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Automobile Car Dealer

Przez buywptemplates

Wersja: 0.5.9

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 13 lutego 2021

Aktywne instalacje: 500+

Wersja PHP: 7.2.14 lub nowszej

Strona motywu

Automobile car dealer theme is a responsive WordPress theme that is created by the team of professionals with optimized codes and interactive designs to make it secure and stunning at the same time. This SEO friendly robust WordPress theme is perfect for dealers of new or used cars, tractor, garages, car rental agencies, small auto business services, small car dealer, forklift & lift truck, snowmobile, motoSnow, Motorbike, agriculture equipment, auto service applications, car repair shops, car washes, mechanics shops, aircrafts, Utilitie ATV, Campers, RVs, Travel Trailer, Lifts, Turboprops, Charter, Airplanes, motorbikes and motorcycles. It has Custom Menu, footer-widgets, left-sidebar and Custom logo that allows showcasing the portfolio of products in best possible ways. Its simple, adaptable, theme-options, clean, user-friendly, and responsive. It is professional in both looks and functionalities. It is flexible enough and allows customizing via personalization options. This theme is perfect for car dealers, wheel shop owners, Motorcycle shops, Right from publishing automotive news or blogs on the website or sharing it on different social media platforms; everything becomes easy and hassle-free with Automobile car dealer themes. With clean code, this multi-purpose mobile-friendly WordPress theme is ideal for motorhome and car dealers. From an effective call to action button to amazingly designed landing page, this theme is well-equipped with all the functionalities and functions to streamline the entire automobile business process right from browsing till purchase. It supports different languages such as ARABIC, GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, RUSSIAN, CHINESE, and TURKISH. Demo: https://www.buywptemplates.com/automobile-car-dealer-pro


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