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It had a nice promise but unfortunately it doesn't work. In my case, the content is locked but no window are there to propose to like or something. I only tried with the free version and had the same issue as with the social locker plugin.
I was really hoping to write a good review for this plugin, but after a month of trying to get it to work on our site I finally had to give up. A few things to note: 1) Their support is non-existent. The plugin will not connect to the mail server via API (as advertised). I went back and forth with their support for almost a month and no one addressed the issue. 2) I eventually had my developer take a closer look at the plugin and discovered security issues along with sloppy code. We are working on fixing these issues and hoping to implement this plugin in the future. This plugin is a good starting point if you have a developer that can fix the coding and API issues. Otherwise, I'd recommend using a different plugin.
On desktop: - Click like however users must click several times (2 - 4 times). Moreover, content is unlocked after 2 - 4 seconds. It makes users disappointed, bad UX On Mobile: - Facebook Like doesn't work at all. Login Facebook fail. Even login Facebook successfully, nothing happens beside forward users to facebook app on mobile then content still locked after users come back the browsers (safari, chrome, opera). I tried manytimes on my iphone.
Even after enjoying it, it doesn't release content.
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