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Plug in is pretty good, but Documentation is poor. But once I gathered all the necessary informations from the ratings and Support Topics to get this plugin to work and understand the limitations of it, it works fine. One thing i’m still not sure about: Is it somehow possible to edit EAV based tables that have been grouped by a value? If yes, how? Or is another approach necessary or is it impossible? And if using joins it seems only possible to edit the 'basic table’, or am I missing something? Would be nice if joined views would be fully editable, but of course I don’t understand the compelexity of the implementation of these functionalities. Clear statements about these things in the documentation would be helpful, also the example given could use more parameters, so every functionality (edit values, export, etc.) is possible. I just insert a working example here, maybe it helps someone in the future: if(function_exists(’add_db_table_editor’)){ add_db_table_editor(array( 'id’=>”custom_table_interface_1″, 'title’=>’Mitglieder: Bezahlstatus, Handynummer und Telefonnummer ändern’, 'table’=>’wp_users_zusaetze’, 'cap’ => 'edit_pages’, 'edit_cap’ => 'edit_pages’, 'id_column’=> „ID”, „export_id_field”=>”z.ID”, 'noedit_columns’ => 'user_email, display_name’, 'sql’=>”SELECT z.ID, u.user_email, u.display_name, z.user_bezahlstatus, z.Handynummer, z.Telefonnummer FROM wp_users_zusaetze z INNER JOIN wp_usermeta m ON m.user_id = z.user_id INNER JOIN wp_users u ON u.ID = m.user_id WHERE m.meta_key = 'wp_capabilities’ AND m.meta_value LIKE '%mitglied%'” )); } like I said, only the values of the table 'wp_users_zusaetze’ are editable, joined tables can’t be edited, but maybe I am doing something wrong.
2018-10-24 1 odpowiedź
Russ, I sent you an email: 007. For help actually. If you can assist, I will assume the task of creating and maintaining the wp-db-table-editor wiki, which I noticed is patiently awaiting a good document manager such as myself. 😉 Thanks either way.
2018-07-26 6 odpowiedzi
That’s an interesting plugin and it definitely deserves either 5 stars (if you are a programmer with high IQ) or 1 star (if you are not). LOL The author made a nice tool but it’s a nice only if you know what to do and have time to look trough his code if needed. One question – is there any way to add pagination, let say if I have a table with 20K records to prevent it loading as a whole in the admin panel? If not is there an easy way to accomplish this (being able to perform a search on the whole table if needed), thanks. EDIT (for those that don’t like to read docs): – to enable the plugin capabilities (to appear in the Admin menu) you must have the table defined already in the database and in functions.php (or elsewhere) to add at least a single line of code (example at the end); – to be able to add new lines, there should be a column „ID” or if it is different, to use the specific config rule; – the pagination is not needed at all – it’s super fast with large tables (>20K lines). Example code to enable the plugin in theme’s functions.php: if(function_exists('add_db_table_editor')){ add_db_table_editor('title=THE_TITLE_FOR_ADMIN_AREA&table=the_table_name'); }
Quick easy access to custom database tables from the wp-admin.
2017-03-23 2 odpowiedzi
Lost like 5-10 minutes to even search for the interface or where to find a menu item for this plugin. When heading to the description site, again nothing described where menu item should be found etc. Not thought through/documented well.
2017-03-07 2 odpowiedzi
Hello! Fine? I want resize the table that we define in functions.php and its cells ( width and height) by default, not manually. Like change the css plugin. It is possible? Because my table have long texts. I know is possible resize manually, i want the table and its cells (columns and rows) more bigger, enlarge the width and height for all cells of the table. Best Regards
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