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Get Tweets in PHP


This plugin will add the PHP class GetTweetsInPhp. You can use this class as described below for retrieving latest tweets from a Twitter account, then handle the tweets as you want in your PHP code.

Note: you should create a Twitter app before using this plugin. You can do it from here: http://apps.twitter.com.


  • Get latest N tweets from a Twitter account.
  • Get the tweet’s text formatted as HTML (with links for each entities).
  • Cache support.
  • Made for developers.
  • Really light and simple.
  • Works with the v1.1 Twitter API.
  • Trivial install/uninstall (only add/remove the plugin’s files).
  • No any data will be permanently stored in your database (only transient data
    if the cache is enabled).
  • Proudly coded by Netgloo.

Example usage

Get and show latest tweets from @netglooweb:

// Set configurations
$configs = [
  // Set here tokens from your Twitter's app
  'consumer_key' => 'CONSUMER_KEY', 
  'consumer_secret' => 'CONSUMER_SECRET',

  // The Twitter account name
  'screen_name' => 'netglooweb',

  // The number of tweets
  'count' => 5,

// Get latest tweets using the function get_tweets
$tweets = \Netgloo\GetTweetsInPhp::get_tweets($configs);

// ...

// For each tweet show the HTML text and the attached image
foreach ($tweets as $tweet) {

  echo "<p>";
  echo $tweet->n_html_text;

  if ($tweet->n_has_media_photo) {
    echo "<img src='{$tweet->n_media_photo_url}' width='100%' />";

  echo "</p>";


// ...

That’s all! Have fun!


The get_tweets() function takes an array of configurations:

$configs = [

  // --- Required ---

  // The tokens from your Twitter's app
  'consumer_key' => '...',
  'consumer_secret' => '...',

  // The Twitter account name
  'screen_name' => '...',

  // --- Optional ---

  // The number of tweets
  'count' => 20,

  // Include also the retweets
  'include_rts' => true,

  // In the HTML text will be showed "Retweeted by ..." if the tweet
  // is a retweet
  'show_retweeted_by' => true,

  // Enable the cache
  // It is recommended to activate the cache, when you put live 
  // your website, in order to avoid to reach the Twitter's api rate
  // limit of 300 requests / 15-min.
  'cache_enabled' => false,

  // Cache expiration (in seconds)
  // Increase the value to optimize the website's speed, decrease
  // the value if you want a more real-time behaviour (but not
  // less than 4 seconds to avoid to reach the rate limit).
  'cache_expiration' => 60,

  // Templates

  // Retweeted by text template
  'retweeted_by_template' => 
    '<em> Retweeted by {{user_name}}</em>',

  // Hash tag link template
  'hashtag_link_template' => 
    '<a href="{{hashtag_link}}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">' .

  // Url link template
  'url_link_template' => 
    '<a href="{{url_link}}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ' .

  // User mention link template
  'user_mention_link_template' => 
    '<a href="{{user_mention_link}}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ' .

  // Media link template
  'media_link_template' => 
    '<a href="{{media_link}}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ' .


$tweets = \Netgloo\GetTweetsInPhp::get_tweets($configs);

Returned values

The get_tweets() function will return an Array of tweets. On each tweet object are available these properties:

  • n_html_text (String) The tweet text formatted as HTML, with links on each entities.
  • n_is_retweeted (Boolean) True if the curret tweet is a retweet.
  • n_has_media_photo (Boolean) True if the current tweet has an attached photo.
  • n_media_photo_url (String) The url of the tweet’s attached photo.
  • n_media_photo_urls (Array) If the tweet has more than one attached photos this properties contains all the urls.

Other available properties are those returned from the user_timeline Twitter’s API.
These are some useful ones:

  • created_at
  • retweet_count
  • user->name
  • user->screen_name
  • user->profile_image_url

If the properties n_is_retweeted is true the current tweet is a „re-tweet” and the retweeted_status object is available:

  • retweeted_status->user->name
  • retweeted_status->user->screen_name
  • retweeted_status->retweet_count


This code use some of the above properties:

// ...

$tweets = \Netgloo\GetTweetsInPhp::get_tweets($configs);

foreach ($tweets as $tweet) {
  echo $tweet->created_at . "<br/>";
  echo $tweet->n_html_text . "<br/>";
  if ($tweet->n_has_media_photo) {
    echo $tweet->n_media_photo_url  . "<br/>";

// ...


Since we rely on the Twitter’s user_timeline API, you should read the following docs for taking in account any API’s limitation:

  • https://dev.twitter.com/rest/reference/get/statuses/user_timeline
  • https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public/timelines


For patches, bug reports, suggestions, requests for features there is a Git repository on GitHub here:



To work this plugin, following component need to be installed in your server.

  • PHP version 5.3 or higher
  • cURL
  • WordPress 4.2.2 or higher


Put the plugin to your WordPress’ plugins folder and activate it from the Admin Backend.


Just delete the plugin from WordPress.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Why the „n” before your custom tweet’s properties?

Our custom properties (i.e. properties not from the Twitter’s API) are prefixed with an „n”. The „n” is the first character in „Netgloo” ;).


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„Get Tweets in PHP” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Rejestr zmian


  • Custom HTML templates for links and „retweeted by” text.
  • New hashtag link: https://twitter.com/hashtag.
  • Get media urls with https.
  • Cache disabled by default (as in the documentation).


  • Bug fix setting transient cache name.


  • First release.