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AMP for WP automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality to your WordPress site. AMP makes your website faster for Mobile visitors.

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Some useful extensions to extend AMP features, check AMP Adsense Support, Contact Form 7 Support, Email Opt-in Support and Call To Action Support. To view more, go to our Extensions page.

We try our best to provide support on forums. However, We have a special community support where you can ask us questions and get help about your AMP related questions. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us and so we try our best to reply each and every question that gets asked.

Bug Reports
Bug reports for AMP for WP are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.


  • NEW – Gutenberg Support
  • NEW – Divi and Elementor Support More Info
  • NEW – Addthis Sharing Support
  • NEW – AMP Infinity Scroll Support
  • NEW – Revolution Slider plugin Support
  • NEW – Photo Gallery by 10Web Support
  • NEW – MEWE social network Support
  • NEW – GDPR Compliance
  • Introducing Page Builder 3.0 for AMP! Learn More & Video
  • New Default Theme for AMP called Swift
  • 3 Pre-built AMP Layouts for Business websites and landing pages
  • Alexa Metrics Compatibility added
  • OneSignal Push Notifications integration
  • Advanced WooCommerce Support More Info
  • Gravity Forms Support More Info
  • AMP Plugins Manager – Which allows you to disable a specific plugin functionality only in the AMP version
  • Structured Data Options
  • Page Break / NextPage (Pagination) Support
  • Contact Form 7 Support More Info
  • Graviry Form Support More Info
  • Caldera Form Support More Info
  • Ninja Form Support More Info
  • Facebook Comments Support
  • Github Gist Support
  • Email Opt-in Subscription form support in AMP added
  • Call to Action boxes and notification bars
  • 9 Advertisement sizes – 2 More AD slots added recently
  • Comments Forms in AMP.
  • Native AMP Search functionality.
  • Design 3 Watch the Video Overview
  • Disqus Comments Support
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Page, Category & Tags Support Added
  • Custom AMP Editor – Which allows you to override your Content that you had written in Post or page, so you can add the different content just for AMP.
  • Mobile Redirection – More than 50% of your traffic is from mobile and you aren’t doing anything to improve their user experience, which means you are falling behind on SEO and it can result in lower SERPS. Lightning fast mobile version means faster User experience means more engagement which directly results in the lower bounce rate.
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • Star Ratings
  • Drag & Drop Page builder Added
  • 4 Designs for AMP
  • Yoast SEO support on AMP pages and other SEO plugins
  • AMP WooCommerce Support
  • Switch on/off Support for Pages & Posts on AMP
  • Translation Panel & RTL
  • Internal AMP linking – You can browse AMP pages internally
  • Related posts below the post
  • Recent Comments list
  • Automatically integrate AMP to your website.
  • Google Adsense (AMP-AD) Support with 4 different Ad slots across the layout! The First Plugin to have this capability.
  • Google Analytics Support.
  • User Friendly Theme Options Panel.
  • Unlimited Color Scheme.
  • Image Logo Upload.
  • Supports Posts and Pages and other custom post types.
  • Proper rel canonical tags which means that Google know the original page.
  • Overlay Navigation Menu bar.
  • Social Sharing in the Single.
  • Sexy Design.
  • Separate WordPress Menu for AMP version.
  • Page builder & Shortcodes Compatibility.
  • Carousel support for Gallery.
  • Better Image stretching and resizing.
  • Youtube Video Embed Support.
  • Vine Embed Support.
  • Twitter oembed Support.
  • Instagram Embed Support.
  • Facebook Video Embed Support.
  • RTL Support
  • Custom AMP FrontPage
  • Notifications
  • Chartbeat, Hi-stats, Yandex Metrika, Piwik,, StatCounter, Effective Measure and comScore Support
  • Incontent & DoubleClick Support
  • Great Support & Active Development.
  • Widgets & WooCommerce
  • Genesis SEO Support
  • Breadcrumb Support added
  • Facebook Instant Articles Support Added
  • AMP Installation Wizard that makes it easy to setup for new users.
  • Category base remover support
  • Tag base remover support
  • 7 New Social Media Integrations added (Reddit, Tumblr, Telegram, Digg, StumbleUpon, Wechat, Viber)
  • AMP Theme Framework Core Support Added. You can now create AMP templates of your own in just minutes. More
  • NEW – Make AMP & Non-AMP Same with just one click!
  • NEW – Allows you to use AMP as primary website!

JOIN CHAT GROUP COMMUNITY: Purpose of this group is to get proper suggestions and feedback from plugin users and the community so that we can make the plugin even better.

Getting Started:

1. User Documentation: The AMP for WordPress plugin is easy to setup but we have some tutorials and guides prepared for you which will help you dive deep with the plugin.

2. Developer Docs: We have created special documentations for developers and semi technical users who are willing to modify the plugin according to their own needs.

3. Support: We try our best to provide support on forums. However, We have a special community support where you can ask us questions and get help about your AMP related questions. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us and so we try our best to reply each and every question that gets asked.

4. Premium Support: We will personally take care that your website’s AMP version is perfectly validated. We will make sure that your AMP version gets approved and indexed by Google Webmaster Tools properly and we will even keep an eye on AMP updates from Google and implement them into your website.


