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The Ultimate Contact Form Plugin in WordPress with Drag & Drop Form Builder by Bit Form

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Bit Form is the ultimate modern, flexible, optimized, secure, and user-friendly contact form plugin with a drag-and-drop form builder in WordPress that gives you the ability to build responsive wp forms across all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) and visually appealing contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms, login forms, registration forms / signup forms, and any custom type of forms using 30+ fully customizable fields, 2 payment fields (PayPal, Razorpay), 100+ integrations (Google Sheet, WooCommerce, Webhook, Hubspot, Fluent CRM, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, ACF, & more), conditional logic, built-in free SMTP, and double opt-in without writing a single line of code.

It also includes a style editor that can design from a low-level element of the field to the full form in just a few clicks. Pre-designed themes (Bit Form default, Atlassian) can be switched between with ease, and a new addition of „No theme” will give you the power to design the form based on your page builder or site theme. From a simple contact form to complex custom form styling, it has never been easier.

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⭐ Features that makes Bit Form amazing:

  1. 30+ fully customizable fields to use in your next contact form or any custom forms.

  2. Multi column layout upto 60 columns in a row, so that you can break down multiple fields in a row by your preference

  3. Build unlimited forms from pre-built form templates and custom forms

  4. Style your wp form with pre-designed themes or customize each & every aspect of fields & forms by using built-in style editor

  5. Get payments from users via PayPal & Razorpay payment methods by our most reliable safe & secured transaction process

  6. Built-in free SMTP feature will allow you to connect with Email services such as – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Zoho Mail, Mailgun and more

  7. Re-confirm your entries with double-optin feature and filter the unwanted spam emails.

  8. Automate and send data to platforms like Google Sheet, WooCommerce, Hubspot, Fluent CRM, Active Campaign, ACF, Zapier, Pebbly and others with 100+ free integrations & Webhooks

  9. WP Auth feature will convert the simple contact form to a wp login & wp registration / wp signup form by a few clicks. Also wp forgot password & wp reset password features are available to control the wp user.

  10. Protect the forms from spam & frauds by security of ReCaptcha v2 & ReCaptcha v3. Bit Form also provides the most secured and well thought honeypot trap for bot detection.

  11. Schedule the form submission periods, Allow or Block Specific IP, Require users to login for submitting the form, Disable the form submission after limited entries or Disable the entry storing in the Database, features like these and more are available to enhance the form building experience.

  12. Duplicate / Clone field, Form Import, Form Export, Form Duplicate

🔹 Form Types :

