Wtyczka nie została przetestowana z trzema ostatnimi głównymi wydaniami WordPressa. Może nie być już utrzymywana lub obsługiwana, co może skutkować problemem ze zgodnością z nowszymi wersjami WordPressa.



Note: If you want to upgrade to version 6.0, please read through the migration guide first

Sell Shopify products on any WordPress site with ShopWP. Buy buttons? No problem. You can display product variants as buttons or dropdowns. Enable one-time purchases or subscription products. Send your customers directly to the Shopify checkout, or add products to the built-in ShopWP cart. We have all the shortcodes and blocks you need to build a uniquely branded eCommerce experience on WordPress.

Whether you need WordPress to power a whole storefront or just a landing page, ShopWP will provide beautiful layouts and give your customers the confidence they need to buy from you.

We believe your store should authentically represent your brand. It shouldn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to build a shopping experience. We want to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to create eCommerce shops that rival the big players.


See the full list of features here

ShopWP Pro

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Zrzuty ekranu

  • Connect your Shopify store to WordPress
  • Sync your Shopify store
  • Example of the syncing process running
  • How the plugin settings appear
  • Edit screen of the product detail page
  • List of product posts


From the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for ShopWP
  3. Activate ShopWP from your Plugins page
  4. Click on the new menu item called ShopWP
  5. Within the Connect tab, click the „Begin the connection process” button
  6. Follow the wizard to connect your Shopify store. We’ve created a guide.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Read the full list of FAQ

How does this work?

You can think of WordPress as the frontend and Shopify as the backend. You still manage your store data inside Shopify (e.g., changing prices) and those changes automatically show inside WordPress. ShopWP is bundled with its own fly-out cart experience and allows you to sell directly on WordPress. When the user is ready to checkout, they’re redirected to the defalt Shopify checkout page to enter payment information.

After installing the plugin, you can connect your Shopify store by following the easy to use wizard. After connecting, you can display your products in the following ways:

  • Using the default pages „example.com/products” and „example.com/collections”
  • Shortcodes
  • Programmatically through the plugin’s Render API

You can also create product detail pages by syncing the product posts.

Is this SEO friendly?

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we’ve conformed to all the SEO best practices including semantic alt text, Structured Data, and indexable content.

Doesn’t Shopify already have a WordPress plugin?

They used to, but it has been discontinued.

Instead, Shopify has moved their attention to the buy button embed; allowing users to show products with a JavaScript code snippet. The main drawback to this is that Shopify uses iFrames for the embed which limits the ability for layout customizations. Additionally, managing multiple JavaScript embeds can get annoying really fast.

In contrast, ShopWP creates an iFrame-free experience allowing you to sync Shopify data directly into WordPress. We also save the products and collections as custom post types which unlocks the native power of WordPress itself.

Does this work with third party Shopify apps?

The only „Unfortunately no. We rely on the main Shopify API which doesn’t expose third-party app data. However the functionality found in many of the Shopify apps can be reproduced by other WordPress plugins.

How do I display my products?

Documentation on how to display your products can be found here.

How does the checkout process work?

ShopWP does not handle any portion of the checkout process. When a customer clicks the checkout button within the cart, they’re redirected to the default Shopify checkout page to finish the process.

Does this work with Shopify’s Lite plan?

Absolutely! In fact this is our recommendation if you intend to only sell on WordPress. More information on Shopify’s Lite plan

Can I use this and Shopify at the same time?

Absolutely! ShopWP doesn’t prevent you from using Shopify on other platforms like Facebook or using a Shopify theme directly.


