance in mind. With Master Addons, you can load the exact elements you need on the page and not the entire script so the page load faster. We have taken extreme care to ensure there are no bloating of unnecessary codes which can slow down your website. And we’re continuously working on the development to ensure you get an awesome experience using our addon for Elementor.


The plugin is customizable by providing every element with lots of option to control every possible thing. You have the power to customize the blocks as per your choice.


The plugin does not allow messy code or extra asset which slow down your internet speed. It offers deactivation of unnecessary widgets to keep your site work smoothly.


We have an excellent and friendly support team for your assistance. Put your question in the Facebook Group or you can contact us directly via live chat and contact form.

Free Themes

We have added Eleven Themes within the plugin dashboard you can choose from so that you don’t waste time looking for
themes when you’re starting a project. All of our recommended themes work seamlessly with the Elementor page builder and Master Addons plugin. We provide continuous updates to the themes so that you get the best experience using Master Addons plugin. Simply, put Master Addons is the most complete Elementor add ons plugin that is on the market. We’re committed to making it the best addon plugin for Elementor. To make it easier for the users we have added a docs section. And if you still need support, there is a support forum where you can reach us.

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Pre-Sale Questions

Zrzuty ekranów

  • Master Addons - Accordion, Call to Action, Tooltips, Team Carousel, Flipbox
  • Master Addons - Business Hour, Image Hover Effects, Blog List Cards, Dual Heading
  • 30+ Widgets Elements
  • MA Blog Settings and Preview
  • 12+ Style Variations Contact Forms
  • MA Animated Headlines
  • MA Progressbars
  • MA Gradient Accordion
  • MA Tabs


  1. Upload the Downloaded „” Folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Or, UNZIP „” folder and Upload master-addons on „wp-content/plugins/” folder via FTP or Copy and
    Paste on your Local Computer
  3. Activate the „Master Addons for Elementor” Plugin through the ‚Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Can I use „Master Addons” Plugin without Elementor Plugin?

No, Elementor page builder plugin is required to use Master Addons Plugin. You must have Installed „Elementor” Page
builder plugin to work with this Master Addons. If you forgot to Install or Active, you’ll see a notice for

How to Install this Plugin ?

Installation Process has been discussed on „Installation” Section. Video Tutorial will help you about Installation
Process. Learn from our Tutorials on Youtube Channel

How to Configure this Plugin?

Basically, there’s no configuration required for using „Master Addons” Plugin. You can Turn On/Off Add-ons you like on „Addons” Section. It will make your website faster loading.

How to add Master Addons on Page/Post?

Navigate to any post or page which you want to Create/Edit with Elementor. Scroll down or search for „Master Addons” Category. Click on that option and you will all Master Addons Elements. Just add the element you like and Customize it as like your own.

„Master Addons” Installed but Not Working !

First, deactive Other „Addons” plugin and try again. If nothing works then post on our Support Form(Link Mentioned above).

Is it compatible with any Theme?

Yes, it’s compatible with any WordPress Theme.

Is there any way to test Premium Features without Purchasing Master Addons?

Yes, we’re offering 14 Day Free Trial ( No Payment, No Credit Card, No Paypal account required) for testing all Premium

How can I get faster Support?

We’ve two ways to give Supports for „Master Addons” Plugin – 1. [WordPress Support Forum](https://wordpress
.org/support/plugin/master-addons) and 2. Contact Support. Since, this is a Free Plugin, Support reply may delay for answer
but we’re Dedicated on our FB page chat Support Forum.

We’re adding new Features everyday. You’ll get regular Updates also !


31 maja 2020
Installing this caused the sidebar in Elementor to continually load for me. disabling it immediately fixed the issue. Could have been a disagreement with another add-on or plugin, but all fine since disabling it. Update Edit: sidebar subsequently failed with another plugin, so I think problem was not this plugin at all. I need to find out more, but I think the problem was WordPress not being able to use enough Ram, I increased ram allowance in wp-config.php. And all seems much better now.
Przeczytaj 28 recenzji

Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

„Master Addons for Elementor” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Log zmian

1.4.4 (07-07-2020)

  • Fixed: Animated Header extra div problem fixed
  • Fixed: Team Slider Free vs Pro Message issue on Premium Version showing message issue fixed
  • Removed: MA Infobox default Description hover removed.
  • Fixed: Reading Progress Bar – loading full site issue fixed. Now, it only loads enabled pages/posts.

