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2018-04-07 2 odpowiedzi
I’ve used it on a few sites – would love to put it on all my clients’ sites, but often it fails to connect to This is the message I get: Oops! Something went wrong 🙁 It could be that you are on a local development environment, or that we couldn’t contact We checked the url: [link removed] This is a live site – would love to get this working. Any ideas? I have now discovered a fix. If you install Comet Cache, there is a place – Apache Optimisations. Go there and turn on Gzip. Perhaps this changed to 'Off’ with an update to Comet Cache. but this has sorted the problem.
Enables GZip compression and don’t needs attention
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„Check and Enable GZIP compression” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.