DynaMaker CAD Configurator Integration


– Easily embed your DynaMaker CAD Configurator on your WordPress page
– Easily change the size of the configurator to fit your page or post

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  • Example of an embedded DynaMaker CAD Tool
  • The DynaMaker CAD Configurator block and its settings in the WordPress editor
  • Where to find the button for adding the DynaMaker CAD Configurator


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Embed DynaMaker CAD Configurator


  1. Obtain a DynaMaker project ID. Use your own or try one of our demo projects, e.g. nlG3smhahc2.
  2. Install this plugin.
  3. Add a DynaMaker CAD Configurator block to a post or page (see screenshot 3).
  4. Configure your block with your DynaMaker project ID and optionally width and height.


Can I include multiple DynaMaker CAD Configurators on the same Page or Post?

Yes, simply add another DynaMaker CAD Configurator block from the blocks menu and configure it with the new project ID in the block settings.

How do I create my first configurator with DynaMaker?

By creating an account (or hire an expert) on dynamaker.com you can create your own 3D configurator or drawing tool from one of our template projects or from scratch. Signup for a community account and try one of our tutorials!

How can I test this without a configurator?

Try adding the ID one of our existing demo configurators, like nlG3smhahc2. Just add a block to a selected page or blog post and insert the ID in the block properties (to the right).


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