1.4.3 (06-07-2020)

  • Added: Header & Footers Tab added on Template Library Editor popup. Currently pre-built 20+ Headers and 10+ Footer designs added on our Template Library.
  • Added: Reading Progress Bar on Page Settings Tab
  • Added: MA Duplicator for duplicating posts/pages and given support for Duplicating all kind of Custom Post Types
  • Fixed: Off Canvas Nagivation menu toggling with anywhere on webpage clicking issue fixed
  • Updated: MA Tabs updated script for nested Tabs. Now it supports Nested Tabs beautifully
  • Tweak: MA Tabs content typography and Title typography problem fixed. Added 1/12 columns on Tabular Content style

1.4.2 (17-06-2020)

  • Updated: Before After Image – Mouse handler not showing in Pro issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Tabs – warning on installation issue fixed.
  • Fixed: MA Tabs – border radius not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: Vertical Tabs – width 70% problem fixed. Now, content is full width according to container
  • Fixed: Tabular Content – Font Size not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Cleanup unnecessary files for reducing plugin size (17-06-2020)

  • Fixed: Warning showing on Admin fixed

1.4.1 (17-06-2020)

  • Updated: Improved Admin User Experience. Typography improved, Save button border problem fixed, navigation typography improved. After saving popup will automatically close, before it needs to close manually.
  • Fixed: Animated Headlines scripts issue fixed
  • Added: MA Tabs – Tabular Content Style added. Added few more controls – Padding, Margin, Border Radius, Box Shadow, Font Size etc.

1.4.0 (11-06-2020)

  • Added: New Addon „Instagram Feed” added
  • Added: New Addon „Image Comparison”, after and before image comparison added
  • Fixed: Image Link duplicate checkbox removed from Image hover effect
  • Updated: Team Carousel – Default Style issue fixed, Help Tab adde added for easily navigate Videos, Blog article and Documentation
  • Updated: MA Infobox – default broken style issue fixed
  • Fixed: Backend sidebar search not working problem fixed
  • Updated: Onepage & Mobile Menu close by clicking outside issue fixed.
  • Added: Added new class for reset popular theme styles. Airi, Oceanwp theme default sytles issue fixed
  • Fixed: Infobox Border not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Members Carousel Slider Columns not working problem fixed.
  • Added: MA Infobox – Border Radius, Margin, Padding added
  • Fixed: MA Infobox- Border type not working problem fixed

1.3.9 (29-05-2020)

  • Updated: Set Border Radius individual corner, removed previous %/px settings. Added Margin, Padding for Image, Title and Description
  • Fixed: For Premium users on MA Tabs „upgrade pro” message on Style Tabs fixed.
  • Fixed: Search – console error with JS re-factored. Icon Popup CSS and JS bug fixed.
  • Added: New Widget „Blockquote” added
  • Fixed: Oceanwp Theme footer conflict issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effect – Custom Image size issue.
  • Fixed: MA Team Members – Custom Image size issue.
  • Added: Image Hover Effects – Popup Image, Popup Content, Popup Section, Popup Page Template options added to PRO version.
  • Added: Blockquote – new Element added.

1.3.8 (13-05-2020)

  • Removed: Margin bottom removed from Image Hover Effects
  • Fixed: For Premium users on MA Tabs „upgrade pro” message on Style Tabs fixed.

1.3.7 (11-05-2020)

  • Fixed: Free and Pro version conflicting fatal error issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – Image equal and dynamic height problem fixed. Alignment problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – on editor extra padding problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – Added Box Shadow. Default set Lily to Sadie effect. Image height problem on editor fixed
  • Fixed: Creative Links margin issue fixed

1.3.6 (06-05-2020)

  • Fixed: If Contact Form 7 turned off all addons hidden on Editor issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Editor edit mode not working issue fixed

1.3.5 (06-05-2020)

