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Eye One widget plugin let’s your visitors easily schedule an Eye One appointment with you
as well as instantly make a videocall request. You can find out more about Eye One at https://eye.one.


Please find below information on what exactly this plugin is and how it connects with Eye One service.
Read it carefully.

In order to be able to use this widget you need an active Eye One account that you can get at https://app.eye.one.

Eye One is the next best thing to meeting your customer in person. It gives you an ability to have
a one on one videocall with your own branding that you can setup yourself. Eye One also uses
automatic scheduling connected with your Google or Office365 calendars to book appointments
with your customers. When you register your account at Eye One you can then invite people
for a video call with simple link or send them a link to your Eye One calendar to let them
choose a time slot that is most convenient for them to have a call with you.

This plugin adds a widget with link to an instant call with you at Eye One or a link to your
calendar where users after being redirected to your Eye One page, can schedule a meeting with you.

This plugin doesn’t store or process any user data at your WordPress site.

This plugin doesn’t collect any cookie info.

This plugin doesn’t allow you to have a videocall on your WordPress site. It redirects your visitors
back to your Eye One page and only there the can have a call with you.

Every Eye One user has unique Eye One API Key that is used to activate a widget at your WordPress site.

In order to pick up a call you have to be logged into Eye One and you have to have Eye One panel opened
in the browser.

For more information on how Eye One operates, plase read Terms of Service at https://eye.one/terms-of-service
You can find our Privacy Policy at https://eye.one/privacy-policy

Activating widgets

You can activate different Eye One widgets at different pages at your site.
For example you can have button widget with instant call at a homepage
and avatar widget at contact page.

Once you widget is activated and your API key is pasted and saved in options,
you can start defining widgets in page’s settings.

  1. Open pages or posts
  2. Edit page that you wish to have Eye One widget displayed
  3. Find Eye One settings box
  4. In choose a widget field you can select one of your active widgets
  5. Choose the one that you want to include and update page’s settings

For more tutorials you can use support section at Eye One.

Zrzuty ekranu


  1. First make sure that you have an active account registered at Eye One.
  2. Go to https://app.eye.one/settings/website-integration
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Copy API Key
  4. Now your unique API key is copied to your clipboard
  5. Go to your WordPress admin and open Eye One Widget from main menu
  6. Paste your API key into API key field in options and save changes


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