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Product barcode generator | WooCommerce barcode Generator

Product barcode generator | WooCommerce barcode Generator


Product barcode generator is an auto barcode (bar code) generator plugin for WooCommerce products and orders. Barcodes are generated automatically as soon as the plugin is activated.

All product barcodes are unique and it created based on Product SKU number and Product ID. You will find the barcode on the product edit page.

This plugin will also generate the order barcode. You will find the order barcode on the Order Page.On the order page, you will find the order barcode which is based on the order ID or transaction ID or custom.

Automatic creation and display, easy customization, all product types supported, live preview and many more features are included in this plugin.

Frontend Demo | Backend Demo


WooCommerce Product Barcode: After activation of the plugin, barcode images will be generated automatically for all new and old products. This barcode will display on both the front end and back end of the site. The product barcode generator plugin generates barcodes based on product SKU number, product ID, order number, and transaction number.

Automatically Generate barcode content: The content (number) of the barcode will be generated automatically. when the plugin is activated, a unique 6 to 9 digit barcode number will be automatically generated for each product as barcode content. The barcode image will be generated from this number.

This barcode number will be generated for all WooCommerce products except variable child product (Premium). Such as Simple product, variable parent product, group product, and external product.

Custom barcode number: You can easily create custom barcode numbers for product barcode with this plugin, do it in two ways

Custom Product barcode from edit page: The barcode content can be changed from the settings page. You can also create custom barcodes for different products. Custom barcodes are created on the product edit page. in the premium versionthis facility is also available for changing variable child products. You can also create custom barcodes from the Quick Edit option in the WooCommerce Shop. Demo of Custom barcode

Custom product barcode via Quick Edit: The barcode number is quickly system-supported. This means you can create custom barcodes from the quick edit option on the WooCommerce product page For this, you go to WooCommerce> Products > All Products. Now click on the quick edit option for the selected product and input the barcode number. The barcode number and barcode image will be changed immediately. No need to open the product edit page. Quick Edit Demo

Support all Data Type: All WooCommerce new products and old products barcodes can be created. And barcodes are created for all product data types. Such as Simple products, Grouped products, External/Affiliate products, and Variable Parent products.

Barcode Format: With this plugin, you can create barcodes of 4 types of formats. All popular formats will be found here. eg: CODE128(Auto), EAN13, EAN8,UPC(A).

WooCommerce Order Barcode: This barcode plugin helps you create barcode images for WooCommerce orders. Automatically generates barcodes for each new order and old order. which it displays on the order page. to find them, you need to go to WooCommerce > Orders. By default, the barcode number will come from the order number or transaction number.

Product barcode on order page: On the order page, a barcode image will be generated under the name of all the products that are ordered. which is the barcode of that product. These Product barcodes are automatically generated and displayed. Product barcode images will be generated on the order page for all orders both old and new. These product barcodes can be found on email templates and PDF invoices. You can see this if you click on the OrderPage demo below. view demo

  • Product barcode image can be downloaded from the product edit page

  • Has the facility to change the color of the barcode line

  • Has the facility to use color in the background

  • Has the facility to change the height and width of the barcode

  • Barcode labels, position, and alignment allow customization of typography

  • Product name and product price can be shown or removed

  • There is a facility to print barcode images with the product name and product price from the product edit page

  • Benefit from live preview feature for barcode customization

Extra Features for Premium

Barcode on product page: On the product page barcodes can be displayed with the Premium version This will be done automatically. This means that barcodes can be viewed on a single product page when the plugin is activated. The automatic feature can be changed from the plugin settings page. For variable products, the barcode will automatically change as the product attributes change. Frontend Demo

There are also shortcodes for displaying barcodes on a single product page. This means you can display the barcode of your preferred place using the shortcode. This shortcode can be used in WooCommerce templates and can be used in page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, DIVI, etc.

Barcode on shop page: Product barcodes can be automatically displayed on the store page. Barcodes on the store page do not contain the product price and product name. Users can turn on or off the auto show on the store page functionality from the settings page. Barcode has the facility to show on the store page as well as the category page and tag pages. Shop Page Demo

Bulk print of barcodes: Bulk print facility. Easily find all products on one page and can print. Again you can do category-wise filtering to short out products. If you select a category, all the products under that category will be displayed only. That is, only the products of that category can be printed. You can print barcode images for all products or specific products in your store with one click. [Bulk Print Demo] (https://barcode.dipashi.com/)

Download all barcodes from one page: With the help of the plugin, you can download the barcode of all the products of your shop page from one page. Besides, you will get the facility of filtering product categories. [Live Demo for Download Page] (https://barcode-admin.dipashi.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=pbar_downbar)

**Automatically Generate barcode for Variable Child Product **: The content (number) of the barcode will be generated automatically. when the plugin is activated, a unique 6-digit barcode number will be automatically generated for each Variable Child product as barcode content.