  • Added: MA Tabs: more controls added on Tab Heading & Tab Content. Options added – padding, margin, border, border radius etc
  • Updated: MA Blogs- Filter by Category Filter and Navigation option updated. Now, posts can be filtered by category.
  • Removed: MA Navmenu- Justify alignment removed from desktop.
  • Added: MA Navmenu- Hamburger menu alignment added for Desktop
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu- On Scroll Sticky, Smart Scroll, Fixed On Scroll, Fixed Top not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu- Tablet screen menu not working problem fixed

1.3.4 (27-04-2020)

  • Fixed: Template Library Editor Popup Conflicting issue with other plugins
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects: Image size warning issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Search: Fixed styling Search form and button issue.
  • Fixed: MA Restricted Content – Age Selection scrollbar css issue fixed. All „On Page” requests done by ajax.
  • Removed: MA Restricted Content – All „On Page” requests, reloading pages
  • Fixed: Gravity Form – Gravity Form not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: MA Creative Links – Duplicate end_controls_section() causing error issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navigation Menu – Overlaping Mega Menu contents issue fixed
  • Fixed: Master Addons Changelog error – ‚Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated’ issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Mailchimp menu not showing on Addons list issue fixed
  • Fixed: Oceanwp Theme Main Navigation gone while activating Master Addons issue fixed

1.3.3 (13-04-2020)

  • Fixed: Mega Menu Dropdown padding issue fixed
  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 not showing on dashboard issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Slider – Dots & arrow showing conflict issue fixed
  • Fixed: Mega Menu – Tablet background color issue fixed, menu_label warning issue fixed
  • Fixed: Restrict Content – Onpage restrict not working issue fixed
  • Updated: MA Contact Form – Label display half on contact form issue fixed
  • Removed: „Roboto” font family removed as default form stylesheet
  • Added: MA Team Slider – HTML Tags option added on MA Team Slider
  • Added: MA Counter Up – Responsive Padding & Margin added
  • Added: Ma Navmenu – Tablet Menu issue fixed,

1.3.2 (05-04-2020)

  • Added: New Addon „MA Counter Up” element added, Box Shadow removed.
  • Added: New feature added on „MA Domain Search” with Affiliation, Custom Messages, style issues fixedma
  • Fixed: „MA Team Member” background not changing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image hotspot: Icon not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu – Submenu Indicator no default option fixed, warning showing navmenu walker issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Dual Heading – Text Alignment on first heading option added, fixed width issue fixed. Adjustment issue fixed for first heading.
  • Updated: MA Team Member Slider – Box Shadow removed. Default space given on Desktop & Tablets.
  • Fixed: MA Image Filter Gallery – Preview Icon not showing problem fixed,
  • Added: MA Navigation Menu – On Scroll, Smart Scroll, On Scroll Fixed, Fixed menu styles and animation styles added.

1.3.1 (02-04-2020)

  • Added: „Mega Menu” extension added with huge customization options
  • Added: „MA Navigation Menu” element added with huge customization options
  • Added: „MA Search” Addon added
  • Added: „MA Domain Search” Addon added
  • Added: „MA Table” Addon added with dynamic customization Options
  • Added: „MA Countdown” Addon added

  • Fixed: MA Tabs – replaced Textarea with Editor.

  • Fixed: MA Pricing Table – Fixed footer link not working issue.
  • Fixed: MA Infobox – error showing on links, image not found

1.3.0 (09-03-2020)

Fixed: Mega Menu file not found issue on backend warning fixed.

1.2.9 (27-02-2020)

  • Fixed: MA Filter Gallery > Filter Nav On/Off issue fixed
  • Added: MA Filter Gallery > Button Styles- Background Color, Text Color, Typography, Box Shadow, Padding added.
  • Added: MA Filter Gallery > Filter Alignment added on Style tab
  • Fixed: „MA Add Element” button hidden after Elementor version 2.9 issue fixed
  • Fixed: Ready Pages not showing issue fixed on MA Elementor Template Kit
  • Added: Templates Title name added on every Template on modal popups
  • Fixed: Popup color fade issue with dark Elementor fixed
  • Fixed: Filters by Addon positioned on right side

1.2.8 (19-02-2020)

  • Fixed: MA Filterable Gallery Duplicate URL issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Timeline „Posts Per Page” error issue fixed
  • Fixed: CSS issue with other websites typography, color and other settings. Fixed problem loading CSS files while Buttons, Creative Links, News Tickers are disabled.
  • Added: 6 New Extensions added – Positions, Transforms, Transitions, Reveal, Rellax, Container Extras, Advanced animations.
  • Added: 2 New Addons Added – Restrict Content and Current Time.

