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Online Buyer Survey by Bizrate Insights


Optimize Your CX Strategy with Real-Time Customer Feedback

Bizrate Insights helps you build better customer experiences and attract more qualified traffic to your ecommerce store using voice-of-customer (VoC) feedback collected from the Online Buyer Survey.

Understand what your business is doing right and improve with comments and ratings directly from verified customers.

Our solutions include unlimited survey invitations and responses with options for additional access and reporting. Due to our surveys being incentivized, we lead the industry in response rate. More responses, more data.

Read below to learn more about everything Bizrate Insights’ Online Buyer Survey has to offer.

Install Bizrate Insights Online Buyer Survey plugin today.

Collect More Feedback and Never Worry about Data Limits

Our flexible solutions allow retailers of all sizes to collect and analyze customer feedback without ever worrying about a data limit. That’s why all subscriptions to the Online Buyer Survey include unlimited access to basic data. Bizrate Insights will never charge you for the number of surveys you send out or the total customer responses you receive.

Track the Entire Customer Journey

Understand how your business is performing across the entire customer journey. The Online Buyer Survey covers the end-to-end shopping experience by engaging customers at two critical points: the point of sale and post-fulfillment. This unique approach helps ensure feedback is coming from verified buyers right when their experiences are top of mind.
The Point-of-Sale survey covers the experience leading up to the moment a customer clicks the checkout button. Three days after the anticipated delivery date of their order, the customer is emailed the Fulfillment survey covering the shipping experience and product satisfaction.

Discover All the Customer Insights without Any of the Data Analysis

You don’t need to be a data scientist or have an in-house team of analysts to get the most out of your survey results. VitalSigns is the easy-to-use reporting platform designed to turn data from your company’s Online Buyer Survey into actionable insights and comes standard with every subscription. By placing all your survey results in one central location, every team member will have instant access to invaluable metrics that can be used to empower their decision-making.

Get the Metrics That Matter Most

View quantitative and qualitative metrics that give a complete understanding of your company’s performance. These metrics range from key performance indicators (KPIs) like Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Buy Again, verbatim customer comments, and the industry-standard Net Promoter Score. This information is accessible within VitalSigns and organized in a series of interactive dashboards.

Increase Seller Ratings and Build Trust for Your Brand

Quickly grow your brand and build trust with customers using your Online Buyer Survey results. Seller Ratings Syndication is a built-in feature that seamlessly shares customer feedback gathered from your Online Buyer Survey directly with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This feedback populates your company’s merchant profiles on these search engines and appears in search ads.

See How You Stack Up to Competitors

Take results from your Online Buyer Survey out of a vacuum using comprehensive benchmarking tools. VitalSigns lets you see how your company’s performance stacks up against other retailers within the Bizrate Insights network. With thousands of participating companies across the U.S., we offer unmatched direct benchmarking tools designed specifically for ecommerce retailers looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Collect Customer Feedback at No Cost

Optimize your CX strategy and grow your business with real-time VoC feedback collected with the Online Buyer Survey. Download the WooCommerce extension and get started today. No matter the size of your company, you can set up a Bizrate Insights account and get all these features at no cost:
* Unlimited surveys: Collect and analyze customer feedback without worrying about a data cap.
* Seller Ratings Syndication: Customer comments and ratings are automatically shared with search engines like Google and displayed in search ads.
* KPI dashboards: Easily access metrics critical to your company’s success, including Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Recommend.
* Customer comment dashboard: View, track, and respond to customer comments as they come in.
* Dedicated customer support: Our team is always here to ensure you get the most out of your VoC data.

Zrzuty ekranu

  • Online Buyer Survey invitation
  • Survey questions collect customer experience metrics and verbatim comments
  • The VitalSigns reporting platform helps you quickly analyze your survey results
  • Fulfillment Survey Email invitation
  • Configure your Merchant Identifier
  • Configure custom settings


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.6.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce 5.0 or greater

Follow these 3 easy steps to install the plugin.

  • Download the .zip file from WordPress
  • Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin. Choose File (that you downloaded in step 1).
  • Once the file is installed, Activate the Plugin via the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin panel.

To configure the plugin, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration tab.

  • Enter a Merchant Identifier (MID)
    1. Use our test MID to get a feel for the user experience: 1003121
    2. Ready to start collecting live feedback? Sign up for a Merchant ID (MID) at Register.
  • The following optional configurations allow you to customize your Bizrate Insights integration:
    1. Product Reviews: Please enable product reviews if you would like consumers to review your product as part of their online purchase feedback. This optional feature requires an additional plug-in that supports GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). Please visit the WordPress marketplace to learn more about extensions that support GTIN.
    2. Web Analytics: If you wish to pass Bizrate your own Web Analytics Id, enable the feature and specify the id in the field provided.
    3. Custom Values: If you wish to pass custom values to Bizrate Insights for the purposes of custom reporting, please enable the feature and provide a custom name and value.

Need help with installation or configuration: Contact Us

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Can I customize the point-of-sale invitation?

There are several standard (free) versions of the point-of-sale invitation available. If a retailer prefers that the invitation have its own look and feel, or one that is merely different from what Bizrate offers, then retailers can create their own graphic for the invitation if it conforms to the size specifications of 500 x 455 pixels, functionally indicates an acceptance of the invitation with a click, and is approved by Bizrate Insights. (Fee applies.)

Do popup blockers prevent the survey invitation from rendering?

If a pop-up blocker is present on a consumers’ computer, then Bizrate’s buyer survey invitation will render in a DHTML format (a pop-in). No change to the code needs to be made by retailers for this functionality; it is already built into Bizrate’s code.

Can I customize Bizrate’s code?

Bizrate® Insights does not condone nor support customization of the buyers’ survey code beyond what is provided by Bizrate. Requests for customization should be submitted to Bizrate through a Bizrate Insights account manager or bizrateinsights@bizrate.com.

Can I customize the survey?

YES! Custom questions and custom formatting can be added to the standard survey as paid services. Please contact your Bizrate Insights account manager or email us at bizrateinsights@bizrate.com.

How does the standard order fulfillment invitation email look?

Three days after a consumer has indicated (on the point-of-sale survey) that they expect to receive their order, Bizrate emails the consumer an invitation to take a short survey about order receipt. The subject line for this email is “Thanks for your MerchantName Purchase! How’d it go?”. If the consumer does not respond to this invitation, then 5 days later, Bizrate issues one reminder email.

How does Bizrate Insights lead the industry in survey response rate?

After completing each survey, respondents are offered a reward worth up to $100 for their submission. Rewards include subscription-based services, such as popular magazine titles.

Customer service requests with respect to the surveys

We are happy to manage questions that originate from consumers as well as retailers. Consumer inquiries can be forwarded to Help. This email address may also be made available directly to consumers.

How can I get support for the plugin?

Questions with regard to the plugin installation, configuration, or similar technical questions can be sent to Support.

Bizrate’s buyers’ invitation and survey work with the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge


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