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A backup plugin that works

Install, go.
I had minor errors the first time I tried to use it (authentication with Dropbox failed), but it later „fixed itself”, so all good.
I’d like to see a clearer way to just dump a backup into a local folder – I know they get stored „somewhere”, but I’m not sure where.

Great job

I have been using DROPBOX for years, now having it to back up my WordPress Data is greatg

Appears To Be a Fraud

The product is weak and simply breaks with normal use. Support was non-existent. I checked with the real dropbox at [ link redacted ], and they have no knowledge at all about this product. This product appears to be using the dropbox brand (name and logo), intellectual property to deceive customers into thinking they are working with the brand owner, dropbox.


If I could give this zero stars, I would. I purchased this plugin to move a website from one host to another. It simply does not work as advertised. I wasted several hours trying to get it to work. It broke my new site and didn’t provide any errors. I attempted to use the support site and it was not helpful at all. The support email provided no help either. I ended up manually exporting the DB and files to get my site moved. This plugin is a ripoff. Save your money, time, and frustration. They refused to give me a refund- because they know it doesn’t work. It’s obviously a scam.

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