Autolink Generator


This plugin generates and inserts additional links and AI-generated content into your WordPress posts, based on configured keywords matched in the content of your WordPress posts.


Install and activate the plugin.

Configure the plugin’s settings.

To stop the plugin, simply deactivate and/or uninstall the plugin.

Third party service description

This plugin relies on as a third party service, in order for the plugin to work.

The reason for using the third party service, is to generate additional AI content for posts, based on the content of existing posts.

No personal data is collected during the process.

As can be seen in the plugin’s source code, this plugin only uses the publicly visible content of a WordPress post, and information about the post, such as its WordPress permalink.

Links to the third party service:

Data received by the plugin via HTTP, is cached in the site’s local WordPress database. The database is not deleted when the plugin is uninstalled, to prevent unintentional data loss.

Third party services’ terms of use and privacy policies:

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Is this plugin free to use?

Yes, this plugin is free to use. The source code is available for you to examine what the plugin does and how it works.


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„Autolink Generator” jest oprogramowaniem open source. Poniższe osoby miały wkład w rozwój wtyczki.