Wtyczka nie została przetestowana z trzema ostatnimi głównymi wydaniami WordPressa. Może nie być już utrzymywana lub obsługiwana, co może skutkować problemem ze zgodnością z nowszymi wersjami WordPressa.

PB Unblock some IPs


PB Unblock some IPs lets you block the access to your website when developing (like on a staging environment) – but unblock some IPs for viewing. No more hassle with .htaccess files and passwords!


  • Toggle blocking on / off from settings page or admin top bar
  • Blocks all IP addresses by default but will allow certain IPs to view the website on the frontend
  • A 404 frontend page will appear to blocked IPs (with no-index, no-follow code and PHP 404 header) so bots won’t index
  • Blocked users can click a link which sends an 'unblock request’ to a chosen e-mail address
  • Add line separated IP addresses in the settings for who should be able to view the website
  • WP-Admin can be fully accessed in any time (even with custom or secure admin URL)

Zrzuty ekranu

  • View of the plugin admin settings
  • What a blocked visitor will see on the front-end (no e-mail link)
  • What a blocked visitor will see on the front-end (with e-mail link)
  • The e-mail you will get after an 'Unblock Request’ is send


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the zip within WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the settings (left sidebar) – 'Settings > PB Unblock some IPs’ or from Admin Top Bar.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Will the plugin change code on my website

No, the plugin is non-destructive and will only work when activated.

Can I still login after activating

Yes, all URLS except the „WP-Admin” are being blocked. When you use a custom url (like „Hide Login plugin”) make sure you enter the slug on the Settings section of the plugin.

Why is the admin settings colored so super funky?

Because I like colours and it’s possible 🙂


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Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

„PB Unblock some IPs” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian

0.7.6 [2022.03.29]

  • Updated to WordPress 5.9.2
  • Updated: Updated version number

0.7.5 [2021.08.17]

  • Updated to WordPress 5.8
  • Updated: Updated version number

0.7.4 [2020.03.29]

  • Added: Video tutorial on plugin directory page
  • Updated: Minor text changes
  • Updated: Updated version number
  • Celebrating: Plugin available for over 1 year!

0.7.3 [2020.01.13]

  • Added: Blocked users can send an 'Unblock Request’ by clicking a link if an e-mail is filled in the settings
  • Optimized: Minor typos
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code
  • Optimized: New Facebook URL
  • Optimized: Updated version number

0.7.2 [2019.10.16]

  • Fixed: Resolved a minor PHP undeclared variable error when 'error reporting’ is on
  • Optimized: Updated version number

0.7.1 [2019.10.15]

  • Added: Status in Admin Top Bar (Green when active & Red when inactive)
  • Optimized: Larger textarea for IPs, with line separation (instead of commas)
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code
  • Optimized: Rewrote some texts and updated version number
  • Removed screenshots from plugin folder
  • Removed 'css-map’ files

0.7.0 [2019.05.15]

  • Added: Field for a Custom (secure) Admin URL if using
  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section

0.6.1 [2019.05.14]

  • Fixed: Minor variable issue
  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section

0.6.0 [2019.05.08]

  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code

0.5.0 [2019.03.23]

  • Initial Release