✔ Contact Form

✔ Event Registration Form

✔ Vendor Contact Form

✔ Admissions Form

✔ Campaign Monitor form

✔ Request for Leave Form

✔ Mailpoet form

✔ File upload form

✔ Contact me form

✔ Maintenance Request Contact Form

✔ User request for quote

✔ Conference Proposal Form

✔ Patient Intake Form

✔ Contact button form

✔ Finance Calculator

✔ Contact Us Form

✔ Online Booking Forms

✔ Donation Form

✔ Fundraising form

✔ Custom form

✔ MailChimp form

✔ Employment verification form

✔ Sign-up form

✔ Convertkit form

✔ PTO Request Contact Form

✔ Feedback form

✔ AWeber form

✔ Appointment form

✔ Maintenance request form

✔ Quote form

✔ Constant Contact form

✔ Website visitor Feedback Form

✔ Make a Suggestion Contact Form

✔ Online Quote Calculator

✔ Sales Contact Form

✔ Volunteer Application Form

✔ Payment Form

✔ Conditional logic form

✔ Contact Form With Term Of Service

✔ Subscriber Form

✔ User Registration Form

✔ Feedback Survey Contact Form

✔ Event Booking Form

✔ Newsletter Signup Form

✔ Capsule form

✔ Online Quote Calculator

✔ Website Feedback Form

✔ Report a bug Form

✔ Vendor Contact Form

✔ Order form

✔ Lab requisition form

✔ Employee Evaluation Form

✔ Printing Order Form

✔ Research Consent Form

✔ Repeatable form

✔ Simple Personnel Action Form

✔ Multiple Steps Contact Form

✔ Change order form

✔ Scholarship application form

✔ Newsletter form

✔ Donation Form

✔ Payment form

✔ Loan calculator

✔ Survey form

✔ Volunteer Registration Contact Form

✔ Quote request form

✔ Contest Registration Form

✔ Salesforce form

✔ Emma form

✔ Zoho form

✔ Make a Referral Contact Form

✔ Directory Information Form

✔ Reservation Form

✔ Employment Verification Forms

🔹 Field Types :

  1. Text Field

  2. Multiline Field

  3. Email Field

  4. Number Field

  5. [Select Field] – HTML Native Select field

  6. Radio Button Field

  7. Checkbox Field

  8. Dropdown Field

  9. File Upload Field

  10. [Advance File Upload Field] (Pro) – Drag and Drop File upload field

  11. Country Field

  12. [Currency Field]

  13. [Phone Number Field]

  14. Username Field

  15. Password Field

  16. Date Field

  17. Time Field

  18. Date-Time Field

  19. Week Field

  20. Month Field

  21. URL Field

  22. Color Picker Field

  23. Decision Box Field

  24. reCaptcha v2 Field

  25. [Button]

  26. Paypal (Pro)

  27. Razorpay (Pro)

  28. [Title Field]

  29. [Image Field]

  30. [Divider Field]

  31. [HTML Field]

⭐ Workflow of Addons :

🔅Form Entry Rules :

  1. Unlimited Form Submission/Entries.

  2. You can sort the entries depending on any field.

  3. Search Form entries.

  4. Hide/Show Column or Field.

  5. Edit entry.

  6. Bulk delete, duplicate.

  7. Export Entries with file type (CSV, Xls, Xlsx, Ods, Fods, Prn, Text, Html and Eth).

🔅Form Entry Settings :

  1. You can control the submission of form using Time/IP/Entry.

  2. IP addresses can be allowed & blocked .

  3. You can set multiple success/error messages based on conditional logic.Also based on these conditions you can use redirect page & web hook.

    [ Unlimited conditional logic in pro version]

  4. Capture GCLID.

📰 Multi-Column Layout :

You will find a bunch of form builders that provide multi-page form options. However, if we see it as the user’s view, it may feel a little boring as well as clumsy. Suppose you are making a form to take customer’s choice of their favourite service. So, you have to insert 30+ input fields regarding your services. Now it may be difficult for you to adjust all these on one page. By using BitForm you can adjust up to 60 columns in a row. This feature can make your contact form or other forms more compact & easy to use. Multi-column layout- one of the useful features of Bit Form that you could hardly found in any premium version of the form plugin. Multi column form builder Bit Form makes it efficient for the user to use.

🎨 Built in Style Editor:

Now you can make your customized form with the help of Bit Form’s fastest built-in style editor. This style editor makes your form more beautiful that will help your visitor to spend more time. Customizations you will find in Bit Form are Background customization, Form customization, Field block customization & Field customization. Each customization Pannal is fully loaded with various types of design options. We Bit Form can make sure that you may not find this huge range of built-in style editing options before. If you find any it may be not as feature-full as Bit Form. Bit Form is one of the cheapest contact form builders that allows you to create custom form as your choice.

💠 Pre Built Contact Form :

Pre built contact form template feature makes Bit Form easy & fastest form builder one can find on WordPress. It saves your time as you can simply click on the template & it is ready to use. You can also add, delete & adjust fields as your preference.

♻ Conditional Logic :

One of the most unique features of Bit Form is conditional logic.Without having any coding sense,you can run actions (Success/Error message, Redirect URL, Web Hook, Email notification, Integration) on a basis of some preset conditions.

📩 Email Template:

Can be created using the text editor. You can use the form field in the email template. Also multiple email templates can be created for each form and you can send the email based on the condition.

