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NassWallet Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


NassWallet for WooCommerce is developed to accept payments through NassWallet payment gateway from WooCommerce stores.

By default, NassWallet payment gateway accepts only IQD as currency unit. However, you can enable Multi currency Support Option from the plugin settings in order to accept payments in different Currencies. For that you need to set an accurate exchange and up to date rate against IQD in which the plugin will use to calculate and change the order amount to IQD. It will be the merchant’s responsiblity to set an accurate exchange rate against the IQD. The developer is not responsible for setting incorrect or outdated rates.

In case of the failure payments, by default we will redirect the customer to the main home page. In order to change this behavior, you can set the redirection URL option from the settings with the full page URL that you want the user to redirect to it.

The customer will be redirected to the checkout page for Successful payments.

In order to accept payments and use NassWallet in Production Environment, you will need to contact NassWallet Team from this link: Become a Partner to open a permanent Account and start accepting payments through the gateway.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • NassWallet plugin settings.
  • NassWallet plugin settings
  • NassWallet Payment gateway.


After installing the application, you can start testing the plugin by using the predefined Test credentials.

By default, we have enabled Test mode, which enables you to use NassWallet in Test Environment in order to make sure everything works as expected.

You will need to untick the Test Mode from the settings and contact NassWallet Team, in order to use the plugin over Production Environment.

Contact NassWallet Team through: Become a Partner

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

What is NassWallet Payment gateway?

NassWallet is an innovative customer centric, convenient, powerful digital banking in Iraq which was created
to provide greater financial access to the largely unbanked but highly connected population of Iraq.

We have developed this plugin to make it easier for Store owners in WooCommerce to add NassWallet as their payment option with few clicks and with no hassle.

What is the use of this plugin?

It enables WooCommerce store owners to add NassWallet payment option to their stores.

Does this plugin support test mode and production mode

Yes, by enabling Test Mode in the Setting section, you can do test transactions.

Does this plugin require an SSL certificate?

Yes, in order to use this plugin, an SSL certificate must be installed on your site.

How to get Permanent NassWallet Account?

In order to get your permanent Merchant Account Credentials, you need send us a request to become a merchant over this link: Become a Partner

What curreny NassWallet Payment gateway accept

NassWallet accepts IQD unit only, but you can enable Multi currency option if your store is not based on IQD unit.


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