1.2.7 (27-01-2020)

  • Fixed: After Activating Elementor Pro, „MA Custom CSS” codes disappear issue fixed

1.2.6 (25-01-2020)

  • Fixed: ‚ma-restrict-content’ error on backend issue fixed

1.2.5 (24-01-2020)

  • Fixed: Background Image issue on Business Hours addon fixed
  • Added „MA Custom CSS” Addon.
  • Fixed: MA News Ticker conflicting with other Tickers fixed
  • Added: Text Alignment added on MA Animated Headlines
  • Re-factor all codes, conflicting with Free Version Plugin.
  • Modules – Background Image Slider, Particles, Animated Gradient Module Class re-factored.

1.2.4 (31-12-2019)

  • Fixed: Promotional Banner showing only „Master Addons” admin Page. „Close” button for not showing promotional content
    issue fixed.
  • Added: New „MA Pricing Table” Elementor Addons added with exclusive, feature-rich and extensive customization options
  • Fixed: Master Addons Icon not showing on Pro version issue fixed.

1.2.3 (14-12-2019)

  • Added: Blog Excerpt „Read More” style, typography, padding, margin added
  • Added: Read More Icon added with left,right alignment. Padding option also given.
  • Added: Border Radius added on Thumbnail Image
  • Fixed: Blog Post Meta Separator fixed
  • Fixed: Blog Pagination Margin issue fixed
  • Added: Blog Title Padding and Margin Added
  • Added: Content Scroll Indicator Element added

1.2.2 (10-12-2019)

  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects error issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Markdown Constructor method error fixed.
  • Fixed: Promotional Content Skip Link added
  • Fixed: MA Timeline ICONS method issue fixed.

1.2.1 (26-11-2019)

  • Fixed: Dashboard all checkbox Off issue
  • Added: Promotional Banner added for Black Friday and Cyber Monday lifetime deals for $29
  • Fixed: If Contact Form 7 Installed and Activated then Contact Form Element will load issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue on Master Addons Admin issue fixed
  • Fixed: cann’t redeclare ‚ma_el_image_border_color’ issue fixed

1.2.0 (18-11-2019)

  • Removed: tocbot.css file removed. CSS moved to main css file. Duplicate contents of css loading
  • Fixed: Extensions Pro issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Title color not changing „Style 2” on Call to Action fixed
  • Fixed: Applied Osaka Pro Theme Download link on Premium Plugin Version

1.1.9 (11-11-2019)

  • Fixed: ‚ma_el_blog_users’ misspelled on MA Timeline
  • Fixed: ‚ma_el_bh_table_btn_link’ butto link on MA Business Hours
  • Fixed: „(pro)” removed from MA Creative Links
  • Fixed: MA Image Carousel Addon Name fixed
  • Added: MA Timeline Addons Added
  • Update: MA Image Filter Gallery Addons Added. Sponsors carousel or Logo Carousel, Client Carousel, Image Carousel
    with text will be added next update.

1.1.8 (04-11-2019)

  • Fixed: Fixed error Elementor\Group_Control_Base

1.1.7 (01-11-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Image Hotspot Tooltip issue fixed

1.1.6 (29-10-2019)

  • Added: MA Image Hotspot Added
  • Fixed: MA Image Hover effect css issue fixed
  • Fixed: Ma Flipbox hover effect issue fixed

1.1.5 (22-10-2019)

  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects Conditions fixed. Title, Social Links, Descriptions conditionally show issue fixed with

1.1.4 (15-10-2019)