📨 SMTP Configuration:

SMTP is a protocol that helps your WordPress site to make its email deliverability more easygoing & reliable. By enabling this feature you can send mail from your site to your recipients via your preferred mail server. Give the details (Sender Name & Email, Recipients Email, Hosting Server Name, Type of Encryption, SMTP Port, Hosting Username & Password) to configure SMTP settings. You can give a test before using this feature to see whether it works or not.
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🔄 Bit Form API:

Using the Bit Form rest API feature you can retrieve data from our form plugin also can send data from other software as you want. The Bit Form API is built for the user to make ‘call’ or ‘request’ to get as well as send the information to the other software. To transfer & edit any information use the GET function. To add records & update them you have to use the function POST. Use the function DELETE to delete any record.

♻Integrations :

A unique feature one can find on this form builder is Bit form integrations with third party apps.The integrations work when the conditions are triggered.

✔ [Bit Integrations]


Active Campaign





Elastic Email


Fluent CRM


Google Ads

Google Sheet





Mail Chimp

Mail Poet

Mailer Lite

Meta Box

One Drive




reCaptcha v3





✔ [Web Hooks]



Zoho Analytics

Zoho Bigin

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Creator

Zoho CRM

Zoho Desk

Zoho Flow

Zoho Mail

Zoho Marketing Hub

Zoho Projects

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sign

Zoho WorkDrive

✨Fastest & Easy Contact Form Builder In WorPress:

We can say this keeping all the terms in mind that Bit Form is one of the cheapest with best-featured contact forms or multipurpose form builder in WordPress. We just don’t make it feature full, we also make sure that all our users can use these features with ease & satisfaction. Its drag & drop feature, built-in style editor make it an easy & user interactive form builder. Users can make a custom contact form in no time. Then conditional logic makes it more powerful to take actions automatically. Using its 13+ integration with ZOHO anyone can build up a powerful Customer relationship management that will help them to spread their business. You don’t have to worry about email deliverability. Built-in SMTP has taken all the responsibility. Also, you can take payment with the two safest payment gateways – PayPal & Razorpay. What else do you expect from a complete contact form builder – it is a complete package indeed!

❣ What our customer say about Bit Form :

 Excellent Support!

I’m using this free version of this plugin and faced an issue with database. After back and forth I shoot an email to their site’s contact page and the developer offered to solve the issue over Anydesk. The dev spent a few hours and we found out that it was a configuration issue of MySQL at my server and the issue was eventually resolved.

Gonna buy their pro version as soon as I need their paid features.

-by @nezam05

Great Contact Form

Great contact form, one of the best I used. Lots of integrations and features, plus great support team

-by @lcicerchia

Best Form Builder Plugin

We give to 5 out 5 rating for giving effort for making such wonderful plugin
No need any coding for developing form
There is best features like
Redirect page
Payment gateway
Much more

Thanks bitpress team

-by @statusword

Flexible, Feature-rich Form Builder!

I had a chance to play around with multiple Form Builders, and so far Bit Form is my favorite. It is quickly becoming my go-to Form Builder due to the flexibility it has and the speed with which the Bit Form team is addressing issues. I encountered two issues when using the Form Builder, 1 with the icon display on my file attach and second, with the Captcha position. The developer fixed the issue within 24 hours of me reporting it. This is a pretty new Form Builder, but I can tell it may become popular very quickly. I haven’t explored the Zoho integration, which I think is one of its most popular aspects, but can’t wait to do that.

-by @dspmax


Amazing plugins thanks for making it with drag & drop functionality.

-by @learnwithmentor

Unbelievable Support

What can I say, I had an issue with notification email and they solved it in a matter of minutes on a Sunday…
Now that’s what I call fast and effective support, well done

-by @bangelo123

🎉 Overview of other products we are offering :

Bit Integrations: – Automate 165+ platforms and Contact form 7, Elementor Form, WooCommerce, Google Sheet, WPForms, Forminator, Fluent, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, Hubspot, Mail poet, MailChimp, Webhook, ACF, Zapier & many more.

