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Plugin ini sangat saya rekomendasikan bagi teman-teman yang mau memaksimalkan rasio pantulan di website wp kalian. Diawal tahun 2020 bounce rate web saya 69.39% dan sekarang saat review ini saya tulis di bulan februari 2020 menjadi 14.43%, sangat ajaib bukan?
Does exactly what it says and it's vital for our websites. Recommended it to many devs and all of us saw great improvements in analytics and numbers that finally matched up with other analytics trackers.
2019-05-18 2 odpowiedzi
Please update to support the latest gtag.js and I'll fix the star. 🙂
Probably the best plugin out there. Bounce rate went from 80%+ to about 12%. My traffic has literally doubled as Google seems to be sending more traffic.
The plugin is working as described. My website bounce rate has decreased to under 20%, which is amazing. Thank you very much. I want to request one thing if it's possible: make the plugin jquery non-dependent, runs without this heavy library. When I activate the plugin, jquery is loaded. Thanks again (Sorry for my bad english)
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