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Same traffic, more sales

Smartsupp is your personal shopping assistant. It combines live chat and chatbots to save your time and help you turn visitors into loyal customers. Smartsupp is one of the most popular products in Europe with 50 000 active European webshops and websites.

Why choose Smartsupp?

  • The only product that combines live chat, chatbots and video recordings. Automate repetitive questions, be personal where it’s relevant and see where visitors get lost on your webshop.
  • Access real-time visitor list enriched with e-commerce data. See who is browsing your webshop, which products are they interested in and proactively start a conversation to make a sale.
  • The most popular online chat in Europe with more than 50 000 active webshops and websites. We also offer human customer service in 7 different languages.
  • GDPR compliant. We securely store your data in the European Union and comply with strict EU data protection laws.

What can Smartsupp do?

What can you expect from Smartsupp? Take a look at the list of main features that will take your customer service from average to great.

  • Live chat, emails and Messenger in one place – start a personal conversation with your customers and have all communication in one place. By helping your visitors instantly, you’ll turn them into happy customers and boost your sales.
  • Chatbot – Smartsupp bot is your new shopping assistant that works 24/7. It’ll save your time by answering frequently asked questions, collecting leads and assisting customers with shopping even while you’re asleep.
  • Video recordings – see how your visitors are browsing your webshop or website and where they are getting lost. You’ll get valuable insights on what to improve and ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.
  • Mobile app – be closer to your customers with our app for iOS and Android phones and answer questions even when you are in the warehouse or on the go.
  • Visit our website to get the full list of features.

What our users say about us?

„Smartsupp helps us to make our online shop even more successful! After a simple installation, we immediately had the first customer with a question, who then ordered straight away.”

—Oke Harms,

„With Smartsupp we use one chat in several shops! Thanks to them, we have been able to improve our contact with customers. Communication is instant and convenient for both us and the customers.”


Zrzuty ekranu

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WordPress 3.0 lub nowszy, PHP co najmniej 5.3.2

Installation steps

  1. Zainstaluj wtyczkę Smartsupp w WordPress i aktywuj ją.
  2. Log in to Smartsupp or create new account in plugin settings.
  3. Teraz Smartsupp czat jest widoczny na Twojej stronie internetowej. Zaloguj się do Smartsupp dashboard i zacznij rozmawiać z odwiedzającymi.

Installation video tutorial

Installation tutorial with screenshots

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

How can Smartsupp help me?

Smartsupp helps you to Increase sales and decrease effort while reducing the marketing costs. According to studies, chatbot can boost the number of sales by 38%. Video recordings can help you discover where your visitors get confused. The best way to find out is to try Smartsupp for free!

What’s the price?

After creating an account you can use the free version of Smartsupp. However, we also offer two paid packages with advanced features like statistics, video recordings or team shortcuts. Pick yourself which of our packages would suit you best.

How to connect Smartsupp with your website?

Does your website run on WordPress? Simply install this plugin and sign in to your Smartsupp account in the plugin settings. We’ll take care of the rest. Another option is to install Smartsupp manually, you can find the tutorial here.

Can you show me how the chatbot works?

Would you like to see some examples? You can see our chatbot Smarty on our website. Currently, it’s available in Czech and English version only.

Do you have a mobile app?

Of course! With our mobile app you can manage your conversations and reply anywhere. It’s available for Android as well as for iOS devices.

Where can I find more detailed information about specific features?

You can read more about specific features from top to bottom in the HELP center on our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Language support

Smartsupp dashboard is available in the following languages: English, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski, Português (BR).


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There are a lot of options out there but this is by far the best. Absolutely easy to use!
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