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GroceryBuddy – Grocery Shop – Products Table – For WooCommerce

GroceryBuddy – Grocery Shop – Products Table – For WooCommerce


Grocery Shop – GroceryBuddy is a great plugin for grocery shops and local businesses which have products like vegitables, grocery and daily use products. Customers can select quantity of several products from single page to checkout without opening each product indvidually. Grocery shop WordPress plugin can bring a new life to your webiste by giving opportunity to your customers so they can easily checkout.
The bundle products feature is designed to load several products into 1 bundle and make it easy for customers to checkout.

GroceryBuddy can be used by grocery shops, fruits shops, vegitables shops, beverages shop, hardware stores, building material stores and many businesses who want their customers to order various WooCommerce products from a single page.

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GroceryBuddy is developed to extend the feature of WooCommerce by adding ability to have single page of all products to checkout. The beautiful accordion style categories and products have ability to enhance the search engine ranking and improve the user engagement on your shop page. Which will not make your customers life easy but will also increase your sales.

For e-commerce business owners who are using WooCommerce if they have hundreds of products they they can easily list them in a single page where products can be easily ordered.


I know its very simple to use the plugin but how i see the world definitely others don’t see with same glasses. For detailed instructions how you can add GroceryBuddy WooCommerce shop to your webiste check video below.

If you have any questions we are always there to help you.

⭐ GroceryBuddy FEATURES

Well we have kept the plugin as simple as possible to avoid putting more load on your website. So some of features in GroceryBuddy plugin for WooCommerce:

  • Featured products to show on top
  • Add products to cart by just adjustment in quantity AJAX
  • Easy checkout and increase the sales
  • Products devided into categories to make it easy for customers to search – Accordion support
  • Bundle products to add several products and make 1 product out of them
  • Delivery charges on orders less than given value
  • 💎 Variations Support (Pro)
  • 💎 Ability to Exclude Categories (Pro)
  • 💎 Ability to Exclude Products by IDs (Pro)
  • 💎 Sort Categories Ability (Pro)
  • 💎 Flat Shipping Rate (Pro)
  • 💎 Order Discount If meet minimum criteria (Pro)
  • 💎 Additional or Shipment fee if does not meet minimum criteria. e.g $50 or less orders additional fees 10$ (Pro)
  • 💎 Better Styling Options (Pro)
  • 💎 24/7 Premium Support (Pro)


Once you have installed and activated the plugin the next process is very simple.

Just go to Grocery option in wp-admin section and copy the shortcode [wgby_product_page]. Then create a shop page where you want to show products stacked or in list or accordion view.

Zrzuty ekranu

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Install plugin to your WordPress then follow steps below.

  1. Install GroceryBuddy by going to wp-admin >> Plugins >> Install
  2. After activating plugin go to plugin settings page
  3. Copy GroceryBuddy Shortcode and paste in a page [wgby_product_page]
  4. Then do the settings as per your requirements

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Can we translate GroceryBuddy WordPress plugin?

Yes this plugin can be translated into any language. You can just use Loco translate WordPress plugin to enable translation. Or you can go to wordpress.org translation page to contribute into translation.

Is WooCommerce required?

Yes this plugin can only work with WooCommerce and will not work without WooCommerce installed and active.

Is there a limit to products on a page?

No you can add as many products as you want into single page and distribute them into various categories.


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