Some code used in this plugin was forked from ‚AMP for WordPress’ plugin – License URI:
Mobile & Tablet detection library used – License URI:

Zrzuty ekranów

  • AMP Homepage
  • AMP Single Post
  • Post Navigation in Single
  • Sticky Social sharing icons
  • Overlay Navigation menu sidebar.
  • Page builder of the Single article. You can drag and drop any element.
  • Single post of Design One
  • GTMetrix Performance Report
  • Google PageSpeed Insight report for AMP
  • Homepage of Design One
  • Pingdom Speed Report for AMP


Can I add analytics?

Yes, you easily can. In fact, we have support for 12 Analytics companies. Including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, StatCounter, QuantCast, Chartbeat, comScore to list a few. Also, we have Google Tag Manager (GTM) support as well.

Can I add Ads in my AMP pages?

Yes, you can. We have 6 ad placement slots that are built in and strategically placed to get maximum views. Also, we have an extension from which you can insert ads between the content, will get more ad slots and also add custom banners to all the available slots.

Can I extend/Change the AMP design, so it suits my needs?

Yes, you easily can. We have created this plugin in such a way that it can easily be extended. Check out our AMP Theme Framework

Do you have any prebuilt designs?

Yes, we have AMP themes section where we have free and paid designs available. We also update it regularly. You can check it out our AMP Themes

I’m a developer and I want to add custom functionality for a client, can I do that?

Yes, of course. This plugin is very developer friendly, we have lots of hooks and filters that you can use to extend and customize according to the requirements. Also, we have developer documentation which we update regularly.

How do I report bugs and suggest new features?

You can report the bugs here

Will you Add New features to my request?

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by creating an issue in Github . It helps us organize the feedback easily.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us from here



Super appli, tres tres complete en mode gratuit. Génial merçi à l'auteur

Awesome support team

It is very common to say that this AMP plug-in has awesome features to explore, but you can't expect that how amazing their customer support is? I've really satisfied to get help from their customer support team.


I downloaded the free plugin, it didn't work properly with my divi theme. I purchased the premium plugin, it broke amp. I allowed their support access to my website to see if they can fix it, and they crashed my entire site. They didn't tell me. So all night for 12 hours, my site was down until I could go in and restore a back up. They refuse to give me a refund. DON'T USE THEIR PLUGINS!
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Log zmian (22th June 2019)

  • Feature: Need to add template-mode #3252
  • Fixed: Options panel loading issue after
  • Fixed: Single post main title should be H1 and sub title should be H2 or H3 in design-1 #3350 (21th June 2019)

  • Improvements: WP Recipe Maker & WP Recipe Maker PRO Schema compatibility added #3043
  • Improvements: Impreza Theme’s lazyLoad Option compatibility integrated #3259
  • Improvements: WordPress Content Gallery integrated with Design – 1,2 & 3 #3255
  • Improvements: amp-recaptcha-input support added in allowed tag sanitizer #3315
  • Improvements: Yoast 11.4 Schema Compatibility #3332
  • Improvements: Google Tag Manager Advanced Option integrated #2660
  • Fixed: Disqus comments are not loading in the multilingual slug #3106
  • Fixed: Incorrect escaping done on author name when Link to Author Pages is enabled along with the Co-Authors plugin activate [ Theme-Swift ] #3162
  • Fixed: AMP Panel options code improved #2517
  • Fixed: License key code improved #2528
  • Fixed: When site url is different from home url #2881
  • Fixed: Related Posts Design is coming in all the single page designs in AMP Layouts #3091
  • Fixed: CM Tooltip Glossary custom post types are not working with /amp #2882
  • Fixed: Variables replacing in Advanced Google Analytics config code don’t work #3237
  • Fixed: „Optimize For Viewability” option for Ads improved #3142
  • Fixed: Advertisement section Ads are not working through Google search result #2693
  • Fixed: When AMP takeover and yoast seo is activated,AMP page builder is not working #3292
  • Fixed: link=”next” is appearing in the custom front page #3266
  • Fixed: 404 error when custom post type and page having same slug [Bug for the Rare use case] #2374
  • Fixed: Code improved for attribute layout=responsive in amp-img #3248
  • Fixed: Gallery Lightbox feature code improved #3184
  • Fixed: Elementor stops working when AMP Take Over is enabled #3284
  • Fixed: Activating Thrive lead plugin AMP Page builder doesn’t work on the custom front page #3312
  • Fixed: To many redirection issue with hidden post in IOS #3287
  • Fixed: Gallery with GIF is not working #3304
  • Fixed: Indexing Issue of Plugin File #3271
  • Fixed: Post/page throwing an error on hiding AMP for that particular post/page if AMP takeover option is enabled. #3329
  • Fixed: Addthis Sharing default option code improved #3327
  • Fixed: When Custom frontpage option is enabled, it’s not taking the Polylang static page id #3330
  • Fixed: Webp image format as featured image is not working in the single posts #2996
  • Fixed: Improper amphtml on HomePage when WPML is activate #3341
  • Fixed: Schema not generating after #3344

Full changelog available at changelog.txt