Bit Assist: – Connect your all support assistant in a single button. Floating Chat Widget, Contact Chat Icons, Telegram Chat, Line Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Call Button & more.

Bit File Manager: – 100% free WordPress file manager plugin.

Bit SMTP: – 100% free WordPress SMTP plugin. – Test your incoming webhook response & send outgoing webhook request for free.

Bit Flow – Zapier, Integromat (, Integrately & Pabbly alternative in WordPress. [Coming Soon]

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  • Bit Form


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate”.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

1. Why should I use Bit Form?

Bit Form has 60 column layout, built-in style editor, 30+ field types, record edit, conditional logic, 100+ integrations and many more amazing features that make the Bit Form the best WordPress form builder plugin.

2. Is it compatible with all the page builder?

Bit Form is compatible with almost all the WordPress page builder like- Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, Zion, Thrive, Themify, Breakdance, Beaver, Bricks, Brizy, WPBakery, SiteOrigin, GeneratePress, Genesis, Gutenberg, Live Composer, Visual Composer, WP Page Builder & many more.

3. Which WordPress form plugins can be replaced by Bit Form?

Bit Form yet cannot replace all the features, but you can get most of the features in Bit Form. There are so many WordPress Form plugins, such as: Contact Form 7, WPForms, Forminator, Formidable, Fluent Forms, Ninja Forms, Kali Forms, WS Form, Gravity Forms, Happy Forms, ARForms, Quform, NEX-Forms, eForm, Piotnet Forms, Everest Forms, Metform, Elementor Form & many more.

4. Can Bit Form replace SaaS/cloud form builder in WordPress?

Bit Form yet cannot replace all the features, but you can get most of the features in Bit Form. There are so many Saas/Cloud Form builder, such as: Google Forms, Jotform, Formstack, Typeform, Paperform, Zoho Forms, QuestionScout, Formsite, SurveyMonkey, Microsoft Forms & many more.

5. Do I need coding skill to use Bit Form?

No, you don’t need to write single line of code, Bit Form has everything you need. By using a style editor and workflow anyone can design and build a conditional form.

6. Do you have an affiliate/reseller program?

Yes, we have affiliate/reseller program where you can earn a 50% commission from every sale. The commission will be for lifetime which means whenever the client upgrades the subscription you will earn a commission. Any developer, blogger, youtuber & freelancer can apply.


Very good, refined form solution. So many functions here, so many integrations... It works quickly, intuitively. Version 2.0 from a while - game changer! Love this and your Bit Integrations plugin as well. Keep the high level guys and keep developing both plugins consistently and... you reach the top!
The best form service i ever experience such a quick and efficience service and easy to use. Customer Service is 100%. I strongly recommend Bitform
BitFORM is a very good form plugin for WordPress. The function is very complete and stable. Free version is good enough for most site to use, If you need more advanced features, the paid version is very reasonably priced.
I went through many plugins for building contact. I consider this best in the aggregate of the following indicators: - A wonderful visual designer of forms with the widest possibilities of personalization; - the presence of a full -functional free version; - fast and clear work of the support service; - Developers who are attentive to the elimination of detected shortcomings.
The free version is powerful and generous, better than many premium plugins, But the premium version takes it to another level. Replaced the inbuilt Divi and Elementor forms for my client sites and I've been loving it.
What I love most about Bit Form is the openness of the team. They make you feel like you're part of the team and keep you informed of even the little things. So you know what you get and what you cannot get per time. Of late, getting live chat support on most apps is becoming a lottery but not with Bitform - always there like the northern star.
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„Bit Form – Contact Form Plugin for WordPress: Drag & Drop, Responsive, Payment Form & Custom Form Builder” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian


Release Date – 27 March 2023
* Fixes:
1. Fixed the loading of the bitform.js script in the frontend, even if a form is not embedded.

  • Improvements:

    1. The email template now uses the date format based on the WordPress settings.
  • Features:

    1. Added the date format (d-M, Y) in Smart Tags.


Release Date – 19 March 2023
* Fixes:
1. Fixed Phone number field regex pattern backslash issue.
2. Fixed line break tag appearing in email contents issue.
3. Fixed decision box checkbox shrinks issue if label is to large.
4. Fixed form not saving issue if paypal field subscription enabled.


