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I have problem with trusting this company. I thought I found finally something that solves video corruption problem, but today for example site is not working! Not my site but theirs! No access to videos by my users! Their server is not responding. I wish they would at least answer my email and explain it, but I am starting to doubt it.
I spent at least 65 hours in the last few days trying different video plugins and this was my last option. I wish I would've came across s3bubble first! This video plugin blows everything else out the water by far. A lot of time and energy has been spent developing this solid plugin and you can feel it. If you see this review and have 3 other tabs open for other video players. Do yourself a favor and PLEASE download this one first.
when we use the s3 bubble player , in the inspect element option , in network tab all the media files source url are visible . so anyone can download the media irrespective of paid or free users. so how can we protect our media
This plugin does the job perfectly. Secure streaming from selected buckets in amazon made simple. Great work 🙂

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