Extra 10 types of Format in Premium: in the Premium version you can create barcodes of 14 types of formats. All popular formats will be found here. eg: CODE128 (Auto). EAN-13 . EAN-8 . UPC(A). CODE128A . CODE128B. CODE128C . CODE39. ITF. MSI MSI10. MSI11 . MSI1010 . pharma code

After a completed order you will receive the order barcode by email: The premium version will generate auto barcode images for all new and old orders on your WooCommerce Site. As soon as a new order is completed, the order barcode will be printed on the order mail. There will be separate barcodes for the products ordered along with the order barcode in the order email. Both the customer and seller will see the order barcode in the mail. Order Barcode will provide a unique advantage to manage your sales process. Order Email Demo

Variable Product barcode (both parent and child): The premium plugin can generate barcodes for both variable products and child products. The barcode changes automatically as the product features change on the front end. see the live demo of the backend to understand. Check demo

Adding A User
Admin can add a user to the plugin settings page and print the page. As a result, the user will get access to the plugin setting pages and print pages. The admin can add the below users. Editor | Author | contributor | subscriber | customer | shop manager


Barcode on PDF Invoice: This plugin is integrated with PDF invoices and packing slips plugin. After placing an order, the seller and customer will receive the order barcode and product barcode printed on the order email attached to the PDF invoice. Live backend Demo

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This plugin does not connect to any third-party applications. It does not collect or store any user information. This plugin generates barcode images from pure JavaScript. barcode images are not saved to any file.


Give any suggestions or feedback, thank you for using or trying our plugin. Please let us know about your experience and rate this plugin.

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Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress and select Plugins > Add new
Search for “ Product Barcode Generator”
Click “Install” and “Activate”.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

What is a barcode or bar code

A barcode (bar code) is a visual image or bar. which is a method of representing data in machine-readable form. Initially, barcodes represent data by varying the width, spacing, and shape of parallel lines.

How long is the barcode valid?

Its validity is lifetime. Barcodes will never be lost

What to include to create a barcode?

This plugin generates unique barcodes for each product. The barcode will take its content from the product SKU, ID, and automatic barcode number (premium). and the barcode image will be automatically generated based on that.

Is the barcode stored somewhere inside WordPress?

No, the barcode is generated instantly on the web page Barcode images are not stored in any files on your WordPress site.

If the product URL is changed, will the barcode be changed?

No, barcodes are created based on product ID or SKU. So it doesn’t depend on the URL of the product. It depends on the product ID or SKU. The barcode will change if the SKU is changed

Will the plugin work on all themes?

Yes, this plugin will work on such WordPress themes that are WooCommerce-supported.

Does this plugin require the WooCommerce plugin to activate?

Yes, this plugin will only work if the WooCommerce plugin is enabled on the WordPress site. Because it only generates barcodes for WooCommerce products and WooCommerce orders.

Are the barcodes are Ad free?

Yes, it is 100% ad-free

Where is the barcode location for WooCommerce Products

You will find it on the edit product page. Click on Edit and look at the right sidebar


2023-10-27 1 odpowiedź
Bought a license. The plugin bricked my site by modifying the Woo single product template (I think) . Products could no longer be added to cart, and basic fields like description, were no longer showing. Asked for refund – no refunds. Worst experience with buying plugins. Should have listened to other reviewers.
2023-09-02 2 odpowiedzi
This plugin crashed my site, and I still work on recovering it! Waste of time…
2023-07-06 4 odpowiedzi
You need the paid version to show the barcode in the product page
2022-12-13 2 odpowiedzi
Pretty straightforward and easy to use plugin for automatically generating barcodes from product SKUs and IDs.
2022-08-29 2 odpowiedzi
Not a great product. Standard features but lack of proper printing options. Worst customer support experience.
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„Product barcode generator | WooCommerce barcode Generator” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian


Added Barcode number field which is automatically generated
Added custom Barcode number quick edit field for product
Added print and download button on order barcode
barcode on metabox EAN13 generator issues solved
barcode on product metabox location change from slide to advance


Compatibility has been updated


Added product barcode to order page.
Fixed print issue on edit product page.
Added fonts for barcode labels, product name, and product price.


Compatibility has been updated


Added auto-detect barcode format


Added order barcode
Added barcode color and background color
Customization with barcode height


Compatibility has been updated


CSS issue fixed


Added EAN8 format


  • Added EAN13, UPC (A) format
  • Added font size for product titles and prices
  • Added barcode width customization


  • Added plugins