Release Date – 15 March 2023
* Features:
1. Gutenberg block of Bit Form now includes Form Id in label for better identification.
2. The form submission restrictions are now triggered upon initial loading with an overlay message over the form instead of after submission.

  • Fixes:
    1. Resolved Safari browser compatibility issue with regex pattern lookbehind operator.
    2. Fixed Firefox browser compatibility issue where form builder caused layout to shift to the bottom of the form.
    3. Fixed issue with phone number field formatting, validation, and masking.
    4. Corrected duplicate icon names in the icon library.
    5. Restored missing fields in workflow actions.
    6. Added Limit Form Submission period settings to the form settings.
    7. Fixed Style editor break issue caused by fela.js affecting some users.
    8. Resolved issue with app settings for PayPal and Razorpay payment gateways not working.
    9. Fixed issue with re-generating cache in general settings breaking the form.
    10. Resolved CSS and JS enqueue cache issue.
    11. Fixed theme gallery issue related to missing slug.


Release Date – 09 March 2023
* Fixes:
1. Form wrapper style not working in the frontend
2. Button label missing in builder right Panel
3. Confirmation message error for default tick mark markup
4. Custom CSS & JS lost if not visited the builder
5. Fallback backgroud color transparent issue
6. Plugin uninstall does not remove all the table data based on app config


Release Date – 05 March 2023
* Feature: Shortcode support in confirmation message content
* Fixes:
1. Fixed SMTP page blank issue when testing mail
2. Resolved SMTP attachment not sending issue
3. Fixed field required validation not working due to space in field name
4. Resolved JS module conflict with Elementor page builder
5. Form validation message color now indicates error or success
6. Fixed Textarea field height overlapping with other fields when shown/hidden based on conditions
7. Changed confirmation message class names for better readability
8. Resolved HTML Select field placeholder issue when no value is set
9. Fixed Country field not selecting options when Selected flag image settings is turned off


Release Date – 01 March 2023
* Fixes:
1. Fix upgrade issue from beta version
2. Fix issue with ZOHO CRM integration conflicting with Pro version


Release Date – 01 March 2023
* Fixes:
1. Update from beta version issue crashes the Bit Form
2. Custom fields render issue


Release Date – 28 February 2023
* Version 2 Released*


Release Date – 16 February 2023
* Fixes:
1. Bit Form Dashboard crashes for date formatter in latest chromimum browsers.
2. Zoho integrations authorization issue for hash based url.
3. Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Upload issue fixed by using wordpress default allowed file extensions list.


Release Date – 21 November 2022
* Fixes:
1.Conditional Logic field logic for null value not working.
2.Conditional Logic field action hide not working when page load.


Release Date – 20 November 2022
* Fixes: some minor issues.


Release Date – 6 November 2022
*Update: Tested upto wordpress version 6.1
*Fix: some minor issues


Release Date – 26 September 2022
*Feature: Webhook test response & log added in timeline.
*Fix: Checkbox & Dropdown comma issue in label & value fixed by changing the separator as underscrore.


Release Date – 13 September 2022
*Fix: Token expired issue are now completely fixed regardless of any cache plugins.


Release Date – 13 September 2022
*Fix: Token expired issue are now completely fixed regardless of any cache plugins.
*Fix: Broken YouTube video links are now fixed.


Release Date -19 July 2022
*Fix: form not saving on newly installed bitform.


Release Date -18 July 2022
*Fix: fallback problem.


