Facebook Reviews


Why better to use Business version of the plugin

The plugin display Facebook Page Reviews on your websites in sidebar widget to get more traffic and user trusts.

This plugin uses the Facebook Graph API and requires an admin rights to the FB page to get the reviews.

Online demo

Plugin Features

  • Free!
  • SEO
  • Trim long reviews with „read more” link
  • Support page builders: Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Divi
  • Display all Facebook page reviews per location
  • Shows real reviews from Facebook users to increase user confidence
  • Easy get of Facebook pages and instantly show reviews
  • Review list theme
  • Pagination
  • Support dark websites
  • Nofollow, target=”_blank” links
  • Fast cache (zero load time)

Get More Features with Business version!

Upgrade to Business

  • Merge reviews between each other from different platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp) and places
  • Trying to get more than 5 Google reviews
  • Google Rich Snippets (schema.org)
  • Support shortcode, powerful Shortcode Builder
  • Slider/Grid themes to show G+ reviews like testimonials
  • Facebook Trust Badge (right/left fixed or embedded)
  • ‚Write a review’ button to available leave Google review directly on your website
  • Show/hide any elements (business, reviews, avatars, names, time and etc)
  • Any Sorting: recent, oldest, rating, striped
  • Include/Exclude words filter
  • Custom Facebook page photo
  • Minimum rating filter
  • Priority support

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Please keep in mind that plugin requests Facebook permission manage_pages to read your page reviews and show it in the widget.


  • Email support support@richplugins.com
  • Live support https://richplugins.com/forum

Zrzuty ekranów

  • Facebook Reviews widget
  • Facebook Reviews sidebar


  1. Unpack archive to this archive to the ‚wp-content/plugins/’ directory inside of WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Sierpień 20, 2019
Very bad paid formula ($ 85 / year is the price of far more useful plugins), without paying you can not do anything other than put a widget in the side bar ... super. Immediately uninstalled. I would have certainly pay for the product if the free version wasn't so mingy.
Czerwiec 13, 2019
I had an issue with the plugin, emailed the support & had a very quick and pleasant response that lead me to resolve my issue no problem. Will be looking forward to the Business Edition when my company grows. Thank you!
Luty 11, 2019
the only plugin available and does what it is supposed to – with great and very helpful support! i had an issue which lead to them adding a completely new feature to fix it!
Przeczytaj 29 recenzji

Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

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Log zmian


  • Check and fix all translations


  • Bugfix: fix French translation
  • Bugfix: fix German translation
  • Bugfix: css max-width photo conflict


  • Update to WordPress 5.2
  • Bugfix: conflict with a Bootstrap css in the widget


  • Update readme and links to the business version


  • Improve: update user picture dimension to 120×120
  • Improve: use Graph API with picture and open_graph_story


  • Improve: option for image lazy loading


  • Bugfix: fixed problem with duplicate image function


  • Improve: Facebook avatars lazy loading
  • Bugfix: fixed problem with Facebook avatars


  • Improve: ‚read more’ link feature
  • Improve: added centered option
  • Improve: update widget design
  • Improve: update setting page design


  • Update plugin to WordPress 5.0
  • Improve: the single Facebook page selected by default after connection in the widget
  • Bugfix: fixed the issues with working on site builders (SiteOrigin, Elementor, Beaver Builder and etc)


  • Important note: introduced support of Facebook recommendations, negative is considered as 1 star, positive recommendation 5 stars


  • Bugfix: remove checking of App ID and App Secure in the widget


  • Important note: Facebook has returned the right to get page reviews for our application while verification is in progress. The verification process can take up to several weeks and you can use the plugin in this time without any issues. Please re-install all widgets: make ‚Log In with Facebook’ again, select the page and save each widget.
  • Improve: new option in the ‚Advance Options’ panel, if Facebook returns error, the plugin can show the latest success response


  • Important note: Facebook still does not review our application to get page reviews and we introduced a workaround: now you need to create Facebook application yourself, save ‚App ID’ and ‚App Secret’ keys on the setting page and make ‚Connect to Facebook’ again in the widget to restore the reviews


  • Feature: added option to disable user profile links
  • Improve: the default number of reviews has increased to 250
  • Bugfix: fixed broken FB profile links
  • Bugfix: remove deprecated function create_function()


  • Improve: support of SiteOrigin builder
  • Update plugin’s icon


  • Bugfix: remove incorrect div from the theme


  • Feature: Added pagination
  • Feature: Added maximum width and height options
  • Bugfix: replace http_build_query to string concatenation in API response
  • Bugfix: triggered change event in the widget to enable save button
  • Bugfix: corrected time ago messages


  • Fixes incorrect release 1.2.9


  • Improve: some fixes of Facebook Ratings API
  • Bugfix: incorrect dates in the Safari browser
  • Update plugin to WP 4.9


  • Bugfix: widget caching
  • Added Swedish language (sv_SE)


  • Widget options description corrected
  • Bugfix: time translation for Danish language


  • Bugfix: Facebook account’s page limit expanded
  • Improve: Added Facebook Page Ratings API limit parameter in advance options


  • Bugfix: cURL proxy fix
  • Bugfix: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION for curl used only with open_basedir and safe_mode disable
  • Improve: change permission from activate_plugins to manage_options for the plugin’s settings
  • Improve: extract inline init script of widget to separate js file (rplg.js), common for rich plugins
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.8
  • Added French language (fr_FR)
  • Added Colombia language (es_CO)


  • Bugfix: Cannot redeclare rplg_json_decode
  • Bugfix: Cache plain API response instead of JSON


  • Full refactoring of widget code
  • Bugfix: widget options check
  • Bugfix: SSL unverify connection
  • Added debug information
  • Added Danish language (da_DK)
  • Added Dutch language (nl_NL)


  • Added Turkish language (tr_TR)
  • Added Italian language (it_IT)


  • Bugfix: review text can be empty


  • Bugfix: ‚NaN undefined’ date/time in IE and Safari


  • Bugfix: time-ago on English by default, update readme