Use BitPay’s plugin to accept Bitcoin payments from customers anywhere on earth.

Key features:

  • Support all bitcoin wallets that support payment protocol
  • Price in your local currency, let customers pay with bitcoin
  • Have an overview of all your bitcoin payments in your BitPay merchant dashboard at
  • Refund your customers in bitcoin in your BitPay merchant dashboard at


This plugin requires Woocommerce. Please make sure you have Woocommerce installed.

  1. Get started by signing up for a BitPay merchant account.
  2. Download the latest version of the BitPay plugin from the WordPress site.
  3. Install the latest version of the BitPay plugin for Woocommerce:
    • Navigate to your WordPress Admin Panel and select Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
    • Select the downloaded plugin and click „Install Now”.
    • Select „Activate Plugin” to complete installation.

Connecting BitPay and Woocommerce

After you have installed the BitPay plugin, you can configure the plugin:

  1. Create a BitPay pairing code in your BitPay merchant dashboard:
    • Login to your BitPay merchant account and select Payment Tools -> Manage API Tokens -> Add New Token -> Add Token
    • Copy the 7 character pairing code
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and select „Plugins” -> „Settings” link for the BitPay plugin.
    • Paste the 7 character pairing code into the „Pairing Code” field in your BitPay plugin and click „Find”
    • Click „Save changes” at the bottom

Pairing codes need to be used once and are only valid for 24 hours. If a code expires before you get to use it, you can always create a new one and pair with it.

Nice work! Your customers will now be able to check out with bitcoin on your WordPress site.

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How do I pay a BitPay invoice?

You can pay a BitPay invoice with a Bitcoin wallet. You can either scan the QR code or copy/paste the payment link in your Bitcoin wallet.

More information about paying a BitPay invoice can be found here.

Does BitPay have a test environment?

BitPay allows you to create a test merchant account and a testnet Bitcoin wallet.

More information about the test environment can be found here.

The BitPay plugin does not work

If BitPay invoices are not created, please check the following:

  • The minimum invoice amount is USD 5. Please make sure you are trying to create a BitPay invoice for USD 5 or more (or your currency equivalent).
  • Please make sure your BitPay merchant account is enabled for your transaction amounts. In your BitPay merchant account, go to Settings -> General -> Increase Processing Volume
I need support from BitPay

When contacting BitPay support, please describe your issue and attach screenshots and the BitPay logs.

BitPay logs can be retrieved in your WordPress / Woocommerce environment:

  • Enable logging in your BitPay plugin: Plugins -> Settings -> Debug Log -> Enable logging
  • Download the logs from Plugins -> Logs

You can email your issue report to


Not working

Not working in newest Version.

Shows Error:
„Sorry, but Bitcoin checkout with BitPay does not appear to be working.”

Works (but may require extra work)

It took me a couple of iterations to get this plugin working. Turns out both mcrypt and bcmath are required. Install these and restart your webserver before attempting to pair, like so (on Debian’ish machines running Apache).

apt install php-mcrypt php-bcmath
service apache2 restart  

Does not work and show error on cart

Installed the plugin , did the pairing and then tried a test purchase but when bitcoin is selected on checkout page it show an error „Sorry but Bitcoin checkout with Bitpay does not appear to be working”

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Kontrybutorzy i deweloperzy

„bitpay-for-woocommerce” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.


Log zmian


  • (fixed via PHP package update) Price must be formatted as a float (#78)
  • Fixed WC 2.5 compatibility, with get_billing_email() error (#83)


  • Fixed wrong function call resulting in undefined wc_reduce_stock_levels() (#84)
  • Fixed syntax error in class-wc-gateway-bitpay.php (#80)
  • Fixed price must be formatted as a float (#78)
  • Added redirect page, displaying ‚payment successful’ even for unpaid invoices (#81)


  • Removed non-working option to disable BitPay from the BitPay plugin config page
  • Populate buyer email when creating BitPay invoice
  • WC v3 compatibility fixes
  • Change Mcrypt to OpenSSL (#77)
  • Improve logging around updating order states