Release Date – 16 July 2022
* Features:
1. Form Entry Reports: Filter the responses by conditions & save as report for future entries.
2. Double opt-in confirmation: Confirm the entry by email confirmation to prevent the spam & fake emails.
3. Unread, Read, Unconfirmed, Confirmed status of form entry
– If double opt-in is enabled, then the default entry status will be Unconfirmed. After confirming the email, it will change to Confirmed.
– otherwise, the default entry status is Unread. After clicking on the entry, it will change to Read.
4. Logged in User option added in Acf, metabox, pods integration to assign as post author
5. IPv6 support in form entries

  • Fixes:
    1. Responses global search not working issue
    2. replaceAll function not working in old browsers
    3. merge editted new value with old value when entry edit
    4. new integrations not working for version mismatch issue
    5. many more optimizations & misc. fixes under the hood


Release Date – 01 June 2022
Bug Fix: Fixed the issue with form submission cause of form id mismatch in fastcgi.


Release Date – 28 May 2022
* New Integration:
1. Twilio
2. MailerLite
* Updates:
1. All integrations are now alphabetically sorted for better user experience.
* Fixes:
1. bitform domain slug changed to bit-form for i18n compatibility
2. bitform default api key mismatch for the first installation
3. email notification & confirmation message line break adds too many gap issue
4. textarea field line break issue in email notification
5. wp auth custom field value not working issue


Release Date – 10 May 2022
* New Integration:
1. Groundhogg
2. SendFox
3. Rapidmail
4. Elastic Email
5. Getgist
6. Hubspot
* Fixes:
1. Decision Box Conditional Logics issue
2. Grecaptcha batch hidden style preventing post update issue
3. Tinymce hidden & visiable classname issue

Release Date – 24 April 2022
* New: Acumbamail Integration
* Fixes:
1. Domain URL issue for WordPress in subfolder domain
2. Form validation failed for 0 value because of isEmpty() function
3. Form entry response count mismatch fix for All Forms page & Form Entries
7. Form entry reponse page blank if all the form fields are deleted
4. Field entry meta data delete whenever a field gets deleted
5. Timeline empty value issue on new field added
6. Create form styles directory if not exists during form save
8. Line break issue in textarea field for email template
9. Telegram message body line break issue

Release Date – 03 April 2022
* New: Redirect page option added when email verified in WP AUTH.

Release Date – 20 March 2022
*Fix: Integration clone id mismatch in conditional logics.


Release Date – 19 March 2022
* Features:
1. New: OneDrive Integration
2. Clone / Duplicate Integration
3. Smart Tags added in conditional logics & conditions can be set based on smart tags value
4. IPv6 support in entry response
5. User Role added in Smart Tags

  • Fix:
    1. Razorpay Transaction info re-fetch if missed in log by any chance
    2. Textarea apostrophe support & value issue
    3. Smart Tags value mismatch & null in email notification issue


Release Date – 06 March 2022
* New: Smart Tags
1. Current Date Time
2. Administrator Email
3. Date (default format)
4. Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
5. Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
6. Date (Y/m/d)
7. Time
8. Weekday
9. Referer URL
10. User IP Address
11. Browser Name
12. Operating System
13. Random Digit
14. User ID
15. User First Name
16. User Last Name
17. User Display Name
18. User Nice Name
19. User Login Name
20. User Email
21. User URL
22. Post Author ID
23. Post Author Display Name
24. Post Author Email
25. Site Title
26. Site Description
27. Site URL
28. WordPress Locale Code
29. Embedded Page / Post ID
30. Embedded Page / Post Name
31. Embedded Page / Post Title
32. Embedded Page / Post URL
33. Post Publish Date
34. Post Modified Date

  • Custom Smart Tags:
    1. URL Query Param
    2. Custom Date Time Format
    3. User Meta Key

*** All Smart Tags are added in Integrations, Email Templates, Conditional Logics, Field Label & Placeholder.

  • Fixes:
    1. Form loader on backend validation of payment button
    2. Razorpay payment transaction not saved in entry response
    3. URL Parameter undefined offset index


Release Date – 22 February 2022
*Fix: Form entry update not working issue
*Fix: Fluent CRM tag not selectable issue


Release Date – 13 February 2022
* New: Dropbox Integration
– Delete file from WordPress after uploading to Dropbox.
* Update: CSS old browser comptability enriched
– Now supports more old browsers with modern CSS.
* Fix: ReCaptchav3 not working
– Cache plugins conflicting with ReCaptcha Api Script is solved.