Really disappointed. Sent a number of emails and chat messages reaching out for sone advice before purchasing with no response whatsoever. Poor service.
Very fast and seamless install of ShopWP Pro. However, when the rubber met the road, we ran into a sync issue. We reviewed all the documentation on errors, but none applied. We reached out to support and within a couple of hours Andrew contacted us. He worked with us continuously and resolved the matter quickly. Great customer support and an amazing experience!
Quick setup with a lot of customisable options. Support by responsive slack channel and good documentation.
2022-05-25 1 odpowiedź
Many merchants want the CMS benefits of WordPress, but the dedicated ecommerce functionality of Shopify. It took us years to find a good way to integrate the two together, and the team behind ShopWP has, by far, done the best job. While the original functionality was exactly what we were looking for, it has continued to evolve, maintaining the 'never settle' attitude that keep both WP and Shopify in their respective industry leads. And we would rank support - for both responsiveness and effectiveness - towards the top of the list of all third party services we have used in 24+ years of web development.
2022-05-25 1 odpowiedź
I'm a developer using ShopWP for my clients. We started with the free version in 2020. Setup was easy and we were connected to Shopify within minutes. When we we did run into issues, Andrew was very helpful. ShopWP works as promised. The plugin is updated regularly with valuable features and fixes. We moved to the Pro version last year -- glad we did. Besides the expanded features, having access to the private Slack channel is a real bonus for responsive support and development ideas from the community there. I work with startups and don't often recommend premium plugins. ShopWP is one I can recommend without hesitation.
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Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

„ShopWP” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian

The full changelog can be found here

Note: If you’re upgrading from version 3.x, please read through the migration guide first


  • Added: New upgrade notice


  • Fixed: Occasional performance issues due to buyer_identity option values


  • Fixed: Error: „Field 'metafields’ is missing required arguments: identifiers”


  • Added: Yotpo product reviews extension! Learn more
  • Improved: Updated various broken links within the plugin settings


  • Improved: Removed unused code from two years ago. Cleaning things up a bit.
  • Dev: Updated npm dependencies


  • Fixed: Broken products pagination when using Yotpo reviews
  • Fixed: Yotpo reviews were not showing properly in list view
  • Improved: Layout of product featured image now properly fills space
  • Improved: Added additional structure data to Yotpo reviews


  • Fixed: Resolved minor bugs in the Yotpo reviews functionality
  • Improved: Quantity border color now matches color of variant buttons


  • Added: WordPress 6.0 support
  • Added: Support for the upcoming Yotpo Reviews extension
  • Fixed: WPML conflict causing products not to load
  • Fixed: Bug causing sync to fail occasionally when global $TRP_LANGUAGE is defined as en_US
  • Fixed: Missing pagination on collection pages
  • Fixed: Bug preventing the collection product settings from being applied consistently
  • Fixed: Default collections listing template now correctly shows all collections
  • Fixed: Bug when linking to modal and with active buy button
  • Improved: Better error handling when a product has been removed from the ShopWP sales channel
  • Dev: Updated ShopWP compatibility MU plugin version


  • New Cart toggle links
  • New Storefront component now provides a search field
  • New Product image carousel can now show thumbnails
  • Fixed The on.cartToggle hook now works again
  • Improved Removed the minimum quantity line item notice within the cart
  • Improved Added ShopWP tier indication within admin settings header
  • Improved Cart „close” event is not properly scoped to the cart DOM element
  • Improved Cart terms checkbox style
  • Improved Now showing upgrade notice for ShopWP Collections
  • Dev Added new JavaScript action: on.itemsLoad
  • Dev Added new JavaScript filter: before.cartLineItems
  • Dev Added new JavaScript filter: after.cartLineItems
  • Dev Bumped Shopify API to 2022-07
  • Dev Added new shortcode attribute: image_carousel_thumbs


  • Fixed: conflict with TranslatePress causing broken rest_url errors
  • Fixed: cart colors were not being properly applied
  • Fixed: Bug causing products to duplicate when using carousel if total products is less than carousel slides to show
  • Fixed: Bug causing Storefront component to crash when deselecting collections
  • Fixed: Bug causing Storefront component to crash when no products are found
  • Fixed: Bug causing the Product Create webhook to fail
  • Improved: Removed BlueHost banner inside ShopWP admin settings
  • Improved: Cart icon background color
  • Improved: Added skeleton loader to cart footer if slow connection detected