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  • Hi everyone!
    Apologies for writing in english but I have no knowledge of polish at all. I have posted this help request in the global forum as well, however I have realized this probably a better place where to look for help.

    I have a multi-language website and I have downloaded the .po language file from for the polish version.
    Unfortunately I’ve been told that in polish months are spelled different whether they are in the context of a full date (1st of December 2012 – 1 grudnia 2012) or not (December 2012 – Grudzień 2012).
    This is causing me headache since my site has to display both full dates, for instance in the news, and shorter date version, in news archives.

    As of now, I have found workaround by hooking into the wp_get_archive filter and replacing the month default name – as set in the .po file – with the correct version for the archive context .

    However I was wondering if the polish wordpress community has already found a nicer solution for this problem.

    any suggestion is very welcome!

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  • Hears the deal:

    1st of December = 1 grudnia because
    1 means = pierwszy = 1st (fist)

    of December = grudnia => this is genitive

    December = Grudzień => this is denominator

    All is well…

    English ≠ Polish

    Żeby zrobić dopełniacz w ENG wystarczy dodać of a w polskim to już trzeba inaczej zapisać. 😉

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  • Temat ‘polish month translation’ jest zamknięty na nowe odpowiedzi.