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Seo Optimized Images

Seo Optmized Images Plugin lets you dynamically insert Seo Friendly alt and title attributes to your Images

The SEO Optimized Images plugin lets you dynamically insert Seo Friendly alt attributes and title attributes to your Images . Simply activate the plugin, provide the pattern and you are ready to go.

The plugin dynamically replaces the alt tags, title tags and does not make changes to the database. So if you deactivate the plugin, everything will be back to as it was.
You can insert image name, post title and post category in title an alt attributes of image. Give SEO Optmized Images a try. We are sure you will like it.

In case you face any problem, contact us via the Forums.

Premium Version Features:

  • Support for Featured Images
  • Support for Woocommerce Product Images
  • Support for Custom Post Type Images
  • Custom Rules selectively add alt and title tags to images based on custom rules.
  • 1 Year Support and Updates

Requires: 3.3+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2 miesiące ago
Aktywnych instalacji: 10,000+


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