Wincher Rank Tracker


Free Google ranking tool for your website. Download Wincher to get a grip of your SEO and rankings today!


  • Up to 10 keywords.
  • Automatic keyword suggestions upon installation.
  • 7 days of ranking history.
  • Overview graphs showing the average position, traffic and position distribution for your keywords.
  • Ranking history graph for individual keywords.
  • Table showing you the current position, volume, traffic and other relevant metrics for your keywords.
  • E-mail notifications on drops and climbs.

Subscribe to Wincher to track unlimited keywords and access longer history

The free version of Wincher allows you to track up to ten different keywords and one website. Subscribing to Wincher and using enables you to track an unlimited number of keywords and access up to 5 years of history along with more functionality such as competitor tracking, keyword grouping, PDF and CSV reports and adding additional websites.

Zrzuty ekranów

  • Ranking overview.
  • Ranking table.
  • Ranking history.


This section describes how to install and activate the plugin.

  1. Use the automatic plugin installer or download the files and put the wincher folder into /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the „Google Rankings” option in the WordPress menu.
  4. Activate your Wincher plugin by entering your details.
  5. That’s it!


How many keywords can I add?

You can add up to ten different keywords with the free WordPress plugin. If you need to track more keywords you can use

How many websites can I add?

The plugin will only track keywords for the site you installed the plugin on. You can however install the plugin on all your WordPress sites and connect it to the same Wincher account, but this is only possible for our paying subscribers. Users with multiple websites will probably have a better experience using

What search engines does Wincher support?

At the moment of writing we support 93 different Google search engines all around the world.

My Google result does not match Wincher’s result. What is wrong?

A couple of things can cause this difference. The most common reason is that Wincher collects ranking in incognito mode. This means that the particular search engine is not trying to give you a better result depending on your location or previous search queries. Another common reason is that Wincher collects ranking only once a day for each keyword and that rankings can change during the day.


25 października 2020
erst großspurig leistungen anpreisen und wenn man sich dann über jahre die arbeit gemacht hat seine keywords alle fein säuberlich einzutragen wollen sie auf einmal kohle??? NO WAY!!! Solche Betrügermethoden unterstütze ich nicht! Solche Verbrecher sollten dingfest gemacht werden!
28 września 2020
I'm using it for several websites and I really like the plugin.
28 lipca 2020
I can give my customers the chance to check their keyword rankings in their own web. No need to send more reports. Easy to install an easy to use.
26 czerwca 2020
The plugin works great and shows the ranking history for keywords that I've set up on I did not try the free version but together with a subscription it's really great.
17 czerwca 2020
Wincher is simply the best real-time keyword ranking tool I’ve ever used. You can track your rankings against competitors, and the report function is robust, and takes mere minutes to set up, customise, and schedule. Not only does it save me time, the daily ranking notifications keep us real-time aware, allows us to capitalise on opportunities; and keeps my team on top of things. I prefer the browser version, but the WordPress plugin isn’t bulky and our content editors love it. I’ve never had a single issue, though I have only been using the platform for about 9 months, but have recommended it to colleagues who can’t believe the value in dollar terms, but utility value too. I rarely am without constructive criticism of some sort, but Wincher has so far wowed me. Simplicity and good design will do that.
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Log zmian


  • Update logo.
  • Update WordPress version compatibility.


  • Fix „Forgot password” link.


  • Make it possible to click on a keyword to view its ranking history.
  • Fix potential compatibility problems for older browsers.


  • Complete rewrite of plugin for WordPress 5 and new Wincher API.


  • Changed API endpoint


  • Fixed compatibility issues with wordpress 4.6


  • Added support for assigning keywords to group in bulk.


  • Added support for keyword grouping for PRO accounts.
  • Bulk delete keyword function.
  • Bug fixes regarding conflicts with other plugins.


  • Fixed issue for blogs using https.
  • Faster initial ranking update.


  • First version.