Release Date – 26 January 2022
* New: Autonami Integration (Contact Module)
* Update: Form validations of frontend & server before payment transaction

Release Date – 15 January 2022
* Fix: Form not submitting for browser incompatibility issue

Release Date – 15 January 2022
* Fix: Telegram Message Body TinyMCE issue
* Fix: Email field validation issue


Release Date – 10 January 2022
1. Update: Username field placeholder added
2. Fix: Text editor value reset issue
3. Fix: Form response page blank issue
4. Fix: Bitform API returns null value in response
* Many more small fixes & tweaks

Release Date – 09 December 2021
* Fix: Unique Field Error Fallback.


Release Date – 05 December 2021
* Fix: Edit Entry Form not showing in Firefox.
* Fix: Form Validation issues.
* Fix: Post Excerpt typo.
* Many more small fixes & tweaks.

Release Date – 29 September 2021
* Fixes : GCLID problem.

Release Date – 21 September 2021
* Fixes : PHP older version syntax error resolve.


Release Date – 19 September 2021
1. (New) WP Auth:
i. Registration –
1. Auto Login after registration
2. Approval System: a. Auto, b. Admin Review, & c. Email Activation
3. WordPress Email Notification (Admin & User)
4. User Meta Field Mapping
ii. Login
iii. Forgot Password – 1. Custom Email Template
iv. Reset Password
* Redirect Page customization on each section

  1. Form Settings:
    i. Required user to be logged in for submit form
    ii. Empty form submission disallow
    iii. Disable entry storing in Database & Bit Form

  2. Fields:
    i. (New) Username – unique WordPress user name validation
    ii. Email – unique WordPress user email validation
    iii. Password – encrypted by default on WP user management
    iv. Unique entry – Text, username, multi text, checkbox, radio, number, dropdown, country, email, url, date, color picker

  3. Field required asterisk class name 'fld-req-symbol’ added.

  • Fixes & Improvements:
  1. Responsive device button fix
  2. Admin notice hides on all pages which should be only on bitform page fix

Release Date – 16 August 2021
Fix: Response page blank issue


Release Date – 16 August 2021
1. User ID, IP, refer url, device, created at & updated at data in form responses
2. Razorpay auto capture payments
3. Encharge Integration Tags

1. Tinymce server 404 error
2. Email field long domain validation issue
3. PayPal long decimal point issue
4. Multiple value separated by comma instead of space

Release Date – 11 July 2021
Fix: File upload max size and error message resolve
Update: Preset Options added (State: BR, CN, RO, RU)

Release Date – 07 July 2021
Fix: Razorpay pre-fill info fix


Release Date – 06 July 2021
1. Meta Box integration
2. ActiveCampaign integrations feature ( list and tags )
3. File Upload Fields & Buttons in conditional logics
4. ACF field in import options
5. Import options (Users,Posts,Terms,ACF field option) now can be edited
6. Ctrl + S to Save/Update form

Fixes and Improvements:
1. Form confirmation message can be customizable via CSS.
2. Style issue (google sheets, mail chimp, active campaign, mail poet)
3. Razorpay & PayPal dynamic amount from Radio field
4. HTML fields editor not showing up for more than 1 fields.
5. Hidden fields required validation
6. Multiple conditional logics reset field value.


Release Date – 17 June 2021

  • Fix: Email field validation fix
  • Fix: Payment integration issue with latest update
  • Fix: PHP version issue


Release Date – 16 June 2021

  • Fix: Checkbox validation fix
  • Fix: Export Issue


Release Date – 14 June 2021
* Feature: Checkbox & Radio minimum maximum option added
* Fix: Multiple form validation fix on same page


