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Plans start at 399$ ?? That certainly worth the money for a very professional site, but not for mine… 😉
I usually dont do reviews but this is unresistible.. honeslty Roost Web Push is the best plugin. . so easy to configure and delivers your push very fast
2016-09-03 1 odpowiedź
I wanted to achieve something that looks just like the featured image above. I took into account reading all the reviews here before installing this plugin. It seems great and has potentials (I really hope it works out). However, my rating is based on the experience after installing it. – Not as much easy installation. Unless Im missing something, can’t get it to work. So far I see a „Bell” display on my site, but no pushover-prompt. There should be a video instruction on this. – Minor glitches with website: keeps removing and asking for your company Logo. The lack of „save-button” doesn’t help to know if its being saved or not. – There should be option to send notification to different type of subscribers. (Again, unless I misunderstanding the plugin’s purpose) **Overall 3-Star, feelings wise. But gave it a 4-Star due to its potentials.
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