EAS EU compliance


Note! EAS Registration is required. Register at https://easproject.com

IOSS, OSS, Non-Union OSS and UK VAT – EAS automates your EU & UK VAT and Customs compliance.

With EAS selling to all EU countries and UK is just as easy as your domestic sales, or even easier!

EAS removes all the tax and customs compliance barriers preventing your sales throughout the whole EU!

How to get started?

Getting started is easy! EAS makes you EU and UK compliant within minutes.

  1. Register at https://easproject.com
  2. Install the EAS Plugin, or request free EAS installation assistance
  3. If you decide to install the plugin your self, please follow setup instructions at the EAS Help Center.

EAS tool provides you with:

  • Better customer experience for EU and UK consumers
  • The best full landed cost calculator on the market
  • Reduced VAT rates for better margins
  • IOSS registration without fixed fees or minimum volumes
  • Fully automated EU-wide VAT reporting
  • HS6 codes assigning
  • Blockchain data security

IOSS registration without registration, monthly fees or minimum volumes

EAS all-inclusive IOSS service is transaction fee based only. The service includes IOSS registration, IOSS intermediary service, WooCommerce Plugin, IOSS reporting and IOSS filing. EAS handles the complex, so you can focus on your customers.

Introducing UK extension – fully automated UK sales

With the new UK extension + EAS EU Compliance, you can cover more than half a billion consumers with one APP. EAS makes UK sales easier than ever. The EAS APP calculates UK VAT, creates VAT reports, files the reports, and invoices and pays the required VAT.

OSS and Non-Union OSS

EAS tool supports all the EU VAT schemes, even if you are warehousing your products in multiple countries.

Everything is automated, and no manual use of the EAS tool is required.

Start by installing the EAS compliance plugin and registering at https://easproject.com, or contact us via email or visitthe EAS website and book a meeting.

Transparent and clear pricing

The transaction fee is simple and transparent, you always know the charges. We do only charge for cross-border sales. In other words, if you don’t use it, there are no charges.

Full pricing at https://easproject.com

Available in the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Swedish

The following currency switcher plugins are supported:

  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher from WooCommerce Payments by Automattic
  • WPML WooCommerce Multi-currency by OnTheGoSystems
  • WC Currency Switcher by realmag777
  • Multi Currency for WooCommerce by VillaTheme

EAS EU compliance Features

  • Smart VAT calculator: all 600.000+ reduced rates in use. Your customer knows the whole amount due (including VAT and all applicable customs duties) on purchase and you provide a better customer experience.
  • Registration for OSS / IOSS special schemes with intermediary services when needed
  • VAT filing and payment management and support
  • UK VAT compliance with intermediary services when needed
  • Compliance with all schemes, Domestic, B2B, Import, Union and Non-Union schemes. EAS Solution supports all business models, including multi-warehouse.
  • Access to EAS Merchant dashboard that contains all invoices and reports
  • Ready-for-filing reports, including preparation of fiscal reports for all VAT special schemes, available free of charge in your Merchant dashboard.
  • All the data available in accountant friendly format, further reducing the need for manual work.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Only few configuation options to be set up on the main configuration screen.
  • EAS calculates EU taxes and uses reduced VAT rates.
  • No worries about OSS or IOSS reporting to authorities, everything is done by us.


  1. Register with EAS at https://easproject.com
  2. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugin directory
  3. Activate EAS EU compliance plugin through the 'Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  4. Go to WooCommerce → EAS EU compliance tab
  5. Input the following connection point for connection to EAS system API: https://manager.easproject.com/api.
  6. If you already registered, then obtain authorization keys in Merchant Dashboard https://dashboard.easproject.com. If no please register at https://easproject.com/
  7. Set the language interface for the Plugin (EN for English is set by Default).
  8. Tick the box „Enable EAS EU compliance” and press „Save changes” to test connection with API and create necessary EAS system attributes.
  9. If wrong credentials provided Plugin won’t activate and an error message will be displayed.
  10. Setup delivery options
  11. Setup additional product attributes
  12. Detailed instructions available at EAS Help Center or manual can be found in the plugin directory under the 'doc’ folder.