  • Tweak: Team Slider Content Drawer conflicting with Slick Slider issue resolved.
  • Added: Team Slider Added Background Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
  • Added: Team Slider Added Team Member Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
  • Tweak: Fixed Animation SVG not showing issue.
  • Updated: Updated 6 Circle Gradient Layout styles for Team Slider Background
  • Added: Rounded Style Team Members Added
  • Fixed: Dashboard Extensions, Addons tabs error fixed.
  • Added: Image Size, Background Image size added on Team Slider Image
  • Added: Dual Heading Icon fixed
  • Added: MA Accordion Single Item class error fixed
  • Added: Added Icon Border Color on MA Flipbox
  • Added: „MA” icon added on Widgets top right corner
  • Fixed: MA Infobox – Title and Description hover color issue fixed
  • Added: „MA” top right corner icon added for easy identical. MA Icon css issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Creative Button style issues fixed – Winona, Tamaya, Rayen, Isi, Saqui, Nina, Nanuk, Itzel, Naira, Sacnite
    buttons etc.
  • Added: Missing Bootstrap css file added.
  • Added: MA Infobox- Icon Color, Icon Background, Icon Hover Color and Icon Hover Background Color option added
  • Tweak: MA Creative Button Box Shadow on Hover issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Carousel Image not showing problem fixed
  • Added: MA Team Carousel and MA Team Members Content Alignment feature added
  • Added: Added Border for MA Team Carousel Navigation items
  • Added: 3d Flipbox Added on MA Flipbox
  • Added: Added Image Hover Effects and Style issues fixed.
  • Added: MA Blog Element Addons with huge Customizations Options.
  • Added: MA News Ticker Addon, you can do any kind of variations by yourself
  • Added: MA Business Hours – bunch of Customizations and Layout Variations
  • Added: MA Table of Contents – Must have Addon for Content Creators. Unlimited variations for Table of Contents.

1.1.3 (10-09-2019)

  • Fixed: Icons Color Changed „Normal” and „Hover” Options given on MA Dual Headlines
  • Fixed: Creative Button Saqui Transform style fixed

1.1.2 (06-09-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Team Members Carousel JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Changelog h2 tag overlap issue fixed
  • Removed: MA Flipbox Duplicate Background removed
  • Removed: MA Flipbox Front Box Title, Description color Removed.
  • Fixed: MA Team Carousel Gridder offset problem fixed
  • Fixed: Call to Action Variations Added, Gradient, Background Image, Typography added
  • Updated: Master Addons Admin Page re-factored. Minimal Designed, Compressed Addons spacing for better visuals.
  • Removed: Master Addons Admin page – „How to” section with Demo links. Removed all Images from source folder for
    decreasing Plugin size. Reduced 12MB to 4MB. All Images will be loaded from Master Addons website.
  • Updated: Flipbox Background Color Updated
  • Added: Team Slider – Item Spacing for all team member options, Gridder spacing, Gridder Background Color and
    Designation Color option Added.
  • Team Members
  • Added: MA Flipbox Front Text and Back Text Alignment
  • Added: Nested Tabs feature added for MA Tabs.
  • Updated: Re-factored MA Tabs Codes
  • Added: Multicolor Accordion Title and Content Color Option given
  • Added: Social Icon Color Change Option for „Normal” and „Hover” tab Option added on MA Team Carousel
  • Updated: Dashboard News widget and Blog Updates Feed Link changed to Master Addons Website. Logo Icon Placed for
    more visual appeal.
  • Added: Dashboard Master Addons News RSS feed Opens New Window.
  • Updated: Dashboard Addons, Extensions seperated. Pro Features blocked with Popup Sweetalert.
  • Added: Blocked Pro Version Ribbons, popup opens with Pro Version Pricing Links.

1.1.1 (30-08-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Headlines renamed MA Animated Headlines.
  • Fixed: Accordion Design Presets styles done.
  • Added: Accordion Items can be designed individually. Every item can be set different background color, text color etc.
  • Added: Nested Accordion feature added
  • Removed: Image and Video feature removed from Accordions
  • Fixed: Animated Gradient Background color issue fixed. Overlay color set issue also fixed.
  • Fixed: Background Image Slider for sections issue fixed.
  • Fixed: MA Animated Headlines page flipping issue fixed. Updated scripts and styles.
  • Added: Nine Style Presets added for MA Animated Headlines.
  • Fixed: Icon not showing issue on Dual Heading fixed.
  • Fixed: Added „Heading HTML Tags” Options on Dual Heading Elements. Fixed – Typography, Color and Background issue for
    First Design Preset.
  • Fixed: Particles not showing, Animated Gradient Background not working, Background Slider Image resize issues fixed
  • Added: „Master Addons Widget Badge” added on Particles, Animated Gradient Background, Background Slider.
  • Fixed: Caldera Form error and Styles.
  • Fixed: Infobox 10 Design Style Presets fixed.
  • Added: Infobox gradient Color Style changer
  • Removed: Custom Title and Description removed from Ninja Form
  • Fixed: Ninja Form Label and Placeholder switcher and css fixings.
  • Fixed: Dual Heading icon spacing issue fixed
  • Added: HTML Tags added on Dual heading icon spacing issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Cards Image Alt content now showing fixed
  • Added: Flipbox- Default, Image, Diagnoal style variations added
  • Added: New Addon Element added „Creative Links”
  • Removed: Font Awesome 4, Font Awesome 5, Animate.css, wow.js removed from plugin. All are available on Elementor Core
  • Added: Affiliation Added for any Plugin Users. Starting from 50% flat commissions for all Affiliates.