Release Date – 10 June 2021
1. PayPal & Razorpay as a submit button.
2. Field Label Show/Hide
3. Field Validations
i) Required
ii) Invalid
iii) Password
* At least one digit (0-9)
* At least one lowercase character (a-z)
* At least one uppercase character (A-Z)
* At least one special character
* Limit Password Length
iv) Custom Regex Pattern & Predefined Patterns
* Only Characters (a-zA-Z)
* Only Digits (0-9)
* Name – only characters & space
* Username – only lowercase characters & numbers
* Character Limit – default is set to a maximum of 100 characters
* Word Limit – default is set to a maximum of 30 words
* Only Gmail – only allows Gmail address
v) Custom Error Message
vi) Error Message Show/Hide
vii) Validate Form Input on Focus Lost
4. Import Dynamically WordPress Users, Posts, & Taxonomy
5. ACF Integration
1. API Workflow Remove
2. many more small tweaks & performance improvement


Release Date – 29 May 2021

  • Fix: PayPal & Razorpay dynamic field value issue solved.


Release Date – 27 May 2021

  • Feature:
    1. Country field added
    2. Import options added for Checkbox, Radio & Dropdown [6 type of files & 32 presets]
      • File Types:
        i. txt (comma, space, new line & clone separated)
        ii. json (array, object, array of object & array of objects)
        iii. xls & xlsx (single & multi sheet)
        iv. csv & tsv
    3. MailChimp integration double opt-in added
  • Fix: Dynamic Field in PayPal & RazorPay cause dramatic error is solved.
  • Enhancement: add values in field using custom script & URL parameters doesn’t reset anymore.


Release Date – 9 May 2021

  • Feature: prevent Bot using Honeypot
  • Fix: Authorization is not working for new Integration
  • Enhancement: Readonly attributes for fields using conditional logic


Release Date – 4 May 2021

  • Feature: Integration for FluentCRM
  • Feature: Integration for Telegram
  • Feature: Integration for Pods
  • Enhancement: Now will be able add FROM address in mail sending


  • Fix: Stripslashes on email body


  • Fix: File url link on export entry


  • ReCaptcha v3: ReCaptcha v3 can protect your form from bot & spamming. Config your ReCaptcha; go to form settings, enable the ReCaptchav3.
  • Builder:
    1. Add Custom Button
    2. Button Color Change


  • Feature: HTML Field
  • Feature: Email Attachment
  • Fix: paypal dynamic amount does not change
  • Fix: recaptcha v2 bypass issue if js disabled


  • Feature: ActiveCampaign integration
  • Fix: mail validation issue on large tlds


  • Integrations:
    • New: 1. SendinBlue Integration – create/edit contact
    • Update: 1. WooCommerce Integration – External/Affiliate product can be added
      2. Zoho Recruit – zip/post code fixed
  • Features: Search box added in Integration
  • Fixes:
    1. Decision Box label issue fix
    2. Integ info added for integrations
    3. Tinymce issue fix
    4. Add Conditional Button issue fix in free version
    5. field map layout broken fix in integration
    6. Api response copy issue fix in timeline
    7. File upload issue fix in Bit Form Rest API


  • Feature: WooCommerce Integration – Create/Edit WooCommerce Product/Customer from Bit Form.


  • Fix: long text wrap on label removed
  • Fix: recruit attachment issue


  • Fix: decision box label empty after update
  • Fix: domain url truncate issue in email template


  • Fix: file upload
  • Feature: replay to added on mail send
  • Feature: code preview added on mail template editor


  • Fix: issues email in mulitple workflow. After changing workflow execution process.


  • Fix: Builder style cache issue.
  • Fix: JS conflict with optimization plugins.
  • Fix: Date format issue.
  • Feature: Mailchimp integration


  • Fix: Entry id added to callback url


  • Fixes:
    API issue
    CPT title
    option deleted
    uninstallation bitform


  • Features:
    1. Builder:
      i) Payment App Config
    2. Integrations:
      i) CPT (Custom Post Types)
      ii) Google Sheet
  • Fixes:
    1. Timeline Integration Response (On first submit & entry edit)
    2. Radio Button Conditional Logics issue fix
    3. Zoho Projects timelog issue fixed
      some minor fixes…

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