Wtyczka została zamknięta 2023-07-27 i nie jest dostępna do pobrania. Zamknięcie jest tymczasowe i oczekuje na pełną sprawdzenie.


Wtyczka dodaje 4 bloki.

  • Product
  • Category
  • Catalog
  • Cart Button


Found this plugin accidentally , when browsing on WordPress... I can say it's a nice choice and nice support
2019-06-05 1 odpowiedź
Hello, i have a big problem with this plug in, it's disfunctionned and i don't understand why ! no error notion, update is good, but i can't modified my products and any setting. When i go to the page product and i click to card button, nothing happen. Who can help me ? My site
The plugin was really very easy to use but very effective. He made my purchases organized and sales doubled.
Slightly reduce the payment for the service, but then it will be a pity for the guys who serve the service. they also need to earn, while they deserve it. I use the platform for more than 1 year, I am satisfied with everything and I don’t even think of switching to other similar platforms. I like that everything is customizable, you can completely redo the template for yourself, all versions of the site are always automatically saved!
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