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Contribute to this plugins development on Github if you’d like.

This plugin works in conjunction with our WooMinecraft JAVA Plugin for Minecraft on GitHub
and is intended for Minecraft servers. This plugin allows you to add commands to your WooCommerce products to have
them executed on your server, once a user purchases that product.

We’re providing this to you in full faith you’ll follow the Mojang Donation Guidelines.

Supports the following:

  • Multiple commands per product
  • Multiple commands per product variation
  • Multiple Servers
  • MC Username verification ( we only support paid legit accounts via the Mojang API )
  • Resend Donations per-order ( should you need to wipe your server ).
  • More to come?!

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Adding/removing multiple commands for general products.
  • Adding commands to single variations.
  • Adding servers.


  1. Login and navigate to Plugins → Add New
  2. Type „WooMinecraft-WP” into the Search Input and click the „Search” button.
  3. Find WooMinecraft-WP in the list and click „Install Now”
  4. Activate the plugin.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Does this support recurring payments?

No, this only provides commands for products.

Will you support offline servers?

No, under no circumstances will we ever support offline servers.

What payment gateways does this support?

Anything? Well to be honest, this plugin does not mess with gateways at all. It relies solely on WooCommerce for the
payments – check google

I just got a donation but it’s not being sent!

The order must be set to 'completed’ in order for the order to be sent, that is the ONLY status that we’re hooked into.

This plugin sucks, BuyCraft is better

Yea sure, we’ve all use to BuyCraft, but well, it doesn’t have the flexibility of Woocommerce, and it’s not free… and it’s not open source… etc… need I say more?


This plugin is a highly effective solution for integrating WooCommerce within a Minecraft Server. Thank you very much for this.
Жалко что нету поддержки автономных серверов а так плагин крутой он единственный который есть на wordpress но пожалуйста добавьте поддержку автономных серверов
not supporting offline servers are nonsense! wish an alternative was available. most of the developing world plays offline mode. just a stupid decision.
2019-04-25 2 odpowiedzi
I don’t use cracked mc server but in poland proabbly 60% pepole use cracked minecraft so servers are forced to use offline-mode.
I need this plugin for my wordpress site. It’s nice plugin but why it’s not support offline servers? It’s very big problem. Please fix it.
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Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

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Rejestr zmian


  • Small readme fixes in automation processes.


  • Fix warning in REST API registration (#101)[https://github.com/WooMinecraft/woominecraft-wp/issues/101]


  • Deployment changes ( dev-related )
  • Adds a check in the checkout sequence for when suer leaves Player field blank.


  • Removes Mojang API requirements.
  • Removes CSS and JS build processes in prep for wp-scripts


  • Update to utilize the Rest API instead of a generic endpoint.
  • Ensure backwards compatibility until 1.4
  • Strip some items from the changelog pre 1.1
  • Update some admin styles to match latest WooCommerce.


  • Fix major bug in multiple-server setups with transient keys.
  • Fix major vulnerability in build tools, updated gulp in package.json


  • Update for WooCommerce 3.3.3
  • Testing on WordPress 4.9.2
  • Added tooltips to product panel.
  • Restored previous placeholder of give %s apple 1 in command slots.


  • Added Multi-server support
  • Added multiple error messages to send back to the client of any errors.
  • Added username column in order listing, also makes it clickable/sortable
  • Added delivery column in order listing
  • Fixed command row bug with reindexing
  • Moved server key settings to WooCommerce->Settings ( near the bottom )
  • Resource updates for screenshots etc…
  • CHANGED General command now no-longer run on-top of variation commands


  • Hotfix for #18 – Apparently WooCommerce uses the 'key’ key as well…


  • Multi-server support added in.
  • Moved server key settings to WooCommerce->Settings ( near the bottom )
  • Send messages to the Java world so users/admins are notified of errors.
  • Added username column in order listing
  • Added delivery column in order listing
  • Better error handling for keys, instead of blindly killing over.


  • Fixed #96 – Checking wrong post type for cache busting.


  • Remove custom DB table requirements
  • Update plugin to use order meta instead of DB table
  • Code cleanup
  • Auto-migrates old DB pending deliveries to order meta


  • Update debugging information by not escaping $_REQUEST that is sent back to java.
  • Fixed – Multiple players were getting re-sent donations, this was due to assumptions in posted data.


  • Security fix – prevents sending back database stored key – Thanks to FinlayDaG33k PR#15


  • Hotfix for meta data – fixed #76


  • Donations hotfix that was looping over donations infinitely


  • First official release on .org