Recover abandoned cart for WooCommerce


SKT Themes presents recover WooCommerce abandoned shopping cart. Get in touch with your customers who left at the checkout page via phone call or email and you can ask them why they left.

Research shows that about 60 to 80% of the users when they go to checkout page do not complete the purchase. Hence it is of utmost importance that one should have a procedure to follow up customers who left your store without buying.

Why leave so many potential customers who would like to buy your products or services but were 1 step away from purchase. So much of lost revenue. This plugin serves as a bridge to increase your sales and customers by recovering all those lost sales who abandoned the shopping cart on your store just before payment.

Cart abandonement has many reasons. And if you can get in touch with the customer who is leaving your store without purchasing, you will understand what is wrong with your product/service/offerings.

Our plugin is a contribution to the WordPress community and it is being offered absolutely free.

Persuade your customers by offering them discounts by enabling exit popup intent.

Get in touch with your customers by offering them more discounts or offering them better deal on support or services.

Many customers might have some doubts or concerns before purchase and if the company connects with them they might feel it is the right company to deal with.

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Plugin basics and features:

  • Saves details like name, phone number, email and product the customer was trying to purchase.

  • Notifies the store administrator about the missed opportunity or abandoned cart.

  • Enable exit popup offering some discounts via coupon code or asking customers to contact your store for better deals.

  • Logged in users will not be shown the exit popup since they are returning customers.

  • If the user completes the purchase and reaches the thank you page their details will be removed from the list.

  • One can send email notifications daily summary (24 hour) list or send email notifications each hour regarding abandoned carts list to the site administrator or to the custom email address entered by admin.

  • Captures guest users as well as logged in users who have abandoned cart. Recover them easily by 1 click.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Location of the Recover abandoned cart for WooCommerce plugin after activation
  • Settings tab
  • Exit Intent popup settings tab


  1. Upload the plugin files to the „/wp-content/plugins/recover-wc-abandoned-cart” directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the „Plugins” screen in WordPress.
  3. Look for the page „Abandoned Carts” under „WooCommerce” menu – WooCommerce abandoned carts data collected from your checkout form will be saved here unless the user completes the checkout process.
  4. Optionally setup Exit Intent notice that will be displayed to unregistered users in case the user has added items to his shopping cart and tries to leave your shop.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

When would a cart be considered as abandoned?

Any customer who fills his details but misses checking out or purchasing the item/product/service for a period of over 60 minutes is considered as abandoned cart.

When is the cart and checkout form data saved?

Data and information about the cart is saved right after the user gets to the Checkout form and one of the following events happen:

  • Correct email address is entered
  • Phone number is entered

In case a user is logged in, the shopping cart will be instantly captured as soon as an item is added to the cart. After this, the cart will be instantly updated if it is altered or an item is removed from the cart.

If a customer completes the checkout process and arrives on the WooCommerce „Thank you” page, the abandoned cart details are removed from the abandoned cart table and the Checkout form fields are cleared.

How to set contents of Exit Intent popup?

A simple box where you can input text is given for admin. Normal text which can showcase discount coupon and information for the customer right before they close the tab or leaving the store without purchase.


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  • Resolved translated issue in recover-wc-abandoned-cart.php file.


  • Resolved translated issue in cartemail.php file.


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5


  • Resolved exit intent popup issue.


  • Session removed and tweaked a function. Checked compatibility with latest WooCommerce and WordPress as well.


  • Code optimizer.


  • Fixed duplicate session issue with WooCommerce.


  • Resolved abandoned cart issue for few servers.


  • Responsive and mobile friendly done.


  • Done changes as per reviewer suggestions and plugin guidelines.


  • Done changes as per reviewer suggestions and plugin guidelines.


  • First version of the plugin