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  • Hi, I’m making a website that requires users to give updates to others. Let’s say it’s a woodworking shop. My requirements are as follows:

    • Only users with a certain role (carpenter) can give updates to chosen users with a certain role (client)
    • The website doesn’t use WooCommerce or any similar plugin
    • The plugin needs to appear in the front end, giving clients a clear indication of what state is their order in (for example sourcing material, measuring & cutting the wood, protective finish)
    • It can very well be just a simple text field that only „caprenters” can edit and select a speicfic „client” that can see the textfield. it’s worth noting that one „carpenter” can have many „clients”

    Does anyone know how to do it? I think I’ve tried every plugin possible and none seem to check that boxes. Please note that I’m relatively new to Wordrpess but I’ve spent at least a couple of hours thinking and looking for solutions but nothing came to mind. I really appreciate you taking time to read this and I hope that with your help I’ll find the solution:)

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