Mobile Contact Bar


Mobile Contact Bar is a compact and highly customizable plugin, which allows your visitors to contact you directly via mobile phones, or access your site’s pages instantly.

The settings page is available under the Settings → Mobile Contact Bar menu in the WordPress dashboard.


  • Icons for social media, call-to-actions, or any links to web pages
  • Simple and intuitive styling with the aid of the Real-time Model
  • Built-in icon picker with Font Awesome 6 integration
  • Customizable URLs using query string parameters
  • No data collection from your website’s visitors
  • Super easy to use, no coding required!

Special Actions

  • Scroll to Top of the page
  • WooCommerce Cart with Item Counter

Supported Protocols

  • http
  • https
  • mailto
  • skype
  • sms
  • tel
  • viber

Tested with

  • Twenty Twenty-Three
  • Twenty Twenty-Two
  • Twenty Twenty-One
  • Twenty Twenty
  • Twenty Nineteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Fifteen
  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Twenty Thirteen
  • Twenty Twelve
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Twenty Ten

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Button List meta box
  • Icons, Toggle meta boxes
  • Bar meta box
  • Settings → Mobile Contact Bar


First time Mobile Contact Bar user

Thank you for choosing Mobile Contact Bar! In order to create your bar, simply activate the plugin and visit the plugin’s page by clicking on MCB Contact Bar in your left navigation menu.
Once the plugin page loads, open the Bar box, choose the Display on Devices option, select the device type to enable the bar and then press the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
Mobile Contact Bar will automatically create a default bar with a couple of buttons for you.

Adding buttons to your bar

To add more buttons to your bar, open the Button List box, find a particular list item, select the checkbox, customize the icon and fill in the URI field.
In order to add more buttons, click on the New Button or on one of the icons at the top of the list.

Positioning and styling your bar

To set options for bar (positions, colors, borders, width, height, space, placeholder, etc.), open the Bar box and check the changes on the Real-time Model.
Open the Icons, Badges, or Toggle box and set options for icons, badges, or toggle, respectively.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

JavaScript disabled

The plugin works fine without JavaScript on the front-end of your site.
We use JavaScript on the front-end in two cases:
1. if the toggle is activated, then the plugin has an option for saving the toggle state in a cookie, and
2. Scroll to Top, Back in History, and Forward in History actions use inline JavaScript for their functionality.


You have full control over the single cookie which is called mobile_contact_bar_toggle.

Cleaning the cache

If your site is chached via a caching plugin such as WP Fastest Cache or Cache Enabler, then it is important to clean those caches after the Contact Bar has been enabled.
Also, if you disable the Contact Bar then the caches need to be cleaned again.

Custom colors for each button

Currently there is no built-in support in the plugin itself for adding different colors. But it is possible to add custom CSS to your site via Theme Customization, as described in this thread: different-color-for-each-button


2024-07-03 1 odpowiedź
Another great looking plugin that just does not work. Also, you have to use icons for everything. Where is the „Get a quote” icon? You need to add text and make it functional. You can’t add #anchor links. Most of the buttons just reload the page. You have to code all the info in html mystery code that breaks the page.
2024-01-22 1 odpowiedź
Excellent and very smart plugin. We could use even more icons because Font Awesome doesn’t have icon for e.g. Google Business Profile.
2023-12-11 1 odpowiedź
Adding „XFN attributes” option under „Add a query string parameter” would be appreciated. Thank you for your hard work and efforts.
2022-10-11 1 odpowiedź
It is very easy and useful. I recommend to all Wordpress users. Just a feedback: It can be very good if we can set different background colors to each button. I think this function will makes the plugin better.
2021-09-18 1 odpowiedź
Nice plugin! i use it on different websites and its fast to setup and there are many options.
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Rejestr zmian


  • [Fix] Update FA version number


  • [Fix] Location Dot icon name changes in FA 6





  • [Fix] Missing contact field „checked” notice




  • [Fix] Domain Path


  • [Fix] License version
  • [Fix] Requires at least has been changed to 4.6


  • [Fix] Add padding zero to toggle


  • [Fix] Add margin and padding to list items
  • [Update] Font Awesome 5.13.0





  • [Fix] Bar width and bar alignment issues



  • [Test] Tested up to WordPress 4.9



  • [Fix] array_filter() issue


  • [Fix] array_filter() issue


  • [Fix] Empty arrays issues


  • [Add] UI for sorting contacts
  • [Add] Option for setting subject, body, cc, bcc of email add-subject-and-body-to-email
  • [Add] Refreshed option page UI using meta boxes
  • [Fix] Prepared plugin for localization
  • [Fix] Sanitized phone number and add a plus sign (+) prefix
  • [Update] Font Awesome 4.7.0



  • [Fix] Admin styles
  • [Fix] Public styles
  • [Update] Font Awesome 4.6.1



  • [Fix] Improved setting and contact validation (sanitization)
  • [Fix] Set the default value of the fixed bar position to true
  • [Fix] Removed obsolated workarounds


  • [Upgrade] Official release


  • [Fix] Default option issue during network activation


  • [Add] Initial release