Login with Cognito


WordPress Login with Cognito plugin allows Login ( Single Sign-On ) to WordPress using AWS Cognito account credentials. You can SSO ( Single Sign-on )/Login to your WordPress site with Cognito using this plugin. This plugin uses OAuth protocol to achieve Single Sign-on. It also covers User Authentication with OAuth protocol and allow authorized user to login into WordPress site.

Single Sign-On ( SSO )

In simple term, Single Sign-On ( SSO ) means login into 1 site / application using the credentials of another app/site.
Example. If you have all your Users/Customers/Members/Employees stored on 1 site(ex. gmail, wordpress, etc.), lets say site A and you want all of them to register/login into your WordPress site say site B. In this scenario, you can register/login all your users of site A into Site B using the login credentials/account of Site A. This is called Single Sign-On or SSO.


  • WordPress Login with Cognito supports single sign-on / SSO with Cognito domain.
  • Single Sign On ( SSO ) Grant Support : Standard OAuth 2.0 Grant : Authorization Code
  • Auto Create Users : After SSO, new user automatically gets created in WordPress
  • Account Linking : After user SSO to WordPress, if user already exists in WordPress, then his profile gets updated or it will create a new WordPress User
  • Attribute Mapping : Login with Cognito supports username Attribute Mapping feature to map WordPress user profile username attribute.
  • Login Widget : Use Widgets to easily integrate the login link with your WordPress site
  • Redirect URL after Login : OAuth Login Automatically Redirects user after successful login.

No SSL restriction

  • Login to WordPress ( WordPress SSO ) using Cognito without having an SSL or HTTPS enabled site.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Plugin Configuration
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Login Button / Widget
  • WordPress Dashboard Login


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for cognito. Find and Install Login with Cognito plugin by miniOrange
  3. Activate the plugin

From WordPress.org

  1. Download WordPress Login with Cognito.
  2. Unzip and upload the Login with Cognito directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Login with Cognito from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

  1. Go to Settings-> Login with Cognito -> Configure OAuth, and follow the instructions
  2. Go to Appearance->Widgets ,in available widgets you will find Login with Cognito widget, drag it to chosen widget area where you want it to appear.
  3. Now visit your site and you will see login with widget.

For Viewing Corporation, Alliance, Character Name in user profile

To view Corporation, Alliance and Character Name in edit user profile, copy the following code in the end of your theme’s Theme Functions(functions.php). You can find Theme Functions(functions.php) in Appearance->Editor.

add_action( 'show_user_profile', 'mo_oauth_my_show_extra_profile_fields' );
add_action( 'edit_user_profile', 'mo_oauth_my_show_extra_profile_fields' );

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

I need to customize the plugin or I need support and help?

Please email us at info@xecurify.com or Contact us. You can also submit your query from plugin’s configuration page.

I need integration of this plugin with my other installed plugins like BuddyPress, etc.?

We will help you in integrating this plugin with your other installed plugins. Please email us at info@xecurify.com or Contact us. You can also submit your query from plugin’s configuration page.

Is it possible to set a different redirect URL after login & logout

Yes, With standard license you can set different redirect URL to redirect to after login as well as after logout.

For any other query/problem/request

Please email us at info@xecurify.com or Contact us. You can also submit your query from plugin’s configuration page.


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