Manual installation

Follow instuctions from our Github Repo


I am based in the UK and was looking to sell ebooks, audiobooks and paperbacks worldwide. The changes in the laws relating to sales tax and VAT since Brexit mean that selling to the EU is now a bit of nightmare. EAS makes this easy, and their excellent customer support has been very responsive in troubleshooting any issues. They set it all up for me, ensured it was all working, and were also very helpful with regard to my generally clueless questions regarding tax and VAT. Highly recommended.
This plugin was chosen due to the fact that the plugin was supported by a team of professionals to assist with registering the company for an IOSS number and helping to setup the plugin for Tax & Duties rates for European Countries on the backend of our web store. So happy I granted access to EAS to the wordpress website because this simplified the whole process. Highly recommend this plugin and EAS services as it provides me the opportunity to sell and ship overseas with ease...
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Rejestr zmian


  • Fixed known issue with Delivery taxation desiplaying in the WooCommerce admin Dashboard
  • WordPress 6.2 compatibility verified
  • Coupons taxation improved


  • Error messages length reduced in the log
  • Languages updated
  • Fixed the issue with noitification of tracking number


  • Fixed bug with doubled notifications
  • Fixed issue with discounts application
  • Mechanism for post sale orders processing enhanced


  • Fixed bugs in the front end UI
  • New feature implemented. Combined WooCommerce VAT calculation engine and EAS EU compliance Engine, that gives flexible configuration of Taxes.


  • Minor bug fixed with processing orders without payment methods


  • Minor bugs fixed in the Admin dashboard
  • Added support for Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce by AlgolPlus


  • New operational mode „Standard mode” implemented. Now plugin supports third party VAT calculators
  • Some minor bugs fixed with delivery options and delivery/billing addresses
  • Improved Merchandise portal integration. Attributes processing works faster up 10 times
  • Minor changes to the Settings page implemented
  • Order creation process enhanced


  • Support of WordPress 6.1 revision implemented


  • United Kingdom (UK) orders support implemented
  • Support of currency switcher implemented
  • WPML advanced locales code supported


  • Administrative part of the plugin enhanced
  • Configuratoin of Design of the Calculate button added
  • Support of custom order Statuses implemented
  • Support of refunds enhanced
  • Support of tracking numbers by Ascendia implemented
  • Support of cart abandonment plugins implemented
  • Translations updated
  • Tracking of canceled orders implemented
  • Support of coupons enhanced (including WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency logic)


  • Some functions from PHP v8.* were detected and replaced by analogues


  • Delivery options support inhanced
  • Refund management inhanced
  • WPML multicurrency support inhanced
  • Support for smart coupons implemented
  • Additional shipping attributes supported
  • Support for customized Themes inhanced
  • Logic for different settings for displaying of taxes at Cart and Checkout steps changed
  • Translations updated


  • Woocommerce multy currency impelmented
  • WPML multy currency implemented


  • Code review and refactoring done
  • minor bugs fixed in checkout step


  • PayPal and Avarda support implemented


  • New method of checkout handling implemented
  • WPML supporting improved
  • Deduction of VAT from inclusive prices for the clients from non supported coutries implemented
  • Refund amount calculation improved


  • Multicurrency support enhanced
  • Multilanguage support enhanced (WPML)
  • Rounding issue in total cart fixed
  • Taxes and Duties handling rules changed


  • Implemented Required field in delivery address management


  • Implemented handling of orders created manually in admin section or via API methods


  • Suomi language updated
  • English wordings improved


  • Some bugs with differences in billing and shipping adresses fixed


  • Gift cards support implemented
  • Checkout process improved
  • Refund and Cancelation improved
  • Multi currency support implemented
  • German language added


  • SKU identification issue fixed
  • Bug fixed with TBE management


  • Refund functionality implemented
  • Capons and points and rewards support implemented
  • Some minor issues were fixed
  • Rounding issue for total order amount fixed


  • Multilingual support implemented
  • Suomi translation added
  • Delivery methods management enhanced
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
  • Fixed issue with custom theme support
  • Implemented support of renaming buttons of plugin


  • Code review according to Woocommerce standard requirements


  • Initial release