1.1.0 (11-8-2019)

  • Fixed: Admin Notice not showing issue on Master Addons issue fixed
  • Fixed: Plugin uri changed to Master Addons website
  • Fixed: Contact Forms Style issues fixed
  • Fixed: Accordion Style issues fixed, conflicting JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: Team Member and Team Member Slider style issue fixed

1.0.9 (2-8-2019)

  • Fixed: Freemius SDK Live Update problem. It’s fixed now.
  • Updated: Team Section Full Size Image Replaced with backend Image size.
  • Updated: Carousel Team Slider Updated fixed Image Size to backend Image size by user Inputs
  • Updated: Forms Styles and other style issues

1.0.8 (25-7-2019)

 * Fixed: Freemius Free Version Popup issue fixed

1.0.7 (24-7-2019)

 * Fixed: Accordion issue fixed
* Fixed: weDocs sweet alert conflicting issue fixed
* Updated: Checked Free vs Pro version of Master Addons Comparisons
* Update: Pro Ribbon added on Gravity Forms, functioned frontend and backend also
* Update: Schedule Plugin Check

1.0.6 (6-7-2019)

  • Fixed: Markdown Library Error – Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
  • Added: Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WPForms, Caldera Forms, weForms added
  • Updated: 12 Style Presets added for Contact Form 7
  • Update: Schedule Plugin Check

1.0.5 (4-7-2019)

  • Fixed: Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
  • Update: Version bump

1.0.4 (3-7-2019)

  • Added: Freemius SDK for Master Addons for Elementor
  • Added: Call to Action Element/Widget
  • Added: Call to Action Progressbars Element
  • Fixed: Addons Tabs Style fixed
  • Fixed: Move Master Addons Main menu from Sub Menu
  • Fixed: Menu Position Changed just under „Elementor” and „Templates” Menu
  • Added: Info Service Icons
  • Fixed: BG Slider swiper.min.css file not found issue
  • Fixed: Creative Links Conflict with website Nav Class/ID’s
  • Fixed: Admin Docs content typo fixed
  • Fixed: Script not working issue fixed- progressbars, tabs, accordion, team slider was not working. Fixed the issue.
  • Fixed: Countdown Script issue fixed
  • Fixed: Progressbar, Piechart, Progressbars, Team Slider, Counterup, Countdown, Custom waypoint Script issue fixed
  • Fixed: Dashboard Settings not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Master Addons Class CSS and JS files re-arranged with wp_register_style and wp_register_script methods

1.0.3 (26-6-2019)

  • Fixed: Ninja Forms not found issue fixed
  • Added: Added Dashboard News feed for Master Addons
  • Fixed: Cleanup Unnecessary Codes
  • Fixed: Free and Pro Creative Buttons CSS fixed
  • Fixed: Dependencies and Checked Free and Pro Version Apply Filter.
  • Added: Ninja Forms Added with unlimited customization possibilities
  • Added: Caldera Forms Added
  • Added: WP Forms Added
  • Added: weForms Added
  • Added: Call to Action Elementor Element / Widget added
  • Added: Creative Buttons Added
  • Added: Section Particles Added: BG Slider, Animated Background etc

1.0.2 (24-6-2019)

  • Fixed: Advanced Accordion JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: Animated Heading CSS issue fixed


  • Version Bump

    = 1.0.0 (17-6-2019)=

  • Initial Release