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Free version very basic. Not sure what options the 'Pro.” version offers. I opted for Coming Soon CC instead… it was personal preference, it looks great and and it loads quicker.
I got the pro license, which comes with updates and support for a year. But then after my year expired, installing the original version and applying the license fails. If you want to cut off support and updates fine. But don’t disable the function of the older version. That’s crap. The older version of free collected emails. So obviously the function was removed to force paying. 2 stars instead of 1 (or 0) because it’s actually a great plugin. Just a rip off to paying customers. I’ll pay once, but not year after year to support ransomware.
2016-09-03 3 odpowiedzi
This plugin works each time I use it. I am also a fan of Ultimate Maintenance mode – which is now discontinued and replaced by this one
I just installed the plugin and had some issues. John responded almost instantly and solved the problem/wishes within the hour. Most serious developers I have encountered provide good support, but John handles it at warp speed too. Top!
2016-09-03 1 odpowiedź
This is a great plugin to use when developing a new site. Add the live site to the server, holding page up Developer and client login to see the site. Once its ready, disable the plugin. Easy to use.
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