Google Cloud Storage plugin


Google Cloud Storage plugin allows you to upload media files to a
Google Cloud Storage bucket.


  1. Download the plugin and place it in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Enable this plugin in the WordPress admin UI,

  3. Configure your Google Cloud Storage bucket in the plugin setting

  4. In Google Cloud Console, set the default acl of the bucket so that
    allUsers can read.

Depending on your environment, you may need to configure a Google
Service Account to call the APIs.

To run this plugin on Google App Engine for PHP 7.2, it will work
without additional configuration.

To run this plugin on Google Compute Engine or App Engine Flexible,
you will need to do the following:

  • Visit Cloud Console, go to Compute -> instances and select
    the instance where WordPress is running.

  • Stop the instance.

  • Once the instance has stopped, click Edit and you can now
    modify the scopes under Cloud API access scopes. Change
    the Storage scope from Read Only to Full.

If you want to run this plugin outside of Google Cloud Platform, you
need to configure your service account as follows:

  • Visit Cloud Console, go to IAM & Admin -> Service accounts
    and create a service account with Storage Object Admin
    permission and download the json key file.

  • Upload the json key file to the hosting server. Don’t put it
    in a public serving area.

  • Add the following line to wp-config.php (replace the file path
    with the real one).



Q. The plugin crashes with No project ID was provided, and we
were unable to detect a default project ID
, what’s wrong?

A. See the section about configuring the service account in the
Installation section.

Q. How to configure the default ACL on my Google Cloud Storage bucket?

A. See:


1 lipca 2020 should not do that! poor insturction, not working either way API or Json file, maybe as I am under cloudflare? don't know, what about the compatibility with other cdn plugins?
19 czerwca 2018
Maybe the instructions should include the updated wording: Visit Cloud Console, go to IAM & Admin -> Service accounts and create a service account with Storage Admin role and download the json key file. And keep in mind to make